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Rate The Last Movie You Watched

  1. tdockweiler
    Ballad of Buster Scruggs - 9/10

    This was a surprise because I usually don't like Cohen brothers movies all that much.
    The storylines were kind of pointless, but I mostly liked it for the set designs, cinematography and all the interesting characters.
    It's one of those movies I could watch even if it was mostly just people talking (like the "Before Sunrise" series).
    It's not amazing or anything, but after the movie I kept thinking about it.
    I wouldn't mind watching it again.
    I could seriously go for a TV series based on short stories like this.
    Someone needs to get it done!!
    BTW I finally started to kind of like "Fargo" after watching it several times.
    "Blood Simple" is one of my favorites directed by them I think.

    The Big Sick - 6/10

    Another one starring Alice Longabaugh..I mean Zoe Kazan from the above movie.
    This could have been way better but I didn't like the script too much.
    Some of the dialogue and scenes were painful to sit through.
    One of the worst was when Ray Romano had to sleep in Kumail's apartment.
    Ray Romano's character was especially awful.

    I know that many scenes are not supposed to be funny, but overall I didn't find the comedy in this all that funny.
    I actually liked the two main characters in this the most. If it was mostly them in the movie I would have liked it more.
    I definitely wouldn't mind seeing Kumail Nanjiani and Zoe Kazan in more movies.
    This was actually based on a true story I think!

    PS I would have rated this a 5, but it got a lot better towards the end.

    White Boy Rick - 8.5/10 (maybe a 9!)

    I was surprised this was so good. Only bad parts are towards the end.
    Main character isn't very convincing though. It'd be interesting to know how similar he was to the real life person.
    Probably one of the better movies i've rented this year.
  2. Paulnguy3
    Ballad of Buster Scruggs - 9/10

    Really enjoyed this one. Have to agree with you. It was surprisingly fresh and original with some great dark humor sprinkled in.
  3. Redcarmoose
    The Strangers: Prey At Night 2018
    Would rate this a 4 out of 10. I’m not the audience for it. Maybe 18 year olds would love it and be intrigued by the story? Just could not get into how they used 1980s music. I realize that the old music is to add some mood but simply regular dramatic music would have been more effective. The end has some nice twists but the acting is what you would expect for an American body count. The masks just were not scary as well as the plot was loosely held together. This one offers nothing new. Though the shots of the pool at night were pretty cool. Seems like you can count on one hand how many good scary pool areas have been filmed in cinema. Of course the mood of the pool shots in the original Val Lewton’s Cat People was great.
    Last edited: Dec 31, 2018
  4. wuwhere Contributor
    Peppermint - 6.91

    I was waiting for her to say 'what's in your wallet' to the bad guys.
  5. kid vic

    Pimp- 8/10

    An interesting resurrection of the blaxploitation genre. A few missteps in the movie but otherwise really enjoyable, a few stunning performances as well
  6. tansand
    The original 1982 Tron, 1st half 8/10, second half 3/10. This is a fantastic movie aesthetically but it coughs once and just dies about midway through.

    Infinity War, 1/10. Vomitous.
  7. tdockweiler
    Shoplifters - 9.5/10

    Latest movie from my favorite director (Hirokazu Kore-Eda).
    I was lucky to see this in a small theater about a half hour drive away.
    My city hasn't played an asian film with subtitles since "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon". Hard to believe.

    castleofargh likes this.
  8. DamageInc77
    The Ballad of Buster Scruggs - 8/10
  9. wuwhere Contributor
    The Meg - 6.81
  10. WizardClass
    The Mummy. The original one from 1999. Kinda good cuz it's funny. 6/10
  11. kid vic
    Moon- 6/10

    Pretty boring, the most shocking part of the movie was lazily put in, even I understood half of the science made no sense.
  12. tdockweiler
    I also didn't like this one as much as most people.
    Would probably give it a 7.5/10 after 2 viewings.

    I wonder what fans of "Moon" would think of the director's next movie?
    Not many people have seen it and those who have seem to have hated it.
    I can't understand this because I loved it.
    I gave it a 9/10 I believe.
    It's on Netflix and called "Mute".
    It's too bad movies like that will probably never get a Blu-ray release.
  13. kid vic
    The Directors other movie is on Netflix as "Mute"?
  14. Redcarmoose

    Kind of a new movie genre putting women in an action/spy/comedy movie. Rotten Tomatoes gives it a 49% but I would rate it an 8 out of 10. It’s a woman’s movie though..... completely.
    Last edited: Jan 12, 2019
  15. kid vic

    Quincy- 7.5/10

    Pretty interesting look at his life but I think it could have gone deeper in depth, however, the soundtrack is obviously great!

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