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Radsone EarStudio ES100

Discussion in 'Portable Headphone Amps' started by m4rkw, Dec 12, 2017.
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  1. davehutch
    Don't know much about it yet. @ClieOS will be the best person to ask. I only use AAC and run the P1s almost flat, apart from sometimes a slight bass boost of 2dB or so. It's the power that I'm think might make the biggest improvement.
    My other option is the iFi X-Can which has a lot more power but no eq. That could be the solution for high quality listening in quieter environments for me. Christmas is coming :))
  2. ClieOS Contributor
    Not to further derail this thread, but FiiO has said that they are working on an EQ that will work for LDAC (and not to forget Qudelix 5K will probably has one as well). Any other BTR5 question can probably be redirected to the BTR5 thread.
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  3. Alphasoixante
    Can anyone please explain why the BTR5 doesn't allow EQ with LDAC, while the ES100 does?
    Last edited: Nov 10, 2019
  4. rkw
    Please ask in the BTR5 thread, not here.
  5. monsieurfromag3
    Not sure the X-Can will improve on your Fostex A4 amp. I’d rather wait for the Qudelix.
  6. SomeGuyDude
    One quirk and one question.

    Quirk: I do not understand why plugging in/out makes the ES100 essentially "reboot" and it's really irritating. If I go into work and sit at my desk I'd like to be able to plug the thing in and just have the music keep going. Phones don't do that, why does this?

    Question: So the "analog volume" setting is on a spectrum, and my gut would say put it at 0.0dB because that should be "flat" but everything about -3.0dB is labeled "overdrive," so what's going on here and should I even care?
  7. Slater
    I have to admit, the power charging is my only real peeve with the ES100. I honestly dread when the battery is low enough where I have to recharge.

    It’s like it has a mind of its own whenever I want to simply recharge it. If it’s off when I plug it in to recharge it, it turns on. If I leave it on, it reboots and turns off. If I leave it charging on my nightstand, I wake up and it’s moved itself to my kitchen (j/k).

    I just want to plug the dang thing in and have it do a simple recharge of its battery. Like every phone and other rechargeable device on planet Earth. No rebooting, no changing modes, no complicated shenanigans, if it’s off stay off. Just effing recharge.

    Is that too much to ask?

    I’m sure it’s a matter of me not really understanding the 3 different charging modes, and that perhaps I need to choose one of the other modes. I understand and that some people would use it as a DAC at their desk, and would have it plugged in during use. But to me those are special cases. I’m just frustrated that the default mode has to be so confusing. I would think the default mode would just be a ‘normal’ recharge, like every other device. And for those few that would want it a special way can change it to do so.
    Last edited: Nov 11, 2019
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  8. SomeGuyDude
    Exactly. The most irritating thing is that if you want to just charge it unused you have to plug it in and then turn it off AFTERWARDS. You can't shut it off and toss it on the charger because it'll power on and then pair with your device again which is the most irritating bit of behaviour a device like this could possibly have.
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  9. Slater

    When I recharge it, I remove the headphone, shut it off, and toss it on the charger.

    Why on EARTH would I want it to have it turn back on and reconnect to my phone (only now with no headphones attached, and hijacking my Bluetooth connection)?
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  10. dogilainen
    Got my ES100, and finally found time to try it... and hairpulling started instantly. I have a Android phone (Moto G5S Plus) that supports aptX HD (SBC, AAC, aptX, aptX HD and LDAC), which I'd like to use.

    When ES100 is on "default setting", and has SBC, LDAC, AAC, aptX and aptX HD selected, and phone is on "default setting" (use system default selected from "Select Bluetooth audio codec" list), Bluetooth connection is made using aptX.

    If I remove aptX from Earstudio app, connection is made using AAC.

    If I remove aptX and AAC from Earstudio app, connection is made using SBC.

    SBC and LDAC cannot be removed (from Earstudio app).

    If I keep all codecs from Earstudio app, and select aptX HD from phone's codec list, it seems to be selected, but when Bluetooth connection is made, phone reverts back to aptX.

    Same thing with LDAC, if I select it from phone, connection is still made using aptX.

    Any ideas how to get aptX HD (or LDAC) working?


    Problem seems to be with my phone. When I go to "Developer options" -> "Select Bluetooth Audio Codec" and select "aptX HD", it is selected, but when I leave "Developer options" menu and go back, phone has gone back to "Use System Selection" instead of aptX HD. This is done with Bluetooth turned off, so ES100 has nothing to do with it.

    I just do not understand why aptX HD (or LDAC) is not used as "system selection", when phone and ES100 are capable of that.
    Last edited: Nov 11, 2019
  11. jasonb
    Does sound like a phone issue. My Pixel supports all the different codecs and defaults to LDAC with the ES100.
  12. Marco Angel
    Im in the same situation, now use to it. Everytime i arrive to my work, im now use to turn it off, and later connect it to my mac to listen there
    Just select your es100 in the BT paired devices and tell it to prefer the ldac codec.
  13. rkw
    While the ES100 is connected, in the phone's Bluetooth settings (the list of paired devices, not the Developer Options), open the settings for Radsone EarStudio and there should be a setting for enabling LDAC. This will make LDAC default for the ES100.
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  14. jasonb
    Should look similar to this:
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  15. SinisterDev
    Hello everyone,
    After much frustration with several DAC dongles (Sonata S3 and IBasso DC02) i think i want to just spend a little more and get a proper portable DAC that actually has some real control over the device. My budget is only in the $100 range. Nearly pulled the trigger on the Fiio A5 today, but then I second-guessed myself when i realized that it only connects to devices via a 3.5mm port, which unfortunately are being phased out on so many phones. My S10+ still has one, but they already got rid of it on the Note 10, so the future of 3.5mm ports on mobile are lookin bleak. Then I saw that there's a Es100 Mk2 available on Amazon now and it got me thinking about it again. I know many ppl in this forum have recommended it, and it seems there's some mild design improvements over the original es100 ,but is otherwise basically the same as the original. I checked out the app to control the device today. Looks pretty nice, I like it. But I still have some reservations about it. Not really interested in listening to music via bluetooth. I prefer a wired connection. But I like that the ES100 has the option of both wired and wireless. Just wondering if there's any other good suggestions out there? Preferably something with its own power source like the Fiio A5 or ES100. Im thinking going with something that has a USB C connection would be better for future proofing. Also the media players i use on my phone support usb DACs, so overall its probably the best choice.

    Im wondering how big a difference there would be between the ES100 mk2 that supports 24/192 and other similarly priced DACs that offer a 32/384 option.
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