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Radsone EarStudio ES100

Discussion in 'Portable Headphone Amps' started by m4rkw, Dec 12, 2017.
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  1. kukkurovaca
    Yeah, the changes are minor physical improvements. Seem good but not game-changing.

    Fiio and Shanling have adapters that are in the same market segment, but I don't know offhand if they do wired. Fiio Q5 sereis does for sure but is over budget. The big question mark is the upcoming Qudelix 5K from the ES100's designer -- if your budget is limited and you have some patience, I would wait to see how that reviews before deciding between that, the ES100, or something else. (Personally, the biggest advantge of the ES100 and potentially the 5K is a good EQ that can even be controlled wirelessly from a phone even while it's being used wired to a PC.)

    One question to bear in mind re: the dongles generally, is: do you want something for use wired, while it's in your pocket? And if so, will the device and your phone's connection be able to hold up to the stresses that may be placed on them during pocket use, and also, will the phone+dongle combination be comfortable to carry in a pocket.

    How music do you listen to in higher bitrates, and do you believe theres an audible difference? This would be the main determining factor.
  2. rkw
    The ES100 does not support 24/192. Max resolution on USB is 16/44 on Windows or 16/48 on Mac.
  3. SinisterDev
    Well I'd be using the ES100 with my smartphone. That would be pretty disappointing if its that limited through its USB C connection though. Especially considering the simple IBasso DC02 dongle i had purchased recently supports full 32/384 and the Sonata S3 24/192.
  4. SinisterDev
    Well I'd be using the ES100 with my smartphone. That would be pretty disappointing if its that limited through its USB C connection though. Especially considering the simple IBasso DC02 dongle i had purchased recently supports full 32/384 and the Sonata S3 24/192.
  5. SinisterDev
    Thanks for the replies. My entire music library is in one form of lossless audio or another. Started picking up a few DSD albums recently, but everything else is mostly FLACS. I do have a pretty good ear for changes in audio quality and fidelity. Ive been using Neutron Music Player for quite a few years now, and what really got me interested in DACs is the difference I noticed after first trying one. My phone, with Neutron can play my music up to 32/384. Knowing that the Sonata S3 only outputs at a max of 24/192, I picked it up anyway just to try. Several people on this forum insisted I'd likely experience better quality audio with one of these dongles vs my phone's integrated dac. As my Chi-fi collection has expanded I started running into problems with IEM cables not fitting in my phone's jack because of clearance issues with the case I am currently using. So I wanted to explore a USB C option. Much to my surprise music really did sound alot better with the Sonata S3, despite its output limitations. But then the dang thing nearly deafened me a couple times with strange volume control bugs and that got returned. The IBasso DC02 has also provided a superior experience but has also given me some frustrating troubles. When i saw how much control you have over the ES100 in the app, it seemed very appealing to me.

    As for listening. I don't travel on foot much, so I do most of my listening while relaxing at home or in the car. So pocket comfort isn't a big concern for me. If i had picked up a larger dac, like size of the Fiio A5
    Id probably just strap it to my phone like many people do.
    As much as I'm not super interested in Bluetooth, i admit it does have some appeal. If i was going on a cleaning rampage around the house. It would be nice to have something like the ES100 where i could have less dangling wires and a lightweight unit to clip on my clothes. If i got the ES100,I'd likely be using it wired most of the time and occasionally using the Bluetooth feature in scenarios where its more convenient.
  6. ClieOS Contributor
    Really not a fair comparison. The limitation comes from how most BT adapter is designed internally. To enable hi-res playback over 24/48, you will need a dedicated USB controller chip that is USB Class 2 Audio compatible. The built-in USB controller inside most BT chip simply doesn't have that capacity, as they are mostly only USB Class 1 Audio device. An USB audio dongle on the other hand usually will have an USB controller chip that is Class 2 Audio compatible. To allow hi-res playback over USB, an BT adapter will need an extra chip, which gonna increase cost, take up space, and use up battery power. Given it isn't a priority for BT adapter to have hi-res playback capability over USB, I would imagine most companies will opt to keep things simple by not implementing the function.
    Last edited: Nov 12, 2019
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  7. SinisterDev
    Oh, well that's unfortunate. I guess the ES100 is likely not for me then. Because I'd mostly be using it as a USB DAC for my phone. So can anyone confirm these limitations of the ES100 via USB C connection? Cuz that really would be a deal breaker for me. Any recommendations as an alternative as per the information I provided in my earlier posts?
  8. zolom
    Tidal had started to stream "360 Reality" sound formats. Does the ES100 support that over BT LDAC?

  9. bbnn
    So I got a 3.5mm dust cover
    The problem is Everytime it's fully inserted it triggers the, I guess, switch for the 3.5mm and I lose audio on the 2.5mm even if it's locked. Now what I wanna know is what's causing this, where is the sensor that allows the es100 to know there's something in the 3.5mm Jack? Is it at the end of the Jack? So the stem of the dust cover is what triggers it? Or is it along the walls of the Jack that tells the es100 something's plugged in?
  10. ClieOS Contributor
    I recently tried 360 Reality on my new Sony Xperia 5 and WH-CH700N (which both support LDAC). Enabling the 360 Reality on the app actually automatically reset the LDAC connection to SBC.

    I am using one of these
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  11. MisterMudd
    My G7 does the same thing you describe. I have looked all over the Internet for phone specifications, to no avail, but I do not think my phone has the hardware to support the better codecs in the developer options. Yours either. Probably explains the constant return to aptX. We are using budget phones.
  12. endless.skai

    After you post about the updated ''mk2'' version, I ordered from Amazon France, where in your product's page, we see this ''mk2'' version, but oh what surprise, I received the ''mk1'' this morning, which I have already....
    Could you please update your products that Amazon holds and ships for you and update when this will be available, so to re-order it?
    Thank you,
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  13. SomeGuyDude
    If there's one thing that this forum makes me hate it's the fidelity arms race. There's enough of an argument to be made about whether bitrates over 320 are audible with modern codecs (and it's a near certainty they aren't), but people in here going on about 16/44.1 vs 24/192 vs 32/384 is just goddamn insane. I realize that it's easier to readily compare devices when you can just look at numbers, but we've entered the realm of delusion.

    This is mandatory reading everyone. I'm not kidding. Before you start responding about how you can totally hear it, read: https://people.xiph.org/~xiphmont/demo/neil-young.html

    Don't be a mark. Get a good piece of kit with quality components that sound the best, not the one that promises the highest numbers.
  14. dogilainen
    When connected to ES100, my phone lists (in settings for ES100): Phone Calls, Media Audio, HD audio: Qualcomm aptX audio.


    When ES100 is not connected, list is: Phone Calls, Media Audio, HD audio (without mention of aptX).

    I searched around the web for quite a while, and it seems that android (8.1) is capable of aptX HD and LDAC; but for some reason my phone (Moto G5S plus) is not. Annoying thing is that is was capable of aptX HD, but certain system update killed that, and it does not work anymore. System update cannot be reversed, and manufacturer will not answer any questions regarding this.

    Phone has never been capable of LDAC, but there is "zip flash" (?) that should bring back aptX HD support. But after reading endless pages of foreign language (well, English, but about something I just did not understand) I came to a conclusion that it, "Flashing zip/rom", is something I am unable to do with my fairly limited knowledge about android.

    It seems that I would have to have a zip to flash (found it), software to flash it with (found that too), which will run when some secret key/button combination is pressed (which I do not know) and any error would brick my phone, and then some third software to install the second software that would be used to "flash the zip".. My hand are raised high.. like really high.

    This "update to wireless" process seems to end up becoming a little more expensive that I'd have liked.. maybe Santa will bring me a new phone :)
    Last edited: Nov 12, 2019
  15. dogilainen
    Check this link, it seems that 8.0 -> 8.1 killed the aptX HD support on my phone.

    I found some other mentions as well, not just that one. For other phones is seems to have been update to Android 9.

    So we do have hardware, and the problem lies within software updates. Way to go Lenovo.

    There is this thing that should bring aptX HD back, but my skills aint good enough to try.
    Last edited: Nov 12, 2019
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