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Radsone EarStudio ES100

Discussion in 'Portable Headphone Amps' started by m4rkw, Dec 12, 2017.
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  1. Lurk650
    The update does look very fresh
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  2. C_Lindbergh
    Is it still micro USB instead of USB C?
  3. Slater
    First off, I’d like to say thank you for listening to and responding to customer feedback about some ES100 improvements.

    Secondly, are you able to provide a little more information about this? What specifically has changed with regards to the shirt clip? Stronger or different plastic? Reinforcement where the base of the clip is molded into the case? Revised metal spring? Etc?
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  4. Slater

    Trapezoid shape confirms micro USB.

    Pro tip: I converted both of mine to magnetic charging, so it doesn’t matter to me what plug type it uses :)
    Last edited: Nov 7, 2019
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  5. C_Lindbergh
    Holy crap... In 2019
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  6. radsone
    The clip is dual-structured so that it's more solid and stable. Please refer to the image below.
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  7. Rowethren
    Thanks for the photos, the new buttons do look much better. Not sure if it is enough for me to justify buying another whilst my current one is working fine though.
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  8. bbnn
    Is the original es100 still going to get fw updates?
  9. subwoof3r
    The changements are only physical, so I would say of course. yes.
  10. vurtomatic
    Yeah that's really irritating.
  11. jasonb
    On my Pixel I only get notified when it's at 1% remaining.
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  12. bbnn
    Oh man I'm still holding my breath for PeQ and maybe phone assistant commmand integration from the unit
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  13. kukkurovaca
    For PEQ in a wireless unit, I think the only announced option so far is the Qudelix 5K
  14. bbnn
    Yep I am aware but I just got the es100 last month and if course I find out the qudelix is.coming out
  15. vurtomatic
    Interesting! Do you know if that's an Android setting? I'm on Android as well but not Pixel.
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