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Radsone EarStudio ES100

Discussion in 'Portable Headphone Amps' started by m4rkw, Dec 12, 2017.
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  1. Franklin
    I think very close with a little bit advantages... with both of my iems es100 presented a little better tonal balance, instrument separation and more depth on stage. With Oriolus MK2, m11 sounds more mid centric, with less sub bass presence and more smooth treble. The mid-range sounds more metallic to my ears too (more upper mids presence maybe).

    With andromeda is no doubt for me, es100 is more cleaner, zero waterfall background noise. With m11 I can enjoy andromeda only with iematch and needs to deal with some brightness due to output impedance of iematch (with small bore eartips like Sony ep-ex).

    So yes, i'm enjoying es100 more than m11 on last days.
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  2. Cevisi
    I had the same feeling whit my q5s and am3d amp

    After i listen 1 month to es100 it was impossible for me to go back to es100 it soundet not clean enough

    Maybe you are just used to es100
  3. Franklin
    I'm not very used to es100 to be honest, received some days ago. All my thoughts until now are based on a/b direct comparison with m11, volume matched with my minidsp umik-1. My 1st impressions of 2-3 days of use are very positive with es100 and my iems, so decided to do some more controlled a/b comparisons to be sure I'm not a victim of "new toy syndrome".

    M11 is a very good dap, don't get me wrong, but es100 impressed me with a compatible sound quality even with much more simple "project".

    Edit.: Just realised that you are using thx module on q5s. Probably they are in fact better than m11 and es100 for iems. Sad m11 don't have the module system.
    Last edited: Nov 3, 2019
  4. Cevisi
    I know es100 is godlike. Now lets wait for the new one qudelix 5k
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  5. stormers
  6. paul.tonnenberg
    In comparison as a sense of practical use: The apple airpods are the best and just unbeatable. And why annoy me with a bulky big headphone, the airpods do it and still sound great with ear cushions. the Airpods with ear cushions do sound even better than the 60 ohm ve monks.

    If I just want to listen to music while cooking, going for a walk, or anything else ... why bother with wired nonsense? This is indeed a remnant of a bygone age. Only the very hard and incorrigible purists want to stick to wired headphones today. And, of course, the traditional headphone and amp / dac manufacturers are trying hard to give any flimsy reasons why to go on with the nonsense of bygone days.

    In retrospect, I think Apple has done it absolutely right; just completely remove the damn phone jack from its flagship smartphone. In the meantime, other smartphone manufacturers are following suit and are also doing it without the jack socket.
  7. jsmiller58
    Huh? Careful, your judgmentalism is showing...
    Last edited: Nov 5, 2019
  8. jasonb
    Not to keep this thread derailed, but I agree somewhat. I have gone completely Bluetooth, but one of the ways I did it is with the ES100. I made a short cable and attached an ES100 to my Q701. I also use an M50x with a FiiO BTA10 Bluetooth adapter, and also use Galaxy Buds as well. Bluetooth is convenient and can sound 99% as good as wired in some cases, but I don't agree that all phone manufacturers should stop putting a headphone jack on their phones. It's still a nice option to have.
    Last edited: Nov 5, 2019
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  9. p50kombi
    to be honest, to compare an airpod with a high end iem is laughable....
  10. SoundChoice
    ‘Wires make IEMs sound worse than stock BT Apple buds’ is some +1 topnotch trolling.
  11. Outpost 31
    I've been using the ES100 as a DAC for my Windows laptop, and it's nearly unusable. Pops and clicks galore. I actually searched this thread to see if anyone else had experienced this problem, and sure enough a found several posters mentioning it. However, no solution was ever discussed.

    I couldn't figure out the problem. I tried changing USB ports, messing with Windows settings, etc. After searching around online, I came across LatencyMon, and sure enough, this program tells me my USB driver and wireless network driver are the likely causes of this problem. However, I'm already using the latest drivers for both of these pieces of hardware. There isn't much I can do here short of disabling my wifi, which isn't an option at all.

    I would occasionally experience pops when using my (now deceased) FiiO Q1 MkII, but that only ever happened during high internet traffic (downloading large files at 50Mbps+ speeds). It's so much worse with the ES100. Not sure what to do here unfortunately.
  12. kukkurovaca
    Do you have the same issues when using bluetooth to transmit to the ES100? If not, that would probably be my solution, as I am lazy. Alternatively, have you tried adjusting buffer settings in your audio application (assuming it has such settings)?
  13. WilliamLeonhart
    SQ yes, the AirPods is a joke. But in terms of ease-of-use, I'd take the AirPods any day over my Mojo + custom IEMs. After all, when I'm at work, even for earbuds, the focus isn't on the music.

    That's why "Bluetooth DACs" like the ES100 are the greatest thing right now. I still like the Mojo's sound better, but having the ES100 rest easily in my shirt pocket, enjoying my IEMs AND being able to stand up & walk around any time from 9 to 5 is a nice change from years of using portable DAC/amps.
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  14. radsone

    Hi all, we are happy to announce that ES100 MK2 is now available at Amazon.com.

    What's New
    ✔️ Solid Shirt Clip
    ✔️ Scratch-Resistant Coating
    ✔️ Clear LED Color
    ✔️ Better Button Finish
    ✔️ Enchanting Midnight Blue

    >> https://amzn.to/2ZcxkKQ
    EarStudio Stay updated on EarStudio at their sponsor page on Head-Fi.
    https://www.facebook.com/radsoneinc www.twitter.com/radsoneinc https://www.radsone.com/earstudio support@radsone.com
  15. duyanh43
    Apart from the improved appearances and design, are there any upgrades to the sound quality given the same price?
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