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Radsone EarStudio ES100

Discussion in 'Portable Headphone Amps' started by m4rkw, Dec 12, 2017.
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  1. Rowethren
    In my experience the EQ can make a massive difference (not necessarily for the best if you over do it). If it isn't doing anything you either have a setting wrong or something is broken.
  2. Jearly410
    After 2 units ended up dying within 6 months, and the second time being out of warranty, I've pulled the trigger again for my third es100. I've the Powerbeats Pro and even though they are great in their own right, I want to use my over-ears otg as well. Glad to have it at my doorstep tomorrow :L3000:
  3. subwoof3r
    How are you killing so fast your units? :thinking::grin:
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  4. Ollie the bear
    Thank you for the reply. It was connected via Bluetooth but it wasn’t paired through the app so none of the app options would work. Stupid me
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  5. Slater
    So how do you like the EQ, now that you’ve got it working properly?
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  6. Jearly410
    I use it everywhere, and I'm not treating it delicately.

    First was a power issue. USB port was loose then fully stopped working. Could hear a piece moving around inside.

    Second would restart randomly, especially if connected to the 2.5mm port. Like it was shorting or something. Other weird issues as well like taking forever to be seen by my phone, app not loading settings, audio distortions, and other stuff.

    If this thing wasn't so awesome at what it does I'd have moved on. But here we are...

    Third time is the charm I hope.
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  7. Surgut2006
    Will the ES100 work as a dac when connected to the iPhone via cable?
  8. Ollie the bear
    Oh man, I love how versatile this little thing is. I don’t have tons of experience with EQ, little dip in the treble and subass boost and EX1000 is perfect for my taste. I am impressed! Didn’t even know that es100 existed a week ago
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  9. BenF
    I had 2 ES100s crap out in 7 months.
    No such issues with my other 5 or 6 Bluetooth adapters, some of which I had for years.

    It sounded great, and I wish I still had one - but I'm not gonna spend another 100$ on a device that can't survive more than a few months.

    Currently trying my luck with Shanling UP2 - very similar sound!
  10. Slater
    I wonder if there is battery charge circuit issues, such as no over voltage protection, or using an unprotected battery.

    The reason I say is that people who have the 80% battery save feature seem to have longer life. I know that inherently allows lipo/lifo batteries to last longer, but the fact remains that most people just stick a device on a charger overnight and rely solely on the charge protection to kick in. So if that’s not working properly, there can be these “dying” problems people are complaining of.

    We already know how sensitive the ES100 is to voltage in general, due to being able to damage it if plugging or unplugging while music is playing. So I can easily see how an overcharged battery could slowly kill the ES100.

    Just a thought.

    My other hobby was flashlights a few years ago, and they can also be extremely sensitive to battery voltage and charging nuances.
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  11. BenF
    Neither of my two units had a battery issue, and I did use the battery life enhancing feature.
    When ES100 connected, it reported 80% or 90% battery (don't remember).

    The first one died during a firmware upgrade
    The second one has experienced the exact issue described here (his died after 6 months) https://www.head-fi.org/threads/radsone-earstudio-es100.867366/page-311#post-14965411
    MIne also abruptly disappears from both Bluetooth and USB connections, and produces a very loud noise when that happens - can easily damage the headphones.
    Smallest touch seem to cause the problem - just like in @grininja 's case.
    Factory reset didn't change anything, firmware is up-to-date.


    Both have died within days of being used on a long transatlantic flight - maybe that was a factor?
    Never had such problems with any other Bluetooth adapters - but maybe ES100 is more sensitive?

    The first one did survive two transatlantic flights, and crapped out after third one.
    The second one died after the first flight.

    It's a huge bummer - I really loved the sound. But this kind of reliability is unacceptable at this price.
    Last edited: Sep 1, 2019
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  12. Jearly410
    That issue you and the person you linked is the same thing I experienced as well.
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  13. BenF
    Have you been flying with it? Has it been exposed to large changes in temperature/pressure/humidity?
  14. Slater
    Based on that guy’s description, my money is on a cold solder joint. When bumped, it makes an intermittent connection and resets or shorts out and shuts down.

    If anyone has a bad one they can send me, I’ll open it up and see if it can be fixed easily. It sounds like such a fix could benefit a lot of people.

    PM me if anyone is able to help!
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  15. BenF
    The first time I've read this sentence, I did it with "e" instead of "a" :jecklinsmile:
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