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Radsone EarStudio ES100

Discussion in 'Portable Headphone Amps' started by m4rkw, Dec 12, 2017.
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  1. RadarJammer
    Radsone hasn't done anything at all since early January, except some little tinkering with their facebook appearance. One might as well consider them dead.

    BTW, it is really disappointing that Microsoft has done nothing to implement better Bluetooth audio encoders than SBC into Windows. Everybody improves on Bluetooth, Google managed to get the LDAC encoder licence free (I believe, while the decoder remains licenced) from Sony and implemented it and AAC, aptX and aptX HD by default into Android 8 Oreo, thus I had hopes about something like this on Windows - but nothing.

    Meanwhile the Android smartphone manufacturers use the LDAC as differentiation feature among phone classes. Now even Sony reserves LDAC for its top models only. Same with the new Pixel 3a without LDAC or middle class Huaweis without that encoder.
    Last edited: May 19, 2019
  2. backdrifter
    Since no one has tried to answer these questions, I'll try to answer them myself. I'll note that I sent these questions to Radsone a week earlier but they didn't respond.

    It seems the app is only for use when using a Bluetooth connection. When it is used as a direct USB DAC/amp, the device has no extra functionality beyond volume control. The device wants to default to a Bluetooth connection even if it is plugged in by USB. I've only been able to force it to a direct USB connection by turning off my phone's Bluetooth radio. I don't mind that the app doesn't function in this mode because the typical USB DAC/amp doesn't have an app or much additional functionality beyond volume control anyway.

    I had been using Neutron and Player Pro and feeling satisfied with those. The best headphone I had been using was a Sennheiser HD650. Now I am using a Shure SRH-1840. I think these headphones are phenomenal - way better than the HD650 - and they are making the sound quality differences by interface type nakedly obvious. I can easily hear a very significant improvement when using the ES100 direct over USB. I listen mostly to classical music, and with this combination, a vast amount of texture and detail is revealed that was previously hidden. There is also more volume. USB Audio Player Pro supports a bit-perfect interface with a USB DAC/amp. When that is turned on, the app can't apply any effects because then it won't be "bit-perfect" any longer. HibyMusic plays with the exact same "perfect"-sounding quality but it isn't so clear about what it's doing. If they don't sound exactly the same, then one of them is not sending a bit-perfect data stream. Both sound far better than Neutron with 64-bit processing, or with any other type of processing that that app offers, in my experience so far.

    When I plug in the ES100, I see a system dialogue that says "Allow USB Audio Player PRO to access EarStudio USB DAC?" with an option to always open the app when the ES100 is connected. You have to hit "cancel." It asks separately, "Open USB Audio Player PRO to handle EarStudio USB DAC?", also asking to always open. Cancel out of that, too. Do not turn on "Exclusive HQ USB audio access" if you are using HIbyMusic.

    If you aren't sure if you are listening through a bit-perfect direct-over-USB connection, I suggest that you fiddle around until you can make it work for you. Once again, I'm really interested in any advice or insight that anyone else can offer.
  3. skeptical
    Anyone knows what would be the best short 40cm mmcx balanced 2.5mm cable for es100 ?
    Last edited: May 20, 2019
  4. MariusAB
  5. Rowethren
    I have mentioned it before but the cable I got from Forza Audio Works is pretty great. They can make it the exact size and termination that you want.
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  6. capnjack
    I’ve dealt with Forza a few times in the past and they are a really great company, just let them know what you need and they’ll sort it for you! :)
  7. Broquen
    Only problem are prices vs AE
  8. grininja
    After 6 months my ES100 is dying...
    Powered on it is shutting down abruptly at small moves. It restarts when pressing play but a little jiggle is enough to shuts down again. It doesn't matter the type of connection. It happens on bluetooth (doesn't matter if 2.5" and 3.5" output) and it happens also when connected as a USB DAC. I've updated to v2.0.2 firmware but nothing changed. It is a hardware failure because only a simple tap on it when it sits as a DAC on my desk is enough to cut down the power.
    I really liked this little gem when it was working.
  9. Mouseman
    You could always buy the short cable off Ali, and buy a set of the adapters to go from MMCX to 2-pin. I have a set, and they don't add that much length to the connections.
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  10. Crandall
    Sounds like a bad solder joint between the battery and control board in there somewhere.
  11. ClieOS Contributor
    Shameless plug - check out my sig.
  12. skeptical
    I've seen this one on amazon, someone made some pictures of weak broken connectors, also I need them to be straight for my iems and those are angled. Do you know what's the difference between 8 stranded and 4 stranded sound wise?
  13. MariusAB
    In theory 8 stranded should be better then 4. But differences couldn't be big with iem cable. But still beter preservation of original signal with 8 stranded, bass control better, better separation. But it is small differences so if it will be noticable depend on the transparency and level of your iem.
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  14. Broquen
    This is taking into account same materials and construction quality. In fact, if I'm not wrong, it is more expensive to manufacture a cable with more strands, so price can be a clue too.

    Lately litz cables have been mentioned, which are supposed to avoid the multi strand issue of signal jumping from one conductor to another.
  15. skeptical
    Your hands grow from the right place, that's for sure. Since you're doing everything by yourself, Why wouldn't you pick up a black color cable, connectors and some angled jack? Do you know how to map correctly 4-8 strands balanced cable to unbalanced iems ? I have some fixed wired jvc fx 750 which I'd like to turn into balanced 2.5 with 8 strands black cable, preferably with removable connectors. I can't find this info anywhere.
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