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Radsone EarStudio ES100

Discussion in 'Portable Headphone Amps' started by m4rkw, Dec 12, 2017.
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  1. Lurk650
    Balanced depends on the earphone IMO. I run everything that has a detachable cable, balanced. Doesn't hurt so why not.
  2. Steeltrouble
    Hello all. Just got my Es 100 yesterday and am really enjoying it. Have a question regarding the EQ: Does it not work when streaming Bluetooth from your phone? I adjust it but don't hear any difference in the sound! Not sure if there is a certain setting I am missing or maybe doing something wrong? I have 6 different full sized cans and 5 IEMS and bought this with hopes to be able to utilize the EQ function because all HPs sound different. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
  3. posnera
    It absolutely does. There is a delay from changing the sliders until the sound actually changes.
    Not sure why you aren't getting any response.
  4. Steeltrouble
    Ok, thanks for the reply. I will try it again tonight after work. Wasn't aware of the delay. I guess I was expecting immediate change.
  5. josler
    Has anyone tried the new output level estimation setting? How accurate do you think it is?
  6. RobinFood
    Do you use 1X voltage or 2X voltage?
    I use the 1X voltage on the balanced with my ER4XR, and it sounds great, but I can't tell if it sounds better than before I changed the cable...
  7. jkpenrose
    With my Meze 99 Classics I notice a change in Soundstage and imaging.

    The Soundstage is wider and not as forward... To my ears

    I've ordered a balanced cable for my Hd6xx but haven't A/B tested it yet.
  8. smorgar
    I use 1x voltage but I do think that 2x gives a little extra up top and a little snapper in the lows but drains the battery too fast. It's not as apparent if I'm on the subway so 1x is best for battery life.
    I also use 2x over sampling. Can't put my finger on it but something makes it shine a little bit extra with 2x.
  9. MarkF786
    I ordered both the short FiiO MMCX cables: the 3.5mm one from Amazon, and the 2.5mm one from eBay. The 3.5mm arrived quickly and some initial thoughts:

    Pros: the cable itself seems well made, as does the 3.5mm connector.

    Cons: the around-ear part of the cable does not contain a wire to shape it to best fit your ears, as is common in most other brands, but rather has a pre-formed plastic tubing, shaped like you see in the manufacturer's picture. Yes, it has some flexibility, but I'd prefer being able to shape it to my liking. Also, the cable has a strong formaldehyde smell to it; after four days, it still smells noxious enough that I can't use it inside, though I used when outside walking today.
    Last edited: Mar 9, 2019
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  10. Broquen
    Just received it this Friday (3.5 short version) and no problems with smell.
    On the other hand, I found ear guides to be surprisingly comfortable (usually don't like them), but I think you can possibly adjust them applying a little heat with care.
  11. hifi80sman
    Dumb question, but you're using the EQ from the app, correct?

    And yes, there is a delay. So if you move the slider up & down, it won't register until you release it. If it's not working, I'd delete the app, reinstall, and unpair then re-pair the ES100.
  12. shrimants
    Hey Radsone, if you're monitoring this thread, would it be possible to have single press play/pause = call mute/unmute while on phone calls? I'm on conference calls a LOT and the es100 works fantastic for voice/phone but its really cumbersome and not quick to have to go into the android call screen to press the mute button.

    wired headsets allow you to press/hold the mute button but also have it so single press hangs up the call so i tend not to use that. would love it if the ES100 would do single press = mute/unmute while long press = hang up.
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  13. Steeltrouble
    Yes, using the App on my Iphone 6. I got a reply from Ear Sudio and they suggested to do a factory reset and see if that fixes it. Hope so as I am really digging this little thing. Especially with my Meze 99 Gold Classsics! Sounds great with all of my HP's but something with the Meze 99 pairing is beautiful. Just ordered a pair of HE4XX and curious if this guy will have enough juice to power them using the 2.5 balanced out? Anybody tried this?
  14. NWLierly
    After many moons my device is starting to display symptoms of wear. Battery life has degraded, and random reboots are now common.

    What have folks done in these cases? I suspect a replacement battery is in order, and I think I am beyond a year (need to double check dates) so I am assuming Radsone isn't going to do it for me. Factory reset has already been done, and it has started rebooted even when connected as a DAC.
  15. TooPoorForHiFi
    Sorry if this was ask, Do you use carrying Case?

    Could you guys recommend some Carry Case just enough Room for 1 Set of IEM + The ES100? The smaller the better.

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