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Radsone EarStudio ES100

Discussion in 'Portable Headphone Amps' started by m4rkw, Dec 12, 2017.
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  1. skeptical
    Greetings fellows. I need some help to understand, my brand new es100 kind of disappoints me in battery live and other things aren't quite clear either. My f/w version is 190102 2.0.2., phone lg v30+ , in ear phone wooduo 2 . The sound and the whole senergy is mind blowing, way better bass than directly from the phone in aux mode. Hapy,hapy,hapy. But the damn battery won't last more than 4 hours, yes i like my sound loud ,very loud 100% most of the time in Ldac mode, 3.5mm (2x curent). I know Ldac codec is power hungry, tried 1xCurrent with 330kbps Ldac setting from the phone which resulted in 30min. battery gain, still no good. Tried AAC codec, the same 4.30 hours roughly. Noticed one odd behavior later with other codecs but Ldac and sbc, i don't know how to deal with, everytime I switch off and on it loses previously set codec aac and it switch to Ldac automatically. Why in the app bluetooth codec option I can't uncheck mandatory Ldac and lock in only aac? Do I have a broken unit, what am i doing wrong here, should I return it ? I like a lot the sound but I can't stand this mandatory Ldac with outrages low battery live. Appreciate any input
    Last edited: Mar 12, 2019
  2. harpo1
    If you play at 100% volume your battery life will suck. Plus those are very efficient so at 100% volume I hope you only listen for a couple minutes otherwise your hearing will go bad in short order.
  3. skeptical
    100% volume is too much , only when I preamp 75% and it starts to distort, otherwise it is too low for me and I listen continuously for 4 hours until the battery is dead. I've been listening for 10 years that loud, no problem whatsoever with hearing, last time I checked.
  4. rkw
    The LDAC license with Sony requires that the receiver must select LDAC as first priority. You need to disable LDAC on the phone. Go to the Bluetooth settings on the phone. In the paired devices list, open the settings for ES100 and disable hi-res codecs.
    Last edited: Mar 13, 2019
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  5. niron
    If the good fellows over at Radsone could read this message >> I would sincerely appreciate a desktop application, similar to the one on the mobile/smartphone.
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  6. mhoopes
    +1 I just replaced mine; it fell off my shirt while I was on my bike. Everything still works fine now, except for Bluetooth. The unit is stuck with the last-used settings, including EQ for my FiiO FA7.
  7. shrimants
    Ive sent Radsone 2 support emails asking them about my completely busted clip. The metal hinge for the clip has completely sheared on one end, so the clip is no longer functional. Need to remove the pin and replace it, basically, all the other parts arent damaged.

    Havent received a response or a "we have received your request" email for either email. I was hoping warranty/support for the device would be better.

    I would definitely like to see a call mute function (single press play/pause in call to mute/unmute, long press to hang up) and i'd love to see apps for windows/linux/osx that provide the same functionality as the android app.

    But mostly i require the es100 fully functional to even USE my massdrop plus, they require <1 ohm output impedence to not sound horrible, and having the clip nonfunctional is becoming a huge issue.
  8. Snowhound001
    Can anyone please give me the 1.4.2 firmware if they have it. Im currently running 1.3. would be really helpful if you could post a Google drive link.
  9. shrimants
    just get the latest version from the website...
  10. Snowhound001
    Heard there is connection dropout issues on latest firmware. A youtuber demonstrated it in a video too. Since there is rollback protection i would maybe want to give 1.4.2 a shot first since I can update to 2.0.1 anytime.
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  11. klaberte
    I've had a very similar experience. Note 8, latest 2.02 FW on ES100.
  12. klaberte
    So, I just got this ES100 and really like it. However, I am having wonky behavior when using it in car mode (Auto Off when USB disconnects). In almost all cases, when I turn off the power to the USB cable by turning off the car, the ES100 turns off. However, it is very quirky whether the ES100 will turn on when the power is restored (USB power turns on), meaning, the ES100 will frequently not turn on when the car turns on. Worse, trying to manually turn it on by holding the Play/Pause does not work (the ES100 does not turn on). Usually I need to physically unplug and then replug the USB cable to turn it on.

    I have tried multiple factory resets, lots of different USB cables and 5V chargers, and am on my second ES100. I've recently set the ES100 into self-power mode (so it doesn't charge when plugged in to the charger), so I will see if that helps.

    Also, I often see and hear the audio playing from the ES100 while the EarStudio app says the device is not connected. I try to re-search for the device, which it finds, but then still will not connect to the app. Is this a known issue with a work-around?

    Using a Samsung Note 8 as a source, and the ES100 is on FW 2.02.
  13. (zcus)

    I have noticed this issue also with my LG V20.. It usually happens to me when I mess with the EQ, after so much micro adjusting it will eventually show a blank screen momentarily, and then the app will appear as if it is not connected - ie - everything is greyed out.. But the music is still playing and I can pause, play, skip tracks on the ES100 but the app is locked up... the only way to correct this for me is to reboot the ES100..

  14. MisterMudd
    Man, reading a lot of stuff on here makes me glad I stuck with the original firmware. May be limited somewhat, but does what I need it to do, and works flawlessly. Still love the little beast!
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  15. skeptical
    You're right, I have there two options, most stable and best sound quality. I totally neglected those settings thinking the developer mode having larger set of settings will overwrite any others. Nice, now in most stable mode I can choose for permanent either sbc or aac. What about aptx and aptx hd, If I choose best sound quality on the phone, they always would get skipped and defaulted to Ldac? How should i set aptx or aptx hd by default without losing them, turning es100 on and off, any idea? Did they become useless in this sony priority requirement? What's your real world battery live? Thanks a lot. I'm sorry if all of these were discussed earlier, this thread became to big to go through every single page.
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