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Radsone EarStudio ES100

Discussion in 'Portable Headphone Amps' started by m4rkw, Dec 12, 2017.
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  1. Rush87
    My ES100 is now working again with my Linux computers. What fixed the issue was... a device reset. I really should have thought of that earlier. Weird bug anyway.
    What I'm really not impressed with is Radsone's customer support. Never got an email back.
    Anyway, I'm not using my ES100 with my laptop anymore as I've received my Topping NX4 DSD. It sounds terrific and the amp is wayyyy more powerful than the ES100. The ES100 has plenty of power for IEM and sensitive headphones (that's what it's designed for after all), but it's a little lacking for my harder to drive headphones that I use with my laptop setup, like my Monolith M560 and Sennheiser HD58X.
  2. stormers
    it's $100 here in the US and I think it's a steal considering the competitions. Hiby looks nice but I often listen to music while charging ES100 at late night, Hiby doesn't look like it can do that. Plus, LDAC is very close to wired to my ears already, and it's universal for android phone.

    Maybe you can try AVexchange in reddit, buy/sell in HeadFi, Craiglists, OfferUp, LetGo....sometimes you can get great finds :)
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  3. Papa253
    Has anyone found or can recommend a short 2.5 balanced mmcx cable?
  4. Broquen
    I'm looking since months ago for a short, L-shaped 2.5 balanced, without earguides, occ silver plated, not-thrash-quality cable (no bad plastic finish), black (or copper color, but no white) and, if dream is still allowed, mmcx angled connectors... But I know this desire will be writed, unachieved, in my tombstone xD
    This week (if all is ok) will receive fiio 3.5 short one, the only short cable I found that seems decent without being custom.
  5. monsieurfromag3
    I have no cool discount to point you to sadly, and I’m definitely not selling mine :wink:

    But as someone who has trouble parting with his cash, especially to buy something that was less expensive at some point in time (eg. on Kickstarter), I want to offer the following consideration: $100 is a bit like a discount already when you think of everything this device does. All of the codecs, the double AKM DAC, the balanced out, the incredible app with a wealth of controls and integrated EQ - even Bluetooth 5.

    I paid 100€ for this and don’t regret a cent I spent. At this point you’re also getting a much more mature device/software than what the KS backers received.

    I insist on Radsone’s app, which is probably where the ES100 makes up for a lot of the terrain it may seem to lose on the W5 you linked. But it’s true, it seems like a very interesting device itself, that Hiby, and may contribute in time to a price cut on the ES100.
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  6. hifi80sman
    Yeah, good specs, but 5 hour battery life and no balanced output kills it for me. I run the ES100 ALL DAY at may desk, balanced, over LDAC. When I A/B balanced/unbalanced on the ES100, I definitely notice a difference, especially in terms of imaging and transparency.
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  7. fljoe
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  8. Papa253
  9. capnjack
    You should have a look at the VE website you can build your own cables and if you mssg Lee asking for a shorter length I’m sure he’d oblige, that’s what I did for the 2’ cable I wanted.
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  10. SeeD
    Has anyone experience a significant sound improvement using a balanced output/cable with the ES-100? I think the output sounds awesome using the non- balanced output but as I recall, feelings were mixed.
  11. stormers
    I'd like to hear others opinions on this as well
    Personally I can't hear any difference though..
  12. Mouseman
    With the IEMs that I own that need a little more juice, the balanced out is a lot better to my ears. I only run my Sennheiser Jubilees balanced from the es100, and they also sound good. I've tried an unbalanced adapter, and they don't get enough power to shine. So I'm not sure why people would have mixed feelings. Is it as much power as a bigger amp? No, but I don't have any complaints at all.
  13. Rowethren
    Not had a problem powering any of my headphones with the ES100; all my headphones are pretty efficient which helps. I wouldn't try the Susvara on this though lol...
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  14. smorgar
    For me i can definitely hear a difference. On my Etymotic ER4SR there is no mistake about it. I get better imaging and separation. The sound becomes more vivid and 3D but still super accurate... So much that i dont want to use singel ended anymore.
    With my Senn HD25 it's not as apparent but i can definitely still hear it. My non-audioholic colleague agreed and had a little wow-moment :)

    As Radsone said; balanced mode is where the ES100 really shines.
  15. stormers
    That's quite intriguing...I wonder if my balanced cable doesn't go well with SE846 :thinking:
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