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Radsone EarStudio ES100

Discussion in 'Portable Headphone Amps' started by m4rkw, Dec 12, 2017.
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  1. LTDJ
    It was guuuud. Very super, much loudness.
  2. IllustriousTear
    I see. Thank you!
    But I'm kind of sad since the mic doesn't work if it's on USB DAC mode(From what I read on this thread) but I think that is due to hardware limitation.
  3. arbiter76
    Doesn't matter how high end or if you paid for the best that was offered. Have to rememberr that auto OEMs lag the mainstream market. Biggest reason is cost. Look at how long it took car OEMs to get car radios somewhat up to date on connectivity and smart assistants. And look at how much of a fustercluck that is.

    What material are you using and and how much are you charging?
    Not sure how often it goes on sale. The 4 months or so I have been aware of it I've only seen it on sale for $80. I was in the market to see if Bluetooth receivers had matured. Saw the ES100 and the Fiio compared before I came here and saw how well received it was. Luckily I had put both in my cart and saw it was on sale for $80 and dumped the Fiio and immediately purchased. I do not regret at all. It's worth the $100.
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  4. arbiter76
    I have not used it extensively but in quiet environments it works fine. Hopefully I will get a chance to test in noisy and/or windy environment one day. Quite sure there is no noise cancellation.
  5. LTDJ
    @wslee could you please add to the app configuration option which would allow us to switch off the play/pause; rewind; fast forward buttons either as a whole or (ideally) individually. I've lost count how many times I'd hit these buttons trying to change volume, even when I was trying hard not to press them.

    PS also can you add a "normal" power mode as requested many times in this thread. Please. Thank you.
  6. Carabei
    Hi, I recently received ES100 bought by amazon. It was great for 2 days, equalizer is really good with iSine 20 and qJays 2nd gen. As I came home, I upgraded it to latest FW. few minutes ago I wanted to modify a bit eq settings, but I was unable to turn on ES100, when I plugged it to USB, it shows in the app 1% and charging completed, after few seconds it jumps to 100%. Unfortunately with disconnecting from USB ES100 immediately turns off. No way to turn it on without plugging it to USB. I even thought that flashing it again could solve the situation, but there is no way to get it to this state. Did anyone had this issue?
  7. Broquen
    Is it possible that the cable is defective? You can try another one or to activate/deactivate the 90% charging option touching the battery icon in the app (don't have it here and don't remember exactly). I hope you didn't get defective unit.
  8. Kamurah
    I didn't have this exact issue...but my unit was acting a little wonky after the Firmware update. I did a full factory reset....I think you hold all four rocker buttons in and plug in USB...and although this cleared all the settings I had used up to that point...it did clear up the wonky behavior. Might be worth a try.
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  9. ClieOS Contributor
    The stock cable comes from KZ own silver plated copper IEM upgrade cable, shorten to around 50cm. The 2.5mm balanced plug is Taiwan made. The transparent mmcx connector is the splitting type so it has a very tight fit. The actual cost of materials are around $20.
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  10. Carabei
    Tried factory reset twice and also various cables for charging. With that “Healthy” charging it doesn’t show 100% but 88% of charge and charging complete, disconnect it an immediate shutdown with no reaction on power button aftewards. So it really looks like there is something faulty with charging part of pcb or the battery itself as I remember that battery was showing around 50% last time I was playing with eq settings yesterday at work.
  11. Broquen
    So sorry to hear that. Only thing that comes to me is flashing again same firmware or the last one (but be aware cause you can't go back to any version. Just look if the prior one is compatible)
  12. Carabei
    Unfortunately in this state of battery, it is not possible to get to DFU, so no flashing. I updated the ES100 to latest firmware and it was working for 2 days without any issue. I already wrote to support and waiting for their reply.
  13. B_Rich
    Ok guys. I've been fairly active in this thread and could not say enough good things about the ES100.... up until now.

    I've been very patient with this little device over the last 4 months. I absolutely freaking love this thing until the end of time. This is end game for me just as my IE80's have been end game for the last 6 years of me owning them.


    I have gone through 3 replacement devices, and I'm now on my 4th one and it just died minutes ago. I'm using it as a USB DAC with my IE80's on my PC and I just went to plug my headphones in and it died on me. I get a loud popping and rustling noise through the headphones and it's clearly damaged. Over nothing. It was working GREAT 10 minutes ago as I was watching youtube. I went to go take my plate upstairs, came back down, put my headphones on and POP, it's dead. EarStudio and Amazon have worked with me up until this point (I even bought the SquareTrade warranty for this thing, I was happy to for such an awesome device) however they told me that if this one breaks then I should look elsewhere for a new product, which I'm very close to doing (but don't want to because I love this thing so much).

    I've waited so long to post this on this thread because I don't want to talk bad about this product. I'm not doing ANYTHING that a normal consumer would do with it. I'm using it as a USB DAC just as it should be used, and I also use it a couple times a week while I'm at work.

    I don't know what to do here. I absolutely LOVE this product, but I can't keep buying more of these at $100 a pop. This is my 4th one. I can't buy another one.

    Has anyone else had problems like this? I want this to be the last thing I buy but I'm struggling hard here.
  14. IllustriousTear
    Does it have a pattern when it breaks? Like only on your computer? Maybe due to the voltage on that USB port?

    Just watched a detective series and feeling like a detective. Hahahahaha.
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  15. B_Rich
    I haven't been able to replicate it. I use it weekly on both my PC and while I'm at work (on bluetooth). I have a pretty high end setup with a nice Seasonic power supply and MSI Z370 mobo. I can't imagine that would cause any issues.
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