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Radsone EarStudio ES100

Discussion in 'Portable Headphone Amps' started by m4rkw, Dec 12, 2017.
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  1. perky2
    Wondered how you thought the ES100 compared to the headphone output on the iPhone (or the adaptor) with more sensitive headphones? Tempted to get one but I find the IPhone quite good already.
  2. Colors
    Does anyone own a Cayin N5ii and can compare it to the ES100?

    Something I've always disliked about BT is the compression on both ends and basically reduces sub-bass and upper treble sparkle to non-existence. Basically makes my FLAC files irrelevant.
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  3. waynes world
    I can't compare to the N5ii, but I'm pretty sure that the ES100 (via LDAC) would make your FLAC files relevant again, and would make you a believer in BT.
  4. niron
    Looks great, thanks for sharing. I'll take a look at it.

    I had both SMSL Idea and the Sabaj da3, as well as the DFR and DFB.
    Now I am using ES100 and it seems to work so much better, not only technically but also music wise and in a big margin to my ears. More detailed, better resolution, more power to push my gear than both the Idea and Da3.
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  5. dosley01
    I use Iphone 6 Plus and Westone W30 daily. IMHO, I felt the iPhone sounded better than the ES100 in this setup. That being said, when I finally upgrade to an iPhone without a headphone jack, I'd be perfectly happy with the ES100 for my daily commute.
  6. zerolight
    The iPhone output through lightning has a bit more bass and a bit less detail. Honestly, I could go with either, and depending on the track, that extra bass can be welcome. The iPhone is also more forgiving to poor recordings. That said, wire free phone is great.
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  7. MyPants
    I indeed have both. The N5ii is a class above the ES100 without a doubt, HOWEVER the ES100 is itself a class above every Bluetooth audio device I've ever used. The key feature for the ES100 is the combination of the dual AK dac/amps with the latest high bandwidth Bluetooth codecs. LDAC theoretically enables a 24/96 steam over Bluetooth and aptxHD allows for 24/48, so the ES100 will be able to steam FLAC of many common bitrates without compression. Once received, the ES100 has the dac chops to output high res.

    NOW the critical consideration is what device you'll use for transmitting. Not all phones or daps support LDAC or aptxHD, so for transmitting device will define the maximum resolution you get out of your ES100. For example, the N5ii doesn't officially support any high bandwidth Bluetooth codecs and only unofficially supports regular aptx, so it could only ever provide the ES100 with a 16/44 stream at best. In contrast, the Pixel 2 XL supports LDAC and happily streams high res flac to the ES100.
  8. Colors
    Thanks for the info! Your post was very informative.

    I’ll be using an iPhone X with AAC -_-; Trying to maximize convenience by using my phone.
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  9. MyPants
    I'll have to double check if the ES100 supports AAC, but if so it should be a good pairing with your iPhone. If not, the experience would be very similar to your past encounters with Bluetooth.
  10. niron
    The iPhone does support AAC. Sound is great.
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  11. trellus
    ...and the ES100 also supports AAC, so with iPhone it will use AAC.
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  12. scotvl
    It supports AAC and it sounds really good as good as the aptx HD on the ES100 to me, I can't describe exactly how Ldac is better but it sounds dam good.
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  13. MyPants
    Excellent, @Colors sounds like you're good to go.
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  14. RockStar2005
    Nice! I used to have the Xperia Z3 as well. It was one of the best phones ever. Loved it!

    That one actually had a pretty good DUAL DAC on it, but since then it SEEMS that Sony Mobile has gone back to using a single DAC I think? Can't remember now. But yeah if I had a Sony Xperia phone now I'd use the ES100 for sure. The Z3 and even the Xperia phones now still have a weak amp vs. LG V30, so the ES100 comes in handy there too.

    Yeah ifi xDSD is great too. And balanced as well. I don't know if I could tell the difference between Burr Brown and Sabre though?
  15. RockStar2005
    Wow.........how is that possible that the Da2 sounds better than the DFR? More battery efficient yes, but better sounding too???

    I think I'm going to remove the DFR off my "running list" of devices then. lol And the Da3 too?? What do you think?

    But def keeping the ES100 and Da2 on there. So you think ES100 + LDAC can match Da2, or no?

    Yeah looks nice! Those are all great brands too. I used to have the FiiO E11k (now known as the A3) for a while a few years ago. Really great amp!
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