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Radsone EarStudio ES100

Discussion in 'Portable Headphone Amps' started by m4rkw, Dec 12, 2017.
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  1. RockStar2005
    This is INSANE news! lol I HAVE to believe that the ES100 having 2 DACs is making the difference, but also, it's having perhaps 2 newer and better and newer (by about 3-4 mos) DACs as well too, since the Da3 also has dual DACs.

    Devodonaldson was just sayin' the Da2 sounds better than the DFR too. How do you think the Da2 compares to the Da3?

    By your answer I'll know what you think of Da2 vs. ES100 too. lol Just trying to establish a ranking here. So far DFR is basically off the list, but trying to rank ES100, Da3, and Da2.
  2. Devodonaldson
    Very easy to tell the difference. Burr Brown is warmer, more musical. In general I find Sabre DACs detailed but cold. Not as smooth, but you hear the very top of the treble scale on each note
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  3. Devodonaldson
    IIhad Da3 as well. Da is better than Da2, but they are both power hungry. Da3 doesn't work off of micro usn, as it doesn't offer enough power to the device. You need to be running USB C. It's gonna run down your phone battery quickly though. Dual Q2C DAC which is desktop. Great detailed sounding, great staging. Colder than the ES100 for sure. I like the eq with the es100. Da3 is wired, so you automatically get better resolution va the es100
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  4. RockStar2005
    Hmm, interesting. Sounds like a trade-off................I HATE trade-offs. LOL

    I want both Devo!!! I guess if I had to choose it would be Burr Brown, but I REALLY like my treble region detail too. But I guess that's what EQ'ing is for, right? lol

    So Da3 is better than Da2, but Da2 is better than the DFR. NUTSO!!

    Well if I get Da3 yeah I'd make sure to use a USB-C to USB-C cable. But I dunno if I like "cold" though. So maybe ES100 is best then? I would of course EQ as I have my own custom EQs I developed for my Beyer DT 1770 Pro, and of course would ONLY use LDAC as well. Niron was just sayin' he thought the ES100 actually sounds better than the Da3 too. lol So that makes me think the ES100 is best. Plus as an added bonus I can take calls with the ES100, which I can't do currently with my cable.
  5. crazyeva
    Did I lost something? I forget to check my chest skin...probably by sweating IMG_1908.JPG

    Could someone please teach me how to switch between connected sources? example between PC and phone, press some button to play the other device sound?
  6. Elzizo
    You're a sweaty beast that eats logos!

    Go download the user manual off the website. Has all the instructions you require.
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  7. crazyeva
    Sorry but I have checked it twice. has it?
  8. Devodonaldson
    Choosing between DAC signatures is about preference. I like the Sabaj Sabre DWCs over the Audioquest Sabre DACs. Burr Brown sound is still detailed, don't get me wrong. It all depends on what phones yourey using. My iSines show everything while my Audioquest headphones are much warmer. Still show everything but not as bright. I found the Audioquest Nightowl with Boost pads too bright with the DFR But sounds amazing with my Burr Brown based xDSD. DFR is super at detail retrieval on instruments but definitely sounds colder, less spacious than others. Da2 and Da3 have a bigger sound the an the DFR. ES100 doesn't have suite the same treble sparkles, but it is still nice and detailed using LDAC. Different signatures, just like different headphones have different signatures. People love the mono, but it's the warmest of them all
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  9. rkw
    The ES100 doesn't have multipoint capability (nor do most Bluetooth headphones — connect to more than one device simultaneously and automatically switch to the one that is playing). Without multipoint, switching is not easy. You have to manually disconnect Bluetooth on the first device and connect on the second.
  10. Devodonaldson
    Are you sure about that? I often have it connected to both my v30 and my Samsung J3 as a day all the time. Switching back and forth between both devices seeing if it sounds any different. Both devices Are on Android 8.0, so maybe that has something to do with it
  11. RockStar2005
    Very interesting Devo!

    Ok I think I might've gotten my wires crossed earlier since you and another person on here was talking to me about these devices. The Burr Brown is only on the IFI right?

    See some ppl are saying the ES100 is better than even the Da2 or Da3, while others are saying no. But everyone seems to think they outdo the DFR! lol

    I guess I would prob just either get the Da2 or Da3 (prob Da3 cuz it sounds better, but does it drain more battery than Da2??) and also the ES100 and compare them for myself. lol

  12. rkw
    Ah, you're right! I couldn't get it to work when I tried a few weeks ago. I just tried again and it's working now. I don't know what I could have done differently before.

    So, with PC and phone, have both connected to the ES100 on Bluetooth. To switch between devices, hit pause/stop on the playing device, and hit play on the device you want to switch to. For example, to switch from PC to phone: start a music player on the PC and you should hear it through the ES100. Now hit pause/stop on the player. On the phone, hit play in a music player and now you hear the phone on the ES100.
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  13. crazyeva
    Thank you, sometimes I can directly play the music on the other device, it will switch source. Sometimes I need to turn off bluetooth of the first device to force it connect to the second one.
  14. rkw
    I just posted that it's working for me now (don't know why it didn't work before). When I switch the source, sometimes I hear no sound for about 5 seconds, but then it picks up (maybe buffering?).
  15. Devodonaldson
    Borh Da2 and Da3 are using non mobile versions of DACs that have to be powered by your device. The DA3 has LEDs and is running a dual DAC system. It burns a significant amount more battery than even the Da2, which is why it doesn't work over microusb. Not enough power output. They are wired aolutisol that have the capability to run lossless audio at much higher resolutions than the es100. Using LDAC the es100 is a good DAC implementation with lossy, but good resolution at 24-bit. The built in eq, and digital filters add to little sound changes that can beade on the fly using the app. And, using Bluetooth LE it's gonna eat MUCH less of your battery than either of those Sabaj DACs. If you like to use your phone at all, I'd get the es100 and be happy. The DA3 has the best staging out of the 3, easy, but lack of eq, etc, makes it less versatile than the es100
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