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Radsone EarStudio ES100

Discussion in 'Portable Headphone Amps' started by m4rkw, Dec 12, 2017.
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  1. razvanmg
    I currently have a fiio e10k/fiio a5 dac/amp combo. I am looking for something more portable. Would the ES100 provide a similar audio quality?
  2. crabdog
    It doesn't feel beta to me at all but keep in mind I have only used it in the most basic fashion i.e. connecting to ZX300 using LDAC and playing music. As I said, I will be testing the actual battery life when the opportunity arises, hopefully, tomorrow.
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  3. bvbore
    I'm having a couple of problems with my ES100. I have selected the car power setting (Auto Power off when charger disconnected ) in the app, when I power off my car the ES100 does power off, but when I power on my car the device stays off until I press the power button. This does not happen when I use a wall-charger to power the device and it turns off and on as I expect. I also cannot get the ES100 to automatically connect to my phone on power-on. Has anyone experienced either of these problems and found the solution or at least the root cause?
  4. Lurk650
    Occasionally mine won't auto connect to my phone
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  5. Elzizo
    My experience has been about a 50% need to reconnect to my phone when power cycling the ES100. Minor inconvenience, but annoying none the less.
  6. (zcus)
    I noticed since the last update that the auto connect is different.. I have to select ES100 now and it hangs for a few seconds, then connects. - Android 7 - LG V20
    Last edited: Sep 4, 2018
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  7. mvadu
    How did you get it for $75? I got mine last week for $99, and even today Amazon shows $99!?
  8. Elzizo
    Lightning deal
  9. PiSkyHiFi
    What phone is it?
  10. bvbore
    I have a ZTE Axon 7
  11. PiSkyHiFi
    I used to have an UMIDIGI plus E, completely useless with Bluetooth, I would need to reboot regularly to fix issues after it would only connect automatically once. I then gave up on cheap Chinese phones.

    Since having an LG, Bluetooth is pretty much automatic 98% of the time. I think it's software driver issues or possibly very poor quality control on antennas for many Chinese manufacturers.
  12. CactusPete23
    My Axon 7 Mini connects with no problems.
  13. ElChapo007
    Fiio A5 is a amp only .Fiio A5 outputs 880 mw at 32 ohm.
    I have the Fiio A5 which I use with an (wired) LG V20 and(wired) ATH M50x and it sounds better than My Note 8 with Earstudio Es100 using LDAC and ATH M50x but it is more portable .
    Last edited: Sep 4, 2018
  14. PiSkyHiFi
    I did a quick search for Bluetooth issues on the axon 7 and found them and it just reminded me of my issues on the UMIDIGI plus e. If its hardware quality control, then it will be hit and miss.

    I bought another Chinese phone once new, it had been refurbished manually and when it died, they claimed I was the one that soldered it.

    You pay more for less risk, I didn't even pay that much more for an LG, it was only about $300 usd at the time.
  15. ElChapo007
    I have Earstudio ES100 and have a pair of Bluetooth Sony H900N which can also be used with a wire(3.5mm) I turn off bluetooth on the Sony h900n then use via wire with Earstudio which gives me better sound and volume. However I read this of the Sony website "The headset supports high resolution audio playback when connecting via the supplied headphone cable and turned on." .Will using my Sony H900n with bluetooth on and connected via cable to Earstudio Es100 and via bluetooth to Samsung note 8 damage anything ?
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