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Radsone EarStudio ES100

Discussion in 'Portable Headphone Amps' started by m4rkw, Dec 12, 2017.
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  1. Galeonero
    Hi, I understand, for the price is one of the best bluetooth devices.
    Now I ask you the following, is it still highly recommended if you compare it with DAP that are around the same price? For example, the AP80 Hidiz is around 115 dollars and has the DAC ES9218P.
  2. tayano
    You didn’t run it balanced right?
  3. tayano
    Did you run hd650 balanced?
  4. Luap123
    Will I have any benefits from running custom in-ear monitors with 12,5 Ohm on balanced out?
    Needless to say that in terms of volume I can hardly go above - 20db out of the single ended already. Will there be any other benefit than output power from using balanced?
  5. peter123
    Yes I do.
  6. SilverLodestar
    I did, I even tried out the 2x voltage option with no better results.
  7. crabdog
    It really boils down to usage and standards. If you want a device primarily for streaming Bluetooth then the ES100 would be the better choice because it supports higher quality codecs i.e. aptX HD and LDAC. The AP80 has only regular aptX, which is still pretty good IMO but may not satisfy you, depending on how demanding you are re audio quality.
  8. zolom
    What is the best method to quickly switch the ES100 between two BT sources? The 1st is my android phone and the 2nd, a BT transmitter connected to my TV audio output.

    Last edited: Sep 4, 2018
  9. Elzizo
    I am going to be returning my Fiio BTR3. It feels like a half-baked product.

    - The Fiio has a much better build quality than the ES100. Metal body, metal buttons, longer shirt clip that is metal with nice clamping force, and a smooth glass top
    - The Fiio indicator light tells you what Codec you are using based on the color. Handy when you are bouncing between sources.
    - The Fiio supports NFC pairing
    - The Fiio supports USB-C quick charging
    - Sounds very nice, although a different sound signature than the ES100. I would call the BTR3 on the slightly bright side compared to the ES100

    - Terrible battery life if using any codec other than AAC. I am getting only about 3-3.5 hours of life out of the BTR3 using LDAC
    - No indicator on the Pixel XL running Android PI for what the hardware volume is set at on the BTR3
    - No 2.5mm balanced out
    - No app support
    - No firmware updates
    - Not able to drive any of my headphones well that are over 100 ohm
    - Not enough voltage to drive any of my planar headphones

    So there is my quick and dirty comparison. Although the Fiio BTR3 in time might compete with the ES100 with a firmware update, it currently is not even in the same league. In my opinion, The ES100 is still the best mobile Bluetooth streaming device out there today.
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  10. crabdog
    I haven't had time to test yet but I'm definitely curious to see how long the battery on my BTR3 lasts on a full charge using LDAC.
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  11. MisterMudd
    Fantastic update. Confirmed my purchase of the ES100 for $75 on Amazon recently. Incoming this week.
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  12. waynes world
    Ouch. That alone is a major deal breaker imo.
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  13. peter123
    I wonder when FiiO will stop release their beta products to the public.....
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  14. Elzizo
    It really feels like a beta product once you start using it. It really needs some polishing to compete on the same level as the ES100.
  15. peter123
    Maybe they get it right with the BTR3iii :)
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