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Radsone EarStudio ES100

Discussion in 'Portable Headphone Amps' started by m4rkw, Dec 12, 2017.
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  1. CactusPete23
    Just re-confirming ,in case anyone mis-read the Radsone Message, that the following items will likely not be in the soon to be released firmware update. But they are the "Roadmap"/Plan for future Firmware Improvements.

    Also, the F/W update roadmap (plan) would be:
    - 10-band PEQ support
    - ES100 Button mapping option
    - Auto reconnect when charger connected (optional)
    When you leave ES100 with your phone while charing ES100 at the desk, the connecting would be lost,
    and when you get back, ES100 would reconnect to your phone automatically.
    Currently, 3 minute after connection loss, ES100 would be off."

    Great Job by Radsone and Mr Lee !
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  2. Mouseman
    As a Mac user who had to struggle through the last firmware update (although kudos to Radstone for a better instruction set), I wish they'd make the whole process easier. It would be fantastic if you could update the firmware from the app -- I have several other accessories that can do that, so it can't be that difficult. Even the Windows instructions seem like a PITA.
  3. slowpickr
    Proud new ES100 owner here and couldn't be happier. All of my DAPs are living in fear now :grin:
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  4. waynes world
    At least with Radsone, you know it means it's gonna happen.
    Last edited: Sep 6, 2018
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  5. bavinck
    When people stop buying their new schiit.
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  6. Elzizo
    I see what you did there ...
  7. Galeonero
    Hello, I understand you perfect, because of this you are telling me I was thinking of buying a DAC / AMP for phone but I was thinking, that you have to go connected to the phone and if I left home it becomes very uncomfortable because it has to be fine stuck and all in one pocket.
    And with the DAP the same thing does not happen but I would have to buy a micro sd separately and it is $ 50 extra ... it ends up being 150 onwards.
    I think I'm going to buy this ES100, the only thing I need to ask is, does it have better audio quality than smartphones with dedicated audio chip for example LG V30?
  8. PiSkyHiFi
    What kind of sound do you like? What headphones do you have or plan to use?

    If you like articulate, analytical, precise sound, get some expensive open back headphones and get a V30

    If you like warm bass, velvet smooth treble, musicality and ease of use, get some quality IEMs or portable headphones and get the ES100.

    or, get both.
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    Still getting a feel for mine, having bought one during the Amazon sale (got it Monday). I know it's no fault of the ES100 that I have to go into Dev Settings and select LDAC every time I connect, but that's seemingly my main gripe. Pairing was easy with my S9 Plus. I still get occasional dropouts walking around midtown NYC, especially with my phone in my pocket. I'm using them with the FiiO F9 Pro.
  10. SubMash
    Apparently, your second phone makes short click noise and it's a nature of dual connected BT - it will pause your other phone playing to try to play first one.
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  11. SubMash
    Go to BT device settings and choose LDAC, it will be on by default.
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  12. PiSkyHiFi
    Doing things... like keyboard taps maybe? silence all actions on your work phone, or just try outright do not disturb.
  13. rkw
    See my earlier post...

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  14. knudsen
    Dang what witchcraft did they put in this little bugger.... can drive my 300ohm earbuds much much better than sony zx300
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  15. Elzizo
    Unicorn tears and kitten kisses I imagine
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