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Radsone EarStudio ES100

Discussion in 'Portable Headphone Amps' started by m4rkw, Dec 12, 2017.
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  1. CactusPete23
    First you might want to double check that the jack is the problem, It could be your 2.5mm cable, or the cable connection to your iems?

    IF you have a 3.5mm cable or earphones, how do they sound through that Single ended jack? OK I hope?

    Can you get the earphones to make any sound out of the right by moving/wiggling the 2.5mm tip around from side to side?

    If it's just the Jack(slot), I would think that a good electronics repair shop there in Philippines could repair it for a very low cost. Sometimes jack can be fixed, sometimes just easier to replace the jack.

    Jacks don't normally go bad so fast. Either defecive/poor quality, or the jack was stressed somehow during use, or when in a pocket/pack with the jack still connected...

    Just some ideas.
    Last edited: Aug 27, 2018
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  2. jmsalvador021
    Yes I tried my 3.5mm stock cable and its working fine. The 2.5mm plug only produces sound on my left ear. And then I tried to plug it again and it produces sound on my right ear by moving it slowly side to side when not fully inserted.
  3. bavinck
    So, someone commented on which digital filter people are liking. I would love to see more thoughts on that. I haven't messed with it from default much but I think i will.

    Also I see others are realizing the output dB calculation must be very wrong. If they got this to actually work it would be very helpful, but I am not sure how possible that is
  4. CactusPete23
    Good, So the device is OK. But the Jack is damaged.

    Your choice on what to do/ See if local repair shop thinks they can repair the jack. Or contact Radsone for return or advice.

    One idea... If you have a local shop that can do the opening and soldering; Maybe @wslee can have Radsone send you a replacement 2.5mm jack. Having the exact replacement would make local repair simpler. This would cost a lot less than shipping the ES100 from and then back to the Philippines.
    Last edited: Aug 27, 2018
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  5. SubMash
    Exactly same. It's just volume limiter.
  6. Lurk650
    I have mine on Slow Roll Off, very subtle differences but this one just seems to catch my ear a bit more.
  7. zerolight
    Me too for now. I read about aliasing. If it's there I can't hear it. Slow sounds smoother, fast sounds clearer, but brighter. Smoother allows longer listening.
  8. harpo1
    So charging is complete when the ES100 only flashes green is this correct?
  9. Elzizo
    Thank you
  10. Elzizo
    You are correct
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  11. SubMash
    Sharp is only reasonable option,
    Yeah, because slow agressive skews trebles. If you like warm sound - use EQ, but use sharp filter anyway.
  12. zerolight
    I've been flip flopping between sharp, slow and delay sharp since I got this. Depending on the track they all have advantages. Most of the time I like sharp, but sometimes it gets shouty or spikey.
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  13. Lurk650
    Haven't used my ES100 in a couple days, usually I just hold the power button on the ES100 but the other day I pressed the power button in app. Tonight I turn it on and instantly starts in the middle of a song that's on my SD card. I have a few different music players on my phone. None are playing the song, opening apps causes immense lag and cutting in and out. Pressing pause on the ES100 does nothing. Turning off and on does nothing. I turned my phone off and the music was still playing! Once the song finished I was able to normally play music again.

    IDK what happened but its pretty creepy. Does the device somehow store music in it's cache?
  14. hamhamhamsta
    Well does the song still plays after you pulled your sd card?
    If it did then you might have a problem…:dt880smile:
  15. monsieurfromag3
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