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Radius HP-TWF11R Pro or HifiMan RE252?

  1. sonickarma
    I already have RE0
    Radius HP-TWF11R Pro or HifiMan RE252 - Pretty much the same price.
    Any help thanks
  2. mvw2
    They're very different earphones.  The RE252 will be closer to the response of the RE0, however either of those two or even other options that you haven't listed may be a better fit for your goals.
    So, what are your goals?
  3. sonickarma
  4. rawrster
    Well if you want any kind of isolation I'd avoid the Radius. If you want RE0 with more bass I'd avoid them as well. The Radius is much more bass and midrange focused and have a soft treble which is very different. I haven't heard the RE252 so no comment there from me.
  5. Bennyboy71
  6. mark2410 Contributor
    oh dear god go for the 252, the ddm and 252 exists in different universes let alone different planets
  7. a_recording
    As much as I love the DDM's, and do prefer them over the RE252, if you are looking for an RE0 sound with a greater depth of bass the closest you will probably get is the RE252. Keep in mind that not even the RE252 has quite as much treble extension as the RE0 though - the RE0 is quite unique in that regard. Other options to consider are probably the CK10 and the PFE's, which have similar levels of clarity if I'm not mistaken.
    Also consider the Etymotic MC5, which I would say has better bass extension than the RE0, though similar quantity of bass - and overall a much better build, and a more transparent sound.
  8. proedros


    mark FTW
  9. mvw2
    I know.  That's why I find these questions funny.  No offense to sonickarma but just because several things are popular doesn't mean they are in any way comparable for sound.  Something like the DDM and RE252 are totally different sounding product.  The problem is that you as an individual will have a certain preference for sound, a certain goal.  Many popular and  good earphones will cover the spectrum from bassy to bright, smooth to crisp, laid back to very dynamic, and so on.  Your preference only focuses on one specific range of this spectrum.  It's like blue and red, two completely different ends of the color spectrum.  Your focus might be yellow and anything near yellow.  Blue is good, but it's not close.  Red is at least closer but orange and green are right around yellow, not to mention the option for yellow itself.  Earphones are like these colors, all spread out, and you need to both find a good product as well as a product that actually fits your taste in sound.  Now a safe bet for blind guessing is to pick something in the middle, a product that is all-around good but also doesn't stand out anywhere.  The RE252 is one of these products.  The DDM is not.  The RE252 is closer to the RE0 than the DDM, but so are other products.  Try the RE252?  Sure.  Try something else?  Sure.  What else?  Lots of choices.  The RE-ZERO and Custom 3 are two examples.
  10. DJGeorgeT

    Throw a coin and buy according to your luck
    head = radius
    tail = hifiman

  11. sonickarma
    Thank all for your responses, have the 252s on the way I do seem really drawn to the hifiman products.
    Now i'll be hunting round for some decent tips, have tried a number of different ones (Sony Hybrid, Comply T400 ect.) on the RE0 but not found any ideal ones yet. 
  12. Bennyboy71

    Hope you enjoy em.  For me, they're utterly mindblowing - more like full size headphones than any iem I've tried.
    And I'm lucky I guess, cos the medium single flange stock tips work great for me too.

  13. Photofan1986
    Good choice, imo, even if I think they are both good choices, I depends on your personal preference!

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