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Raal Ribbon Headphones - SRH1A

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by once, Oct 7, 2018.
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  1. P.Car
    Don't forget one of the first to use FPGA tech on a Delta Sigma DAC with absolutely no pre or post ringing: Ed Meitner.

    His gear sounds incredible and is hard to beat, similar to dCS and Playback Designs, etc.

    It's a whole different ball game, just as you mentioned, to DACs using off the shelf chips.
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  2. Zhanming057
    Indeed. Forgot about EMM because I do personally prefer Linn and Nagra's take a bit more - but if anyone gets a chance to try out the DA2 - it's quite an impressive piece.
  3. P.Car
    It's all good.

    It's all about personal preference.

    Kinda like chocolate and vanilla...

    They're both great!

    Thanks for all your help and your impressions on the SR1a. You're definitely getting them the exposure they deserve!

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  4. Mystel
    Tried these at Canjam Singapore today at the SLT booth

    Setup was Some DAP ->Yggdrasil -> Byston B135-3

    This is astonishing. I was extremely shocked.
    This is literally the first headphone that i would consider to be an 'out of head' experience
    Mind you, i have tried and owned many that people claim to be speaker like, but this literally just blows everything away in depth, space

    Before actually hearing it i thought it was going to be bright, quick and lean ( which was really my impressions of the k1000)
    But this isnt the case, the treble extended forever, and had this tonal sweetness to it that ive never heard before, and is never fatiguing
    Vocals have this depth and realism to it, especially when listening to live tracks, i feel like im just right there.
    The speed is incredible, such amazing control whilst being engaging as heck, the bass had an incredible body to it.

    Overall, the best thing ive heard in Canjam this year by a long shot. It even made the wa33+Abyss Phi TC setup downstairs sound meh
  5. Zhanming057
    The K1000 is lean when you don't feed it properly - but yes, it's much more of a mid-range focused headphone and has some issues with treble and bass as well as resolution.

    Keep in mind that the SR1a's have the potential to scale quite a bit further beyond what the Yggy+135 SST3 is capable of. I've put them on systems all the way up to $100k+ and overall performance just does not seem to plateau at all. On a strong and particularly resolving system the control/energy balance is really something else - like being inside a storm, but somehow still knowing where every drop of water is at.

    BTW, I've listened to them on the Simaudio 600i and liked the combo - the 700i should be a winner with the SR1a's :) I thought that the combo was a bit too polite at first, but recently I gave the 600i another spin, and I've gained appreciation for the idea of a highly neutral amp letting the headphones do what they do best. The 600i is also much more dynamic than the 330 and the extra bite definitely helps with the overall presentation.
    Last edited: Mar 30, 2019
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  6. Jerseyboy

    Having owned the SR1-A for two weeks now I can safely say that ribbon technology for headphones is going to change the shape of the industry ! Hopefully, RAAL have their patents in place as there is no doubt in my mind that the mainstream headphone companies are going to be clambering to adopt this technology for their own. I believe this is the single most important advancement in headphone design for a generation.
  7. HoloSpice
    @PeteSTRADAMUS you hear that? King of headphones! King of headphone! Bwhaha :grinning::money_mouth::money_mouth::money_mouth:

    So pull that trigger Pete, it will take you to Narnia..
    Last edited: Mar 30, 2019
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  8. Mystel
    'Headphone' ? No way, these are true 'Earspeakers' . Really the only thing that deserves to be called that!
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  9. HoloSpice
    Yeah? Well tell us about your DIY T2+ SR-009 vs RAAL SR1A. :wink:
  10. Mystel
    I could have paid/commissioned a t2 build anytime( or even buy my friends set), but even after hearing that i went back to the planar route anyway and spent on a EC Studio and some other stuff, Even then i still like the Studio+Abyss more than 009+T2
    But this, this is something else.
    But i'll leave that for when i get more listening time with the sr1a , but you can already see where this is going :)
    Last edited: Mar 30, 2019
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  11. lithiumnk
    @HoloSpice I guess I should drop my idea of investing into top tier estat now .... SR1A is the way to go .... started saving now ...will pick up when I visit Singapore asap...
    I am a little concerned with the subbass performance ... does 33hz cutoff translates negatively in real time scenario.. or its amp dependent
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  12. llamaluv
    With an amp with good synergy, it's hard to notice the difference. And for most all acoustic music, there's nothing in it, IMO. I ran a slow sine-wave frequency sweep through the bottom octaves once and started hearing bass in the upper 20's.

    Nice DAC you have listed in your sig, by the way. The RAAL sounds very good on it. :) :beerchug:
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  13. lithiumnk
    Thanks for the clarification..I see you have the same DAC....I love NOS sound...prefer it over hmsDave...
    Which speaker amp are you using with pavane?
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  14. llamaluv
    I'm using a Bryston 2.5B SST2 ("last-gen" Bryston product line), which I got used for $1250. I love it.
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  15. HoloSpice
    Going to be like 2009 all over again. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:
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