Raal Ribbon Headphones - SRH1A
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Mar 28, 2018
**EDIT After a product name change these are now called the RAAL/Requisite SR-1A***

Anyone hear these at RMAF 2018?


Very interested to hear impressions. Looks like a K1000 reborn on steroids. Similarly I also heard it is very power hungry, with a recommended 50W power source.

Also seems like they are targeting a $3500 price point.
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I really dug them.

They played me this orchestral piece involving someone on chello and it almost made me emotional lol. (No lie)

So I hope you all get to hear it some time.

Also want you to know that I heard a variety of other music as well and it all sounded really good. I was at their booth off and on Proably 3 different times.

Something noteworthy is the speed. Really incredible. Oh- also the bass was surprisingly present
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Any more thoughts ?
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Danny tells me the requisite will start selling 1st week of december.
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A couple hours with the Raal SRH1A's and I am very impressed. Bass is not an issue at all and quality is very much on par with the 1266 phi's, if still a bit lean compared to "regular" headphone bass. Danny wasn't kidding about the 50wpc requirement - I am running these off a 100w Nagra Classic Integrated and I can see that they're drawing something like 40wpc on peaks, and potentially a lot more if you like higher listening volumes.

They are bright and very fast. Response speed is far and above any pair of headphones I've heard - the 1266 phi's can't hold a candle to them in this regard. Possibly a little fatiguing, but the mid-range weight of the Nagra helps.

I definitely need more time with these, but I think Requisite audio has a resounding winner here. The problem is amp pairings, and I don't know yet if they'll sound good on cheaper speaker amp systems.

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