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Raal Ribbon Headphones - SRH1A

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by once, Oct 7, 2018.
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  1. Zhanming057

    Here's a better shot of the size of the impedance matching box. Note that the headphone connection is reversed from the usual XLR connection: the male XLR is on the box instead of the headphone cable. Good move, since mistakenly plugging the headphones into a headphone amp could very well damage the amp, and this connector makes that physically impossible.
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  2. Lord Rexter
    Nice setup, any thoughts on how they compare against STAX line up SR-L700/007/009. Appreciate your insights.
  3. coinmaster
    What is the end to end DCR of the driver+cable?
    You can tell by putting an ohm-meter on the end of the +/- terminals.
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  4. qazxsw80
    Can you compare it with the Mysphere 3.2, which you also seem to own? These two headphones are similar in a way that they both don't have any earpads.
  5. Zhanming057
    It's almost exactly 0.2 ohms (quote from Danny). The driver is <0.02 ohms and the cable is close to 0.2 ohms.
  6. Zhanming057
    I have lots of thoughts about this and will at some point write a long-form review about the pair, but the quick rundown is that they are diametrically opposed takes on how to make the K1000 better. The Mysphere is sleek, tuned like the K1000's with incredible midrange intimacy, actually quite drivable, very listenable and basically something that you can plug into whatever amp you have right now and enjoy the portable ear-mounted speaker experience. The SRH1A looks like a torture device, is unapologetically energetic and bright, brings unprecedented driver technology to create what is arguably the best transient response and dynamics of any headphone, at the cost of requiring more power than most floor-standing speakers.

    There's very little in common between them other than the spacious and special "speaker-style" soundstage. I will probably keep both pairs since they are great complements in many ways.
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  7. Zhanming057
    Electrostats have never been my cup of tea, although I have extensively demoed the 009. The soundstage on these earspeakers is quite unique and cannot be duplicated with a traditional pair of cans. The 009 is far more closed in than the SHR1A, treble on both is excellent although the 009 emphasizes smoothness while the SRH1A emphasizes fast responses and energy. The bass on the 009 is nowhere as good as the SRH1A, it's not even a close matchup. The 009 is much more polite while the SRH1A is lightning quick and powerful, but might be more fatiguing than the 009.
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  8. Lord Rexter
    Thanks for a detailed explanation, I was planning to upgrade to 009 (already own STAX - SR-003mk2, L300, L300 LE and L700) the SRH1A seems to be a better purchase option if they are faster than STAX 009, different tech and more over the price point seems to be impressive helps in influencing the decision as well.
  9. travis-bickle
    @Zhanming057 Thank you very much for the insights.
    I'm craving for a real K1000 successor. Should be a revelation in terms of comfort not having something touching your ears constantly.
    Cant see the two metal parts from previous pictures who go behind the head to the neck. Are they gone? Cant imagine that i can tolerate bare metal pressing against my head (especially when resting it to a pillow :) ).
    Whats the final price within the EU and where to order?
  10. BunnyNamedCraig
    If you own L700 what will the 009 give you more of?

    The Raal is def worth listening to given your extensive Estat can list! It shares ton of similarities. Would also be curious your take on them given that you’re no stranger to how estats sound
  11. 2002tiiguy
    i really want to hear these
  12. Lord Rexter
    True that, upgrading to SR-009 may yield improvements in treble and bass departments in comparison with SR-L700. STAX is a money pit, but love the STAX house sound :gs1000smile:

    I agree will demo the Raal (not sure if there are any stores in India), might end up shelving my plans on getting the SR-009 and pull the trigger on Raal.:beerchug:
  13. Zhanming057
    Something to take into account is that the amp you get for the SRH1A can probably pull double duty as a speaker amp, but if you get a high-end electrostat amp you won't be able to use it with regular cans or speakers. Of course, if you're heavily invested into Stax a new speaker amps makes a lot less sense.

    Comfort wise I have to give the edge to the Raal since they are extremely well balanced on the head. The Myspheres have more of a snug fit and are lighter, though.

    The metal parts have been replaced with a leather band that's adjustable, a good move in my opinion. These are still bad headphones for listening in bed since the pillow will reflect sound back into your ears, but that's true for all earspeakers.

    MSRP is $3,500 US plus VAT which will probably be applicable for shipping to Europe. Right now the only way to claim a pair is to write to or call Danny at requisite audio. The first production batch should land sometime in mid January.
    Last edited: Dec 30, 2018
  14. Zhanming057
    You can ask Danny for a review sample - currently all of his prototype versions are loaned out but if you wait a week or two, I'm sure he'd be happy to send you a pair for a week or two.
  15. 2002tiiguy
    i may have to ask about that im sure @BunnyNamedCraig will be camped out at my house while i have them
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