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Raal Ribbon Headphones - SRH1A

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by once, Oct 7, 2018.
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  1. Zhanming057
    Fair enough - that's not my personal opinion though :)

    But yes, the Shangri La is in a weird spot. I think that Fang went for the 300b layout because 300b's are seen as a (or the) premium power tube, and he personally likes that flavor. But the 300b signature comes through quite strongly, in a WA5 with vintage WE tubes kind of way. I'm not sure what to think about it. It's an "opinionated" piece with an over-the-top, but still quite pleasing signature, whereas the SR1a is super transparent. And if you want to experience the 300b "house" sound on the SR1a and don't have $50k or more burning in your pocket, you're out of luck.

    I'm a bit surprised that nobody else has tried to go all-in on a 300b electrostat amp. That said, I don't want to diminish a genuinely good take on what a world-class electrostat system should be.
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  2. protoss

    You do know that you can just buy the Shangri-la SR headphone alone and pair it up with a T2/BHSE/Carbon right. Stop focusing on any Hifiman amps! Carbon must be nice with that headphone. Sadly no one will ever know.

    It is a bloody shame that Sennisher don't do that with the HE-1. It be nice if they gave an option to just buy that HE-1 headphone alone!
  3. TomNC
    As far as I can recall, the HE1's amp component is already integrated into the headphones. It is nearly impossible to drive them with other non-customized electrostatic amps.
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  4. protoss
    Yea I know. but senny could somehow work that out and get a stax adapter on it.
  5. sean888
    Yes, and it sounds really great! In fact, it'll be one of the setups we'll be using for the SR1a at this weekend's CanJam Singapore. We've booked room Ocean 9 on Level 2, please drop by if you're around
  6. HoloSpice
    what other setup will you be running those SR1A's on?
  7. sean888
    Bryston B135 SST2 integrated amp
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  8. HoloSpice

    and dac?
  9. sean888
    We'll be using Schiit Audio YGGDRASIL for the Bryston. For the Vidar, we'll just be feeding it directly with a good portable player - the idea is to show how easy (and inexpensive) it is to get great sound on the SR1a. You really don't need to break the bank to step up to amazing sound from the SR1a
  10. bluesaint
    Do you use a single vidar or use 2? One for each channel.
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  11. sean888
    We're just going to use a single Vidar for the show, primarily to illustrate how easy it is to get into the SR1a eco-system equipment-wise. We've tried with 2 Vidars as monoblocks, it gets even better! The point is that while the SR1a scales really well with better (and more expensive) gear, at the same time it also sounds really good on inexpensive but highly competent gear like Vidar. Enjoyment of the SR1a doesn't necessarily need summit-fi amps, etc - you can start light, and go heavy later on, as and when your needs and requirements change
    Last edited: Mar 29, 2019
  12. Articnoise
    The HE1's amp is in the headphone, so it wouldn’t be any good to plug it in to another amp. They placed the pre amp stage (tubes) in the box together with the DAC and volume control and the output stage (Class A) in the headphone because they think it sounded better. It also why the headphone gets a bit warm.
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  13. protoss
    Now I absolutely need to hear the HE-1 !!
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  14. Articnoise
    I got to listen to the HE1 for 15 minutes in February 2016. It was a private session that Sennheiser held on a hotel in Stockholm. I thought the sound was good but not spectacular. It was of course too short listening to really evaluate it. It would be lovely to do a longer listening and preferably also with another DAC/source. Though right now am more interested in getting the opportunity to listen to the SRH1A :yum:.
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  15. llamaluv
    The fact that the SR1a can be legitimately compared to these fifty-thousand-dollar "halo" products says it all, really.
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