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Questyle QP2R

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by unknownguardian, May 17, 2017.
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  1. subguy812
    Lol amen!
  2. Darren Cotter
    If anyone is using a Shure SE846 with their QP2R, can you tell me what the volume level is like out of the SE output?
  3. 514077
    Not first-hand. But, they're very sensitive, and sound good from the QP1R, FWIW.
  4. AmusedToD
    Recently switched from a QP2R to a Sony WM1A. Apart from the upgraded user interface and the fabulous two-way LDAC Bluetooth on the WM1A (as well as MQA support since the last update), I can conclude the QP2R can’t touch the Sony in the bass department (biggest difference there) and the effortless flow of music as a whole. The QP2R does have the advantage in speed and slam (with high gain and high bias in balanced mode), but it’s also brighter and unforgiving to poor recordings. Sorry, but the Sony is just a better package.
  5. earnmyturns
    I prefer to get rid of poor recordings :ksc75smile: Truth or airbrush?
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  6. DanDorn
    I've never owned the WM1A, or any recent Sony DAP for that matter, but I suspect you're right right on the money about the "effortless flow" mention. Having owned both the QP1R and the QP2R (sold the former, bought the latter, then sold the latter). I thought the QP1R had more of what you aptly describe in the Sony than its supposed upgrade. I would advise anyone looking into a Questyle DAP to get the QPR1 (or a Sony, or an AK Kann).
  7. AmusedToD
    The QP2R is very “technical” if may say. It’s undoubtedly a very capable high end DAP, but it somehow lacks “musicality” in my opinion (for the lack of better term). That’s where Sony kills it.
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  8. glassmonkey
    I'd have to disagree with the lacking musicality sentiment. The QP2R is plenty musical, but it's also a high performing technical beast. I think what you are saying is that you prefer a warmer sounding DAP with your headphones. Given that your main headphone is a treble cannon (Focal Utopia), you probably need something warmer to tone down the excesses on the Utopia. Sony tends to have a warm smooth sound on their DAPs that is probably a good match for the hot treble of the Utopia and other headphones like it. The Utopia is hyper detailed, but somewhat artificially so. I found it fatiguing when I went for more detail oriented setups. For features, there is no doubt that the Sony has a better user interface and more features, but the QP2R can play harder to drive headphones than Sony can due to the substantial differences in current. With your current setup, you don't need that, so Sony WM1A is probably a better value proposition for you. It won't be for everyone. The Sony also uses the 4.4mm balanced connector, which is objectively better than the 2.5mm connector. Happy listening!
  9. MP800
    Have you listened to the qp2r in balanced and high bias, before you came to that conclusion?
  10. DanDorn
    Yes, used almost exclusively balanced mode and high bias. Basically I found it lacking in musicality vs the QP1R, and I understand that my assessment is subjective. Bear in mind that I'm not nor have even been an IEM user, so I can't speak to the QP2R's merits in that category. Also, I was really disappointed in the dropping of line-out mode; in fact, that caught me by surprise when I purchased the QP2R (I should have researched it better). Again, speaking from the point of view of full-size headphones (the Campfire Audio Cascade being my current and possibly all-time favorite in the portable/take-to-work category), the AK Kann in my experience is the only DAP with the power chops to stand alone, and with musicality to boot. But not to digress, the QP1R matched beautifully with my Headamp Pico Power and iQube V1... the line-out feature is more than a nice to have, I've always thought.
    Last edited: Jan 12, 2019
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  11. rogerzz
    After having the Ibasso DX200 with amp 1 for almost 2 years, I now have the QP2R for 6 weeks. On the way I use the AKG K3003 and at home the Ether C flow 1.1. Single ended and balanced. I was stuck with the Ibasso because only the Amp 1 has both. The first thing I missed when I first heard the QP2R was the detail.The DX200 delivers more micro detail. What I get more with the QP2R is warmth and the K3003 reacts very well to that (maybe that is why Questyle shows the K3003 in its advertising). I must say that K3003 has progressed with big steps. The DX200 can do more than the QP2R, side loading apps, Wi-Fi, it play's more formats, play's DSD512, other amp modules etc.The QP2R on the other hand looks much nicer and has more power than DX200 with amp 1. Perhaps the biggest difference is that now I'm enjoying the music again instead of being focused on the sound. Music just sounds very good with the QP2R.
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  12. 514077
    What's the price difference as to the 200?
  13. rogerzz
    In my country the qp2r cost 400 euro more
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  14. 514077
    Interesting. Sounds like the 200, with it's choice of amp modules, is supposed to be a direct competitor to FiiO's X7. I enjoy microdetail, having the Hugo2, But for me, the Questyle's physical interface is a must,as I can't use touchscreens without audible feedback. I haven't moved from the QP1R to the 2R, mainly due to its loss of a card slot.
    Anyway, thanks for your response.
  15. subguy812
    I hear the QP2R as a DAP that has an incredibly natural and organic in tone. The sound it delivers is a resolving signature, so true to the music, very full sounding. It has great technical prowess and through it's balanced port has more than adequate power. The QP2R is not going to add coloration to your headphones or IEM's, but it will deliver a reference quality fullness. Now for the subjective side, I really love the QP2R, it has become my reference DAP, replacing the Opus#2.
    Last edited: Jan 13, 2019
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