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Questyle QP2R

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by unknownguardian, May 17, 2017.
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  1. DanDorn
    I had the QP1R. I sold it to make way for new gear (a questionable decision in hindsight since I think it's a stellar DAP) The sound is similar to the QP2R, though thinking about it there may be a very slight bass boost to the QP1R vs the QP2R. The big difference is that the QP2R features balanced output (though at the expense of line-out, which I routinely used when I had the QP1R). Still the balanced out option, which gives me the ability to drive just about any headphone I would ever want to own, along with the "DSD Gain" setting, which is a real nice to have and works beautifully, makes the upgrade to QP2R worthwhile I think.
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  2. 514077
    I hadn't noticed that with QP1R. I use SE846 and Angies. Bass can be adjusted with Angies, but all in all, I found it pleasing.
  3. HD800NL
    BIAS to high is better yes. I never tried the Campfire. AEONs need more power. The Audeze Sine is on my list for a test...
  4. headwhacker
    Yes, Aeons need more power than what QP2R can provide. Though its still able to drive aeons with most pop/rock recordings (especially if you listen at low lovels) It just runs out of juice when you play some high-dynamic range music like classical. I have Daft punk album that requires more volume to play at a level that I enjoy and I can gear distotion due to running out of power.
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  5. oscarnr
    Hi. I posted this in the CA Andromeda thread. I share it with all of you:
    I've been using CA Andromeda (balanced) with my new Questyle QP2R (I previously had a QP1R) for some days and the sound is awesome. With the standard 3.5 Litz cable the sound is just fantastic, slightly dark but very inviting and open enough; you can listen to it for hours. The balanced Litz cable in the Andromeda with QP2R opens the soundstage more maintaining a superb tone and rising the dynamic impact of the music. I use high bias in the QP2R. It competes well with my much more pricier desktop (I think it is even more enjoyable) and speaker system (see signature). Just Incredible. Best portable combo I've ever had
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  6. oscarnr
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  7. t69p
    I'm also a huge fan of the new Questyle QP2R paired with my Campfire Vega's, just a dream. I have offered my AK380 to my wife :)
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  8. glassmonkey
    I've not tried the Vega with the QP2R, but a I enjoyed the Andromeda and the Atlas. The Atlas is pretty amazing. I preferred the QP2R sound to the Astell & Kern house sound in a show setting. I might have to contact a distributor for an at home comparison.
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  9. HD800NL
    In your review you have tested with the HiFiMAN HE-1000. I have a HiFiMAN Ananda it sounds great via the balanced mode. For a closed can, the Beyerdynamic T5p2 is the beste option I found.
  10. Jackpot77
    All the Campfire gear I got to try with the QP2R when I had the demo unit played very nicely with the Questyle "house sound". I think the two brands share a pretty good synergy.

    intersetingly, was chatting to Dan from MrSpeakers at Canjam London a few weeks back and asked him what the best "one stop" DAP (i.e. no amp stacking required) he had heard with the Aeon Closed as I have a pair, and they are easy to drive, but difficult to drive well. Turns out he REALLY likes the QP2R.
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  11. NehPets
    Has anyone been able to extract the line level analogue output from a QP2R using just a USB C-to-stereo minijack (or dual RCA) adapter cable? I've been advised that it should be possible, and it would be a lot less expensive than buying an HB2.
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  12. HD800NL
    I didn't know USB to analog cables exists but now I like to hear some experience too
  13. MP800
    If using USB to analog output there must be a dac in between. Something like apple lightning to mini jack but then with usb c.

    Why not just just the 3.5mm output? Ik hook it up to my amp that way all the time. Sounds great!
  14. rr12267
    Wouldn’t you then be double amping?
  15. MP800
    I was responding theoretically. I don’t even know if this is possible as I haven’t used the docking station.

    My point was. To my knowledge with any device usb -> analog audio must have dac in between.
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