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Q701 impressions thread

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by tdockweiler, Nov 27, 2011.
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  1. peter123
    After getting the Brainwavz XL micro suede pads I'm once again in love with my Q's and ended up selling the K712 that I bought to replace them. My only issue was with comfort in longer sessions but with the new pads they're extremely comfortable.
  2. SHAMuuu

    hmmm i've read elsewhere of these pads working with their k701/702 as well, so awesome to hear about the microsuede! I will consider for my Annie should I not like the pads. No bumps at least! I did really like the 712 but let them go to get other stuff, but i miss them. Possibly in future may consider q701 lime, always liked loo of em :D
  3. eldus
    ebay does have replacement headbands without bumps for like 12-15 USD AFAIK. Just need some short screws and nuts.
  4. eimis
    What's up with the Japanese doing this to their headphones, why make an on-ear from an over-ear??
    I've seen this done to other headphones from different brands
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  5. Beagle
    Nice highs. And comfortable too.
  6. ookic
    From a search, it's called "mimimamo" and meant to be a removable and washable cover for the earpads. And a stylish one at that. Seems they're only sold in japan, if anyone knows where to get them in the US, give me a hint!
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  7. GirgleMirt
    Btw, just wondering... Has the headband ever worked for anyone? From the day I got my Q701, it seems that by design there are some strings which are supposed to pull the headband towards the head, but mine are so loose and weak, that they can't even return to their original position if I push on it, let alone support the headphone on my head... The design just doesn't work, the plastic on plastic just doesn't slide either, there's way too much friction, just the most useless feature ever. They could have gotten rid of that 'system' 100% and it would have made zero difference... My guess is that they're all like that, so my question would be: "WHY?!". Or do they work for anyone?
    Last edited: May 31, 2019
  8. GirgleMirt
    Also... After a few months/years, there seems to be a sort of 'velour' of the sort that you can somewhat scratch off the pads. Is this just dust & other particles that get stuck on the pads, or is it the actual pads material that you're 'scratching off'?

    Wow.. Mine are 5 years old and have seen mild usage, and the pads are still in great shape, and they still sound fantastic! Definitely one of my regular go to headphone, maybe even my goto! :D
  9. Redcarmoose
    I have two pairs of k701s...one from 2006 and purchased a used pair in 2010, both Austria made. The string "pulley system" does get weak after time. Still myself and others think it works better when the tug is less?
  10. eimis
    that headband worked ok for me, even after some plastic piece in it, broke. my old and new pads had the same fluff coming off. I even used a sticky roller on them, looked pristine afterwards.
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