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Q701 impressions thread

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by tdockweiler, Nov 27, 2011.
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  1. Apollo33
    I got my Q701s yesterday and my E10 today!!!  I was glad to find that the bass is significantly better with the amp. :)  So far I'm really happy with them except that they seem fatiguing and maybe too bright. Hopefully that will get better with break-in... unless it's just me with my sensitivity to high frequencies.
    Does anyone with a Mac have suggestions for:
    1) Break-in software or mp3s that can be repeated and have some silence in to give the drivers a rest
    2) What playback software you use. I'm thinking one that can take full control of the output, and has an equalizer.
    Is it common to take the frequency response curve for headphones and then EQ the computer's sound with its inverse, to aim for a flat response? Or at least to EQ-out peaks like we have at 2 and 7kHz? Or is it impossible to digitally EQ music without screwing it up somehow?
  2. Chris J

    Two thumbs up on your new purchase![​IMG]

    If you really want to break them in just play some music thru them at what you consider LOUD for about 100-200 hours.
    I tried doing this (plus I also used the XLO break-in disc).
    Frankly I didn't hear much difference when I was done.
    A good digital EQ should NOT screw the sound up.  Turning down the two peaks a bit is a good place to start, don't be afraid to trust your ears!
    Good luck!
  3. Apollo33


    Thanks! I'm trying out Fidelia right now because it has a 32-band equalizer. Although I think the equalizer is actually using Apple's code, so I don't know how good it is. I've tried dropping the EQ at 6.3 and 8kHz about -2dB and it seems to "take the edge off" the treble. But I'm worried if I keep listening to it EQ'ed, I won't like the standard sound, and Fidelia Advanced is $70.
  4. mmayer167
    Anyone have experience with the x70x and a CTH amp? Specifically the q701 and a CTH since this is a q701 thread :) 
  5. Austin Morrow
    My HA-160DS just came in the mail. All I have to say is wow, the Q701 seems so much more energetic.
  6. RapidCancel
    Can anyone point me to a DIY guide to make my own cables for these cans?  I wanted to try it out just for kicks.  I wanted to try using the Double Helix Cable's Nucleotide Cyro wire.  If I wanted to make a 10' cable would I order a 30' cable from them?
  7. tdockweiler

    You can buy one from Zombie_X or buy the silver wire yourself and make one. ALO sells it and silver wire is kind of expensive.
    His prices are better than a few others. I actually thought ZX stopped selling silver K702 cables, but maybe not.
    To save money, a good alternative is silver plated copper. I'm using the ALO brand on my Q701, but the cheapest version I've seen is the Belden 1804A Starquad. It's pretty cheap! About $1.89/foot!
    Found some here:
    I also really like this pre-made cable:
    Copper, but sounds pretty good. Soundstage is a bit better than stock. Pretty sure it's wire is from Belden. Belden wire is really good I've found.
    I imagine some may prefer regular old copper to silver or silver plated copper.
    IMO cable upgrades are not a massive improvement on the Q701, but good enough for me.
    I still think the stock cable is really quite good.  Due to the internal wires still in place, it seems like the benefits of cable upgrades on the Q701 is reduced a tad.
  8. mmayer167
    Alright so the Q701 just got here and I have to say it is not bass light. They don't rumble and it doesn't draw your attention but it is nice, tight and punchy. Excellent extension and balance.
    Compared to my Paradox they sound sort of recessed in the upper mids but that's just ortho vs dynamic for you. The Paradox is a flatter sound from top to bottom and more intimate but the q701 has the better top end extension and obvious soundstage. The Q701 is such an energetic listen! WOW. They are very quick and do heavy metal very well IMO. They make electronic very fun as well, despite the lack of "rumbling bass", the speed, soundstage, detail retrieval, and high end sparkle is really fun for electronic. With female vocals it is a pretty good battle between the q701 and the paradox. Creamyness and airy female vocals go to the q but intimate and up front female vocals go to the paradox (closed vs open). Overall the Paradox has a blacker background and flatter bass extension while the q701 is more energetic and a "funner" listen :p 
    This mini review may sound like it shouldn't be in the appreciation thread but the way the q701 hold their own against the paradox which is the best headphone I have ever heard (yes I liked it better than the lcd-2 rev 2. The lcd is just too relaxed for me) warranted a plug for them here in the appreciation section! 
    If you have any questions that i didn't answer please ask away. 
    Also, the q701 eats more power from my Lyr than the paradox does, not much more on the dial but a smidge :xf_eek:. Amp Accordingly! 
  9. auee
    I noticed that you had the K702s. Aren't they essentially the same as the Q701s? If not, what differences do you hear?
  10. Chris J


    I like your post, this is what the Q701 thread is all about!
    I've never heard the Paradox but your Q701 observations are very similar to mine. Yes, the Q701 is fun.[​IMG]
    If I understand you correctly, you think the Lyr is a great amp for the Q701, I'd like to hear more about that, I'm looking for the killer amp for my Q701s! Thoughts?
  11. Austin Morrow


    Have tried both extensively and currently own the Q701. There is a difference.
    •The bass is no where near as bad as the K701.
    •The midrange is not as lean and the vocals are much improved
    •More layered soundstage.
    EDIT: Didn't see that you said K702...
  12. Chris J


    Mayer167, I also noticed you had the Asgard, Valhalla and Matrix M Stage; how do those amps stack up to the Lyr?
    Any reason why you unloaded the DT880s (I have a pair)?
  13. mmayer167
    Hey all, picture for fun before i answer some questions. 
    First, I had the k702 a long time ago, like years... in head-fi that is forever and my memory of them was a much more sterile sound than the q. I cant really compare them though since i didnt have a lyr back then... All i had was a trashy indeed hybrid off ebay :p For headroom to post different graphs that sort of confirm what we all hear between the 70x series i think there is a significant difference in sonic characteristic between the k70x and the q701. 
    Second, the Lyr does a killer job of driving the q. The dynamics and oomph from it are amazing for the q. I have heard a q from a nuforce hdp and it too had enough power for the q and surprisingly wasnt too bright which i thought was wierd since the hdp is considered a tad bright. The Lyr is like smelling a boquet of roses while the headphone jack on my computer is like smelling a boquet of dandelions. You still have a boquet of flowers but obviously the roses smell way better :) There is no way you could go wrong with the lyr and a q IMO. If I were you and getting a Lyr I would get it with the 6n1p tubes from schiit ($20). I have them and they are second best behind the Lorenz I love. I am considering the CTH hybrid to save on some cash but retain the quality. LFF who built my paradox likes the CTH better (more 3d) than the Lyr with the paradox and i would assume they drive the q701 just as well since many people state the cth drives akg's well. 
    Third, Although I never had all the amps at the same time ( Asgard, Valhalla, M-stage, Lyr) at the same time I am confident in saying it is better. It is so dynamic and clear. It's sort of like comparing apples and oranges though since they are all different types of amplification. Hybrid (Lyr) Solid State (Asgard,M-stage) Tube (Valhalla). I did prefer the M-stage over the Asgard but that was mainly becasue it was a warmer feel and it went well with my headphones at the time. The Asgard did not drive my k601 well at all but the hd600, that was an amazing match!. The Lyr has a great amount of tight solid state feel with a perfect amount of tubey goodness mixed in which is great for the q701 which could use a bit of smoothness and extra oomph. For me the Asgard was nothing special, the M-stage was a bargain but I wanted to take the next step and went to the Lyr and the Valhalla was an experiment with tubes and went back within 15 days because it just didnt wow me but dam it was pretty. 
    Fourth, As for the 880's 600ohm. they were very good and I think I still regret unloading them a bit. They were too much like my paradox, "flat", but didn't have the intimate vocals the paradox did which I really love. The q701 is a definite more fun listen for me.
    Hope this answered most of your questions.
    As a parting plug for music for the q701, check out "The Arrival" by thePhantom on his Release album. It is flippn sweet on the Q! 
    Link---  http://music.phantastic.me/album/release   Check out some of his stuff. The fountain of youth album is pretty good too! Free downloads! 
  14. dL.


    Is that the stand you got from Home Depot? If so, how come it has a fiio.com.cn label on it? Is that a sticker?
  15. mmayer167
    I actually got this stand from Sears (it is a craftsman branded one), It has a little fiio stack band stretched around it just because it was laying on my desk. 
    To add to the amp conversation, the O2 is very good with the Q. It has a flatter and less dynamic sound than the Lyr, yet still feels full. The top end extension is a little less as well. So for those of you who find the 70x a bit treble hot, the O2 will flatten it all out nicely. The O2 offers 95 % the bass quantity that the Lyr does IMO. The Lyr is also a more spacious sounding amp with the Q. The clean balanced sound of the O2 is very nice and very solid state-ish vs the Lyr. The Lyr is the clear winner but the O2 offers a lot of enjoyment and I use it quite frequently with the paradox because that setup is the ultimate flat "system gets out of the way of the music" sound. You really can't beat the price performance of the O2 IMHO. 
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