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Q701 impressions thread

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by tdockweiler, Nov 27, 2011.
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  1. kchau
    I'm using mine right now with my valhalla. Both my cables were green and I have the black ones.
    They sounded amazing right out of the box (coming from AD900s)
  2. chicolom


    So.....you no longer have a DAC?
    That's not good - double amping your soundcard won't sound great.  Laptop > E10 > Q701  is better than Laptop > E9 > Q701.  Probably the same with my M-stage.  Your bottlenecking the sound before the amp gets it...
  3. rmsanger
    Definitely enjoying them so far and have about 10 hrs on them.  Have noticed considerable improvements each time I've added/upgraded the chain. 
    Right now I'm using Laptop/Iphone -> Pure i20 -> Schiit Biftrost -> Lyr -> Q701
  4. chicolom
    In case it helps others:
    These are the amps I did research on for the Q701s, as they usually came up as suggestions for K70x setups:
    E9, Matrix M-Stage, Lovely Cube, Sheer Audio HA-006+, Heed CanAmp, Schiit Lyr/Asgard, X-Can V8, Burson amps & Violectric amps (< both way over my budget but I was curious)
  5. Chris J


    some folks like the Schiit Valhalla
    Personally I like my Q701 & La Figaro 336C...................it shouldn't really work (the 336C has a high output impedance) but it really does it for me
    I'm also a Matrix M Stage lover so +1 on the Matrix, currently using a stock OPA627
  6. dpcassil


    I am using a desktop with a mid range soundcard with line out.  Will run a nice cable to the rca in on the amp.  is that a good way?  this sound card can do 24bit 196khz  (im sure thats not the most important spec but im not sure of the others.   Now you have me concerned......   is the soundcard with line out not a suitable dac?  
  7. dL.
    To the peeps who have the white Q701, how is the long term wear? Does it get dirty easily? Does it turn yellow? Do you see noticeable scratches or scuff mark more over time?
    I wanna get the white one but I want one that looks the best for a long time plus I'm only using at home. White is definitely my first choice but I'm worried about its long term wear. I know black will be fine. 
  8. mbd2884
    I was planning on getting an HD598 later in the year, but I think I found the AKG I've been seeking.  An AKG Q701 looks to be in my near future!
  9. TigreNegrito
    You know what they say, dL... once you try black...
    JK - mine are black so I can't really help you out on this one.  Guess it all depends on the cleanliness factor of your household.  What do other oft-handled white products around the place look like?  Around here, some of those non-bleach Clorox wipes clean things off pretty well.  I have some white speakers from Solid and those things get dirty just looking at them, so I have to wipe them down occasionally.  The Q's sit in a storage bag from Headroom when they are not being used, so I don't have much issue with them, but again... like their namesake... they are black.
  10. chicolom


    I imagine the white and green Q701s have the same finish as the standard K701 (glossy), whereas the black Q701 has the same finish as the K702 (matte).  I've never come across complaints of the K701 getting micro-scratches or anything, so I don't know....  I prefer the matte myself [​IMG]
  11. ZenErik
    Matte white would be ideal. 
  12. RapidCancel


    Just got the E10 in and I'm it, though I don't really have anything to compare it to right now.  It's made everything sound a bit better while the bass seems to kick in sharper as well.  I'll def compare it to the Indeed G3 though once I get that it.  Looks like they shipped it and I can probably expect it either next week or the week after.
    I want the Bifrost > Lyr setup so badly...maybe i'll treat myself to it if I get this new job I'm after.

    I'm thinking of trying out the M-Stage next.  Have you heard anything about the EF2A or the little dot's on these?  Any recommendations on a DAC?
  13. mmayer167
    I've had the k702 before and really didnt get along with it. 
    I heard a q701 at a meet not too long ago with my lyr-bifrost combo and was blown away. I am really mulling over getting a pair!  I hope i may join this thread soon as a happy owner :)  
    It's been great reading through some of your thoughts! 
  14. Austin Morrow
    Tried the Q701 recently vs. the AKG K701 and they do not have the same bass, at all. The Q701 is so much better textured, more surge, deeper extension, better punch, and a lot more rumble. I love my Q701's.
  15. dL.
    I just tried the Q701 a bit more today at a shop and compared to the SRH940, they don't seem as detailed and dynamic and full. They are certainly smoother and more relaxing to listen to and have a wider soundstage. The soundstage is really beautiful for the Q701 now that I listen to my SRH940 again. It's just... magical. Maybe because I got used to the closed sound and the wider soundstage makes it feel less dynamic? I also find it is more susceptible to songs with poorer quality as the sibilance and harshness is not presented as much. Again, overall smoother throughout the entire spectrum. It is FAR more comfortable than the Shure and FAR nicer looking. The bass also feels a tad bit less than the Shure, although it is still tight and punchy. I feel like the SRH940 has more details whereas the Q701 is smart in hiding the details that would consider disturbing and fatiguing to one's ears. It's a tough call. They're both very great headphones.

    I still don't know. Should I switch to the AKG camp or stick with my beloved Shure? Very tough call. What I do know is the Q701 needs a really good amp to really push its potential. I can drive my SRH940 with the UDAC2 just fine, but the Q701 really needs the HDP or equivalent grade to really make it shine.
    The K550 on the other hand, pretty bad sounding imo, compared to both the Shure and the Q701. It is very unfortunate because it looks really beautiful, and it is very well built and very comfortable.
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