Post pics of your builds....
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I don't plan on using the vol control actually (I intend to use volumite) so the dact is purely there for "legacy" reasons lol
As is the going story I seem to be spending less and less time each new build... how ever the period of time the junk sits on my floor in an unfinished state seems to be on some exponential climb =S

haha its an Aussie back slapping party 

good job!! superb casework as usual Tom, 'cept it wont be the volumite but acko's version of it plus mcu , way to set the sniggering and tut tuttering off hehe, seriously, what miniscule tradeoffs there are are far outweighed by the advantages and less than any other form of control i know of.
as far as the time spent on the floor, that might also be due to the sheer amount of stuff you take on at any one time growing exponentially, as with the scale of each project. me knows the syndrome well
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Indeed although for the start it will be the old buf32s and volumite.
The ackoDAC is the next on the bench and will eventually take over main duties so to speak.
I'm on a massive reduction-of-stupidity currently.
That floor in the picture is the sexiest it's looked in about 4 years.
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yeah i nose, but not for long with any luck. yeah my stupidity is reaching a cresendo and hopefully will settle down, 2 projects nearing completion and then a crapload of casework to knock off a few more, 
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Never again will I buy this kind of iPod dock connector.

Why not, I think they are pretty good..
Also I just finished my new soha.. nothg special though

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Fellas, I am slowly working my way through this thread.  I am so astounded, impressed, inspired, mesmerized and in love with everything I have seen here!  The workmanship, the care, the ingenuity, the artistry - it's all there, and it's all beautiful.  Everything is just gorgeous!  This gal is so impressed.  My congrats to you all! 
Now, I'm going to have to try this.  I've built many a kit, but not a DIY.  I will now - I'm inspired!
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This isn't an amp, but an isolation table for my Technics SL-1300 turntable with AT120E cartridge.  I designed it entirely myself, and it uses springs to isolate the table instead of just damp the table's vibrations using sand or another solid medium.
Here's the table underneath my turntable:

And here's its performance:


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