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Post A Photograph Of Your Turntable

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  1. bbophead
    A Beauty piece for sure.
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  2. mrtim6
    Your Pioneer screams quality Skylab - you can see the P3 DNA trickle down. I love the quality Japanese direct drive TT. They sound fantastic too.
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  3. Podster
    Solid table Sky, I put it right up there with my old Denon DP47F DD:wink:
    Doing a little rim drive today with a buddy:grin: Jelco SA-750L w/Denon DL-110:thumbsup:
    Iain's New Plinth.JPG
    Iain's New Plinth.JPG
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  4. DJtheAudiophile
    Sony - PS-LX5 Direct Drive Fully Automatic Stereo Turntable System

  5. CJG888
    Are you using LM grease on the idler bearing? I find it reduces residual rumble significantly. BTW: which record weight are you using? Do you find it improves the sound?
  6. Podster
  7. Richsvt
    I just got a new U-Turn Audio table (local mfg from Boston) and while not anything outrageous, sounding sweet from my vintage 80's Sony receiver.
  8. bbophead
    Lovely to look at. They seem to do many things right. Thanks for the nice pic.
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  9. nutsfortubes
    6B9E50B3-96FD-4DDE-90FF-10CE74FBBFAA.jpeg SOTA Star Sapphire vacuum with Zata arm VDH wire Blackbird HO MC cartage.
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  10. CJG888

    I’ve just switched to a Clearaudio (orig. Souther) “Clever Clamp”. It looks cheap and nasty, but works extremely well. It holds the LP perfectly flat whilst adding little mass of its own. Recommended for all Garrard users...
  11. Podster
    Their actually very good and not too expensive, about the only kind of clamp I can use on my Well-Tempered Amadeus because the spindle post is so tall I can only use a pass through type like the clever. Another good part of the clever is it virtually puts no weight on the spindle and taking a chance of wearing down the bearing faster. On tyhe other hand if I were a girl table I'd absolutely love the Amadeus:hushed::smirk:

    AT Micro Line.JPG
  12. CJG888
    Why does the spindle need to be so long? Can you fit a second platter on top as a kind of über-mat?

    I can’t imagine that it’s for an autochanger :L3000:

    Apparently the Clever Clamp was designed by Souther to fit under their parallel-tracking arm, which is now distributed (or is it made?) by Clearaudio.
  13. Podster
    Well I'm clueless and really don't see any explanation of/for it from the WT Website, I do see they have changed the tone arm and how the Golf ball is mounted as my Amadeus has the same arm that is only on their Simplex MK2 now. I see nothing in the design philosophy as well unless the stainless steel spindle needed to be that long for the zero clearance aspect of the design:thinking:

  14. iFi audio
    Looks a bit like Garrard we have at our HQ. Cool stuff.
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    https://www.facebook.com/iFiAudio/ https://twitter.com/ifiaudio https://www.instagram.com/ifiaudio/ https://ifi-audio.com/ info@ifi-audio.com
  15. Podster
    Nice, this ones in a music room in Little Rock. As a matter a fact we had a little Infected Mushroom party on it this past weekend:grin:

    Infected 301.JPG
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