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Nov 21, 2019 at 10:06 AM
May 24, 2011
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Sydney Australia

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mrtim6 Send PM

500+ Head-Fier, Male, from Sydney Australia

Usually trying to be between speakers or between ear pads Jul 17, 2018

mrtim6 was last seen:
Nov 21, 2019 at 10:06 AM
  • About

    Sydney Australia
    weight training, 4/3 photography, CSGO
    Headphone Inventory:
    Focal Utopia
    Pioneer SE Master 1, Sony Z1R, Sennheiser HD800
    Sony IER M9, UE18 customs,
    Previously owned:
    Fostex TH900
    Sony MDR-Z7
    AKG 712
    Ultrasone Edition 8
    Shure 846 IEM
    Fostex T50RP
    Beyerdynamic MMx300

    Westone 4,
    Klipsch 10Xi x2 First pair went through wash 2nd pair run over by car
    Headphone Amp Inventory:
    GS-X Mk2, RME ADI2 Pro FS, Leben CS300XS, Sony TA-ZH1ESES, Yamaha A-S3000 - which has a very nice headphone amp surprisingly good.
    Dragonfly Red.

    Previously owned:
    Grace M903
    Sony PH3
    Japaneese Bakoon HDA - 5210 mk3
    ASUS Xonar Essence STX ,
    ALO RX 2
    Herus DAC,
    Dragonfly MK2
    Source Inventory:
    Yamaha Gigantic & Tremendous GT-2000X Turntable - yes it truly is!
    Audio Technica ART9 mc cartridge, Yamaha MC 1000 cartridge
    Yamaha GT-2000 Black Turntable
    Shelter 501 mc cartridge
    Mirus Signature Pro DAC,
    Yamaha CD-3000 SACD player/DAC
    Oppo UDP-205
    Aurender N100
    iPad Pro,
    Sony Walkman NWZ-ZX1,
    PC Denon SACD player,
    Mac Mini with Amarra, Resolution Audio Cantata DAC/CD player,

    Oppo BDP-105 (fantastic disk spinner)
    Squeezebox touch
    Well Tempered Simplex Turntable (more like bad tempered complex cheap Chinese rubbish)
    Cable Inventory:
    Current - unknown brand decent speaker cable
    Zu Audio MISSION LC [Mk.I] 10ft
    Monster cable - not sure full spec for Jamo speakers.
    ALO custom interconnects for ALO RX2 & Solo
    Power-Related Components:
    Wall sockets
    Switch to turn on above
    Other Audio Equipment:
    HiFi Speakers: Diatone DS-5000 speakers, Yamaha NS-2000, Diatone 610PMB 50th Anniversary Full-range Speakers in original Diatone Enclosures, Polk Audio Monitor 7,, Eclipse TD-M1 Speakers.
    The fantastic Yamaha A-S3000 amp & Yamaha CD-S3000 DAC & SACD player.
    Legendary Sony TA-N7B VFET power amp, Sony TA-E88 sublime pre-amp best attenuator I have ever seen & used fantastic phono stage as well.
    Klyne 7PX Phono Stage

    Car audio system :Sony RSX-G9, Alpine PDX-V9GC 4 channel amp, Diatone DS-G500 Speakers, Diatone SW-50 subwoofer

    Previously owned:
    Audioengine A5 powered bookshelf speakers
    Yamaha M60 Power amp beast of an amp
    Home Theater Speakers: Jamo 5.1 D6 THX
    Suround amps: Yamaha RV1900,
    Monitor Audio Silver RS1 bookshelf speakers
    Audio-Related Tweaks:
    Currently using quad of NOS EL84 Philips Miniwatts & pair of NOS 5751 Raytheon Windmill getters in Leben CS 300 XS
    Music Preferences:
    rock, prog rock, electronic, minimalist, world, Indy
    OMD-EM5MK2 OM-D-EM1 cameras
    Westside Barbell power rack - the only one I will ever need - it will see me out!
    Live in Sydney Australia - Love music
    Favourite bands: no particular order depends on the mood

    Talking Heads
    Porcupine Tree & Steve Wilson
    King Crimson
    The Stranglers
    Black Sabbath
    Tangerine Dream
    The Legendary Pink Dots
    The Phantom Band
    The Doors
    Tom Petty
    The chemical Brothers
    The Orb


    Don't put your Klipsch X10i through the wash :0
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