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Post A Photograph Of Your Turntable

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  1. Podster
    Yes I believe since the cutter is micro line the tracker is logical and the closest to how the track is cut, my belief anyway (who knows I may just have my minds ear convinced):rolling_eyes: LOL
  2. Podster
    Table on my much more modest secondary rig, RP-1 w/Ortofon 2M Blue. Pretty sweet table for the price:thumbsup:

    Rig 2 Table Digital.JPG
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  3. Podster
    Yeah I could have bought 3 of those AT's for what this one Dynavector cost:rolling_eyes: I guess it's true money can't by love er I mean great sound:open_mouth: LOL

    Amadeus GTA 015.jpg
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  4. kid vic
    I admittedly havent tried many carts but it doesnt seem that improvements are consistent between brands and price ranges. Meaning if you love a midrange Grado cart you might hate a higher end Ortofon cart; seems like lots of people would rather have an entry level of certain brands over other TOTL carts. That doesn't seem to be as prevalent in other aspects of hi-fi
  5. Podster
    Yeah, I'm now a firm believer that it's more in the synergy between the phono pre, cartridge and table itself that gives the best outcome. Not to mention as old and fumble fingered as I'm getting to accidentally destroy a $2/$3 grand + cartridge would give me cardiac arrest:scream: LOL

    I actually preferred the 10X5 Dyna to my 20X as well:rolling_eyes:

    Boats Table With 10X5.JPG
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  6. Packgrog
    Did you have your 10x5 retipped? The person that bought my old 10x5 after I bent the cantilever had it rebuilt with a line contact stylus and boron cantilever (http://www.phonocartridgeretipping.com/) and was very happy with the results. I've long been curious what a rebodied Denon DL-103 with a better stylus and cantilever would sound like, but I'm happy enough with my stock Audio Technica AT33PTG/II for ultimately less money and a more guaranteed compliance match with my arm. Any of those carts with an elliptical (or more primitive) stylus profile and aluminum cantilever are pretty much guaranteed to have big improvements from a rebuild, which definitely has a certain appeal.

    I did like the sound of the stock 10x5, though I'm not sure I ever loaded it properly. 2000 Ohms seemed kind of flabby, 1000 kind of bland. Never tried it at MM loading.
  7. Podster
    You know I've never even considered re-tipping in 47 years of tables! I usually just buy a new cartridge:rolling_eyes: With my current setup Viktor's P5 would require a nice step up to do any justice to a MC and of course it seems like a lot of layout when I really like the sound from my ML/MM! Raising two teenage boys I just don't get the time with my rigs to justify any expenditure of that magnitude right now:pensive: If I had a good step up I'd probably try the DL-103R for sure:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

    I will say I've come a long way in tables since my second table here:laughing:Even my old Debut trounced my old TD-115!

    Picture 008.jpg
    Last edited: Nov 14, 2018
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  8. CJG888
    To get the best out of a DL-103, you will need a fairly high-mass (or damped) arm...
  9. Podster
    That’s what I’ve heard:beerchug::beerchug:
  10. luckybaer
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  11. Podster
    It's not good to tease the animals:wink: I mean not one but two mystery [IMG['s!

    Here's a couple I like:grin:



    So here is a little diddy which some of you may enjoy knowing, my older brother retired from the library of congress a few years back (2006 is for sure a few years back, where does the time go)!!! Anyway when I went for a visit he talked to the archiving department and as a favor to him they let me come and see where they archive all the old vinyl they can get their hands on and it was awesome to see they were using an s9 to archive.
  12. luckybaer
    Love 'em. Not sure why I can't link to photos. This site doesn't work the way others do for me (SHMF, AK).
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  13. Podster
    It's actually gotten better out here, on my PC it's just upload file and browse to the one I want and the Simon Yorke I just copied image off the web page and pasted it:wink: Like these and I just love the way these look but not to sure about their performance stats:rolling_eyes:


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  14. kid vic
    If the second one is direct drive that could be cool
  15. Skylab Contributor
    Well, I have a new bit of Pioneer kit - I decided I wanted to go back to direct drive in my big rig - and so I have done so with a fully recapped and overhauled PL-50L MkII :)

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