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Post A Photograph Of Your Turntable

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  1. Podster
    Thank you and I'll relay your message to my friend for it's his table and I was fortunate enough to see it come from just a chassis to what you see today and it is a beautiful and beautiful sounding machine:grin: Here's a shot before it got that sweet British Racing green applied:wink:

    Not Just Wood Anymore.JPG
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  2. darmanastartes
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  3. Oregonian
    I seem to be blessed with finding or having good deals fine me..............that Marantz 2285B was offered to me by the original owner (co-worker) who was moving cross country and "needed it gone" for $100.............had it serviced, LED lighting mod done and looks and plays like new. Same deal with my flagship system - a full Pioneer Spec 1/Spec 2 rack system was offered to me for $270..........by a guy who knew a guy who knew I was into "old stereos". I do have a lot of folks looking for anything silver faced that may be worth looking at and it's paid off a few times already.

    And yes, my other daughter got my Hitachi SR-304 receiver along with a pair of JBL 4311 speakers for her home gym - it too was in pristine shape and that system flat out rocks the garage. It's one of those Class G amps that are rated at 50wpc but double in power as the need arises and definitely is one of the most under-appreciated brands/receivers that I own. Both systems also have a Harman Kardon Bluetooth receiver running off the Aux inputs that allows them to use their iPads/iPhones to feed them and I love that modern/retro combination myself.

    To keep this thread on turntable photos - here's my Pioneer PL-50S with the Spec system.

    Pioneer turntable April 2015.JPG
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  4. bbophead
    Very tasty system. Congrats, tho' not a big fan of coiled cords.
  5. Oregonian
    Nor am I .................that is the vintage Pioneer headphone that was given to me when I bought my SX-1050 a few years ago. Never have listened to them - keep them for some unknown reason. Should sell them/gift them to someone but I like the vintage era and they were around when that rack system was new.
  6. Lucky87
    Old setup recently upgraded will re-post later but here was my Rega RP8/Dynavector 17D3 with a Groove Tracer Counter Weight..
    thumbnail.jpg thumbnail (1).jpg
    Last edited: Feb 8, 2019
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  7. kid vic
    Yamaha, Rega and Dynaudio! Gorgeous!
  8. richie60
    Made by myself. Here's a link to the build thread...


    As far as carts go, I've got a Shure M95ED I could use or it's buying a new cart altogether. Used to have a Goldring 1012GX mounted on an SME 3009 when I had a Garrard 301. That was a nice combo.
  9. Podster
    Nice, I drooled for the Spec System and rack when I was stationed in Germany back then (still have the brochure on Pioneer gear that year! Audio Nerd Deluxe certified:nerd:) and just ended up with my SX-1050 but put a pair of JBL L-36's and Larger Advents on it (sold both pairs when I returned stateside and bought myself a pair of JBL 4311B Control Monitors) . I too had the SG-9500 EQ in my setup along with an AIWA AD6550 Cassette, Teac A-4300SX and Thoren's TD-115.

    Landon's B-Day 2007 159.jpg
    Pioneer Days 005.jpg
    79 Rig.JPG

    Ah, those were the days:rolling_eyes:
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  10. Oregonian
    First - thank you for your service.
    Still have the SX-1050? I sold mine a year or so ago when I realized I didn't have the room for it anymore.
    I changed the SG-9500 out for a SG-9800 last year - mostly for the lighting and had a buddy that wanted to buy my SG-9500 to go with his SX-950.
    Those brochures are truly audio porn - man I love that picture on the front with all the Pioneer stuff captured!
  11. Podster
    Thank you, I actually just applied for my VA Benefits last week. Figured at 62 it was about time! Sold my SX-1050 not long after I returned to the states in favor of NAD separates, actually sold all my gear from Germany (thought I'd try that "Movin' on up to the East side" gig) to get the NAD, Denon DP47F DD table and 920U CD and Nakamichi RX-303 cassette.

    Here's the old (I guess young me) with my first rig, actually started with B(L)ose 301's but the SX-1050 blew them up in short order as I tried to get more out of them than they could handle:open_mouth::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

    Before the L-36's.JPG

    Since I always get comments I'll go ahead and apologize for my Landlords wallpaper:rolling_eyes:
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  12. bbophead
    I AM a Groovetracer fan man!
  13. CJG888
    Well done on the plinth. Very impressive!

    I used to use a 1012GX on my SME 3009, and enjoyed the result (could have done with a little more transparency in the midrange, though). You really need something better than an M95ED! I had one of those too, and a V15 Mk IV (great bass and slam, no soundstage or imaging).

    I’d go for an Audio-Technica (I did). The 440MLb has now been discontinued, and you may be able to pick up a bargain!
  14. Podster
    I concur on the Audio Technica as well running the 740ML on my Well-Tempered right now and I just love it even better than the 2M Blue, Sound Smith SMMC3 and even my Dynavector 20XL! Not seeing the $350 740 at ND anymore but they have the 540 https://www.needledoctor.com/Audio-Technica-VM540ML-Phono-Cartridge.

    Love the build shots @richie60 , here's the 301's plinth before cleaning up.

    Kenny Mc 301 Schell.JPG
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  15. CJG888
    ... and here’s how my 301 looked:


    Before turning into this (still with the V15 IV here):

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