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Post A Photograph Of Your Turntable

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  1. analogsurviver
    That would be the only reasonable application for the magnet levitated/driven turntable. 
    However, laser has proven itself to be inferior to god ol* stylus - because it can not scan wavelengths required without laser wavelength becoming dangerous to people vision. The development of laser turntable has begun by conventional phono cartridge manufacturer ADC ( which bankrupted as a result ... ), carried on by ADC being bailed out by a Bank ( which also went belly up as a result...) , somewhere in time it was being called Finial ( that did sell a handful of - extremely expensive -  machines ) - which brings us to the present day owner/producer of laser turntables, ELP of Japan. All the advantages of mechanical contact free reproduction pale in direct comparison with a conventional turntable roughly the cost of an ELP machine ( low 5 digit / high 4 digit in $ ). Couple that to the necessity to clean ( preferably ultrasonic, at least vacuum ) each side prior to each play ( light beam reads any debris/fluff as signal, can not sweep small amounts of debris as conventional stylus can without objectionable artefacts ... ) - you get the picture ...
    Were it pure cost issues with laser turntable, that would have been long ago made non-issue; there are many conventional turntables exceeding the price of even the costliest ELP. I would , given the money, be put up with the annoyance of having to clean each side of the record prior to each play; but not with the lacklustre sound.
    And, of course, I am interested in retaining my vision as long as possible.
  2. spookygonk
    He's not even sitting in the sweet spot! [​IMG]
  3. Happytalk
    The record looks a little warped
  4. franzdom
    Reunited with my turntable and vinyl after 27 years. 
    It's just a Beogram 5000 but it's pretty cool. Sounds sweet too!
    Records are a lot more fun to hold!
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  5. penmarker
    B&O made great turntables and they're beautiful too like Braun products back in the days. Too bad the they run on proprietary components and if the cart/stylus sold out then you can't do much.
  6. bbophead
    I HEAR you! [​IMG]
  7. bbophead

    I think Soundsmith has replacement cartridges/stylii.  No worries.
  8. franzdom
    I bought a Soundsmith, it's working really well!
  9. penmarker
    Ah ok! I have to admit I'm not familiar with B&O and their replacement parts.
  10. franzdom
    The turntable is decidedly mid-fi but it was pretty nice in 1984 when I bought it.
  11. bbophead

    All is cool.
    This is also mid-fi but, you know what?  I still love it.
  12. Krutsch
    An RP-6 + Ortofon 2M Black is mid-fi?
  13. mulveling Contributor
    Shamefully bad-quality cellphone pics. But of really, really great quality analog. Absolutely in bliss with this analog rig. Recently acquired a new Koetsu Coralstone, as my Onyx Platinum is off to Japan for a full rebuild. Both cartridges are money well spent. Perfect synergy on this rig. Stands are not high-end (I'll spend lots of money on some stupid stuff, but not on a stand), but have been filled with lots of lead shot, and I added a simple maple platform (handmade by a local friend) -- this does the trick towards sufficient vibration control; the 50 lbs turntable does the rest. I play loud on some very big Tannoy Canterbury speakers, so if there was a problem with vibration control I'd know it. Silver cabling; I do think it made a difference.
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  14. bbophead

    Some of us Rega owners have an inferiority complex. [​IMG] 
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  15. Packgrog
    Holy Christ! Gorgeous and kind of insane! No nice!
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