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Post A Photograph Of Your Turntable

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  1. PATB Contributor
    I was going to post a picture of my very first table (black rega P3 2016 with ortofon cartridge) and noticed someone already did it for me [​IMG].  It took me a while to get a table because I was worried about surface noise etc. being distracting with headphones (unfortunately, I have no room for speakers).  So far, I love the vinyl sound!  I wish head-fi would have a vinyl forum.   
  2. Packgrog
    Given the vinyl explosion of the past few years, and the advent of things like the VPI Nomad (now the even nicer VPI Player), it may be warranted.
  3. digitallc
    Nice cartridge. I highly recommend the Groovetracer subplatter as your first mod, if you do start to go down that rabbit hole. Yes, it would be great to have a vinyl/analog forum here on Head-Fi. 
  4. PATB Contributor
    Thanks!  The GT reference sub platter is on my Xmas wish list. 
    Head-fi should really have a headphone and vinyl forum, especially now that Schiit supports vinyl/headphone listening with the Jot.  What about it @jude? [​IMG]
  5. bbophead
    You won't regret it.
  6. digitallc
    This evening's mod completed - Rega 2mm 3-point spacer. Yesterday's mod is visible - Michael Lim double pulley. It all sounds surprisingly good via headphones. 
  7. jude Administrator
    @PATB, I have a feeling we'll be seeing such a sub-forum here in the near future, yes. [​IMG]
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  8. penmarker
    For me, I visit a different turntable forum for analog info and questions. Not sure about Head-Fi's policy with linking other forums in here so I won't link it. But its VinylEngine.
    Bonus marks for super friendly+welcoming community.
  9. Redcarmoose

    Links are always good here, even better when on-topic.
  10. analogsurviver
    Although from my country, it is the worst idea possible for a turntable :
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  11. Packgrog
    Most. Pretentious. Video. Ever. :p
    I wouldn't say "worst idea possible for a turntable", as eliminating the bearing contact eliminates a key source of noise. Getting something like this to work correctly would be extremely challenging and likely very expensive, however.
  12. AK7579
    Here is the link to the Kickstarter page https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/245727224/mag-lev-audio-the-first-levitating-turntable?ref=nav_search
  13. analogsurviver
    I agree it is the most pretentious video ever. I agree with the "  Levitating hipsters inbound. :) " comment.
    However, it IS true and it DOES work. HOW - it remains to be seen/heard. The working prototype premieres tomorrow at one of our two parallelely held audio shows :
    Most turntable manufacturers do not have enough of an idea what a turntable actually is - but the degree of unawareness what a quality turntable should be doing as displayed by these guys sets an all time record low level.  It is wrong on so many counts I do not know where to begin. Clearly, they have not listened to pros and cons of various turntable designs. Eliminating bearing noise, as fine and noble as it may seem to some, does not lead by itself to superior sound quality off real world vinyl record using mechanical way for pickup design - while ignoring each and every other measure necessary in order to get that superior sound quality.
    I will see if they will be open enough to allow for taking the wow & flutter and rumble measurements - two fundamental parameters for any turntable, sorely lacking from their specs published on kickstarter. Or, at least, allow for a demo playback of a known vinyl record.

  14. Hijodelbrx
    I'm gonna hold out for a free floating platter that plays records via a laser!:wink:
  15. bbophead
    You do that.
    I hope you're fairly young.
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