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Post A Photograph Of Your Turntable

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  1. bbophead
    I spent too many years with an Oracle TT.  No more springs for me.
  2. Packgrog
    Damn, Oracles are pretty, though.
  3. bbophead
    You get over that.[​IMG]
  4. Packgrog
    I have wondered why I don't see more of them in people's systems... Was it unreliable, or sound issues, or just finicky with setup as I've been experiencing with the Michell?
  5. bbophead
    Naw, it worked just fine.  But  getting the springs to talk to each other was a rather large PIA.  It became tiresome to me.  The older I get, the less dicking around is desired.  So, Rega.
  6. Packgrog
    Ah, yes. I started out with a Rega P2. Sounded great with a kludged mat. Went to a Technics after that for the sake of speed accuracy, discovered that the sound wasn't as good (later realizing that the stock arm, sorbothane domes, and not-so-rigid shelf setup were all likely problems), so sold that and got the TecnoDec. The TecnoDec has way better sound, a platter and bearing that likely rival the Groovetracer stuff without having to mod anything, and the ability to actually change the speed (Regas always run way fast). Now that I've spent all the time tuning the setup of the TecnoDec, I'm getting annoyed with the difficulty in getting reliable speed accuracy. Doh.
    That said, I believe you can actually use the Phoenix Engineering Falcon and Roadrunner with Regas, depending on what motor you have, so you could easily have flawless speed AND marvelous sound all at once. I'm kind of jealous. :)
  7. bbophead

    Yeah, popped for a Falcon recently.  Too underpowered (ran really hot) so exchanged it for an Eagle.  Works fine.  Maybe I'll get the tach next.
  8. Packgrog
    I know a couple of people running VPI decks with the Eagle/Roadrunner. Excellent power stability and reliable, essentially exact & stable speed, with the sound benefits of a belt drive. I'm jealous. :) Just not in the cards for me.
  9. penmarker
    So is the Phoenix Engineering speedbox compatible with all/most AC motor turntables? I never knew such a thing exists. How does it work, does it get feedback from the motor or the electronics in the turntable?
    Asking because my turntable speed fluctuates. Its really old, and the electronics might have gone bad. The turntable is a Telefunken S500.
  10. bbophead
    Read up:  http://phoenix-engr.com/#!/page_products
  11. penmarker
    Well, it seems that turntables with internal power supplies are a no-go then :frowning2:
  12. Redcarmoose

    Typically we try to stay away from any complete generalization. There are very few complete generalizations in turntables. :D That's the cool part.

    I run my whole system off one like this, slightly smaller. $90.00 image.jpg
  13. Packgrog
    So, I did a thing last night...
    13767539_721306481343627_748567791_n.jpg   13715140_1552785298363481_1265109493_n.jpg   13768273_285846175115696_87298633_n.jpg
    The results are pleasantly surprising. No electrical mods or improved bearing (yet), just the Audiomods Classic tonearm, Isonoe footers, Funk Firm Achromat (not yet bonded to platter), Origin Live armboard (which came with crap-tastic mounting hardware that I needed to replace with larger, sturdier parts from Lowe's) and a 2mm or so large washer as a spacer. The sound is more forward than with the TecnoDec, and there's less a sense of ease and air, but the tradeoff is that everything is tighter, punchier, and more certain (ie: the imaging with the TecnoDec could be a bit more vague in comparison). I think I may stick with this going forward. It's certainly not as pretty, but the thing just WORKS. Also, as a nice added bonus, the cumulative spacer height seems to be just about perfect for VTA with the Achromat. In the likely event that I send the arm in for the Technics-specific micrometer mod, I should have a bit more play to get perfect VTA, but this may well work perfectly fine for a while. Nice!
    And yes, the Michell clamp does seem to work well with this. Until I've finished any other mods that might require removing the platter, I'm extremely hesitant to bond the Achromat to the platter, so the clamp helps alleviate the slippage issue. I do use the felt washer, and I need to put a fair bit of pressure down to get it to stay (not much spindle left with the 5mm Achromat), but the results seem quite good.
  14. Hawkertempest
    My "Hot Rodded" Red Rega RP6. This Baby is now in a league of it's own, rock solid 33.3rpm, dead quiet noise floor but it hasn't lost that Rega rhythm. Thank you Gtoovetracer, Tangopinner, Michael Lim and Swagman Labs, you make some really cool gear.
  15. bbophead
    Man, you love your RP6 even more than I do. [​IMG]
    I got the black because I was afraid I would get tired of the red.  Now I'm not so sure. [​IMG]
    The 6 is a great table.  I added the Phoenix Eagle for correct speed, will probably add the Tach later.
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