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Poll: Genre Master

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by knights, Jun 8, 2013.
  1. knights
    Able to play most of genres with lil compromise?
    ddnt have the chance to audition the Fostexs…
    So far, its the T1; granted that you can pair it with a very good amp (HE6 is the hardest to drive and followed by T1)
  2. nicholars
    I think the best thing to do is get 2 slightly cheaper pairs which excel at certain genres but are weaker at others instead of trying to get one headphone to do everything.
    For example: Denon D5000 + HD650
  3. 3X0
    Contrary to popular belief, you can have it all.
  4. thegunner100
    Where's the hd600? It's a better all-rounder than the hd650 imo.
  5. nicholars
    Depends what genres you are talking about... Basically anything fast paced or EDM are not good on the HD600. Acoustic, rock, classical etc. excellent on the HD600. So really they are not a great all rounder but they are very good at certain types of music.
  6. knights
    I do have HE500 and 600… HE500 is one of my bet as second to T1… Im not planning to purchase or upgrade anytime soon as im still very contented with HE500… Im also set to audition the LCD3 this August as my experience with it in SG is just for a couple of mins… For those who have LCD3 and have the chance to compare with HE500 side by side, how is it? 
    600 cant cope with the pace of fast trance… upper mids and highs also is grainy with metals… 600 does Orchstra, Jazz, Vocals amazingly well...
  7. HPiper
    I don't own any of those phones in your list, but I agree with the person who said HD600. That is what I have and it does well with everything I listen to. I also have some Grado 325i's that I use for Rock and Pop that I like a lot but only for those types of music. They don't do well with classical thou they do pretty well with Jazz as well.
  8. nicholars
    Again you are not answering the question. An all rounder would be a headphone that is good at everything from trance > dubstep > rock > metal > acoustic > classical and everything else... Saying "it does well at everything you listen to (rock, pop, classical and jazz) is NOT representative of all genres and therefore is not an all rounder because all of those genres, except maybe pop are the same sound signature. Sorry but the HD600 is not good for anything which has a fast beat or anything which requires a good bass response. Not saying they are not good headphones, just they cannot be classed as all rounder in a way which something like LCD3 can which have sub bass down to 10hz as well as being open.
  9. knights

    What 600 lacks is the kick of midbass. 600 can take toe to toe on sub-bass and besides, 10hz is out of human auditory freq. range...
  10. nicholars
    Sorry but this is just mis-informed and wrong. The 600 has midbass but cannt do sub-bass at all due to the open nature and way the headphones are tuned. Not sure if you are trolling or not. HD600 can literally not produce any sound below 40hz.
  11. knights
    Trolling? Look, i have the 600 for almost 8years now… i ddnt said the it lacks mid bass, its there but lacks some push/punch/kick or how you call it… if you said that being open means cannot do sub-bass well, then you're the one trolling. I have HE500, and have access to LCD2 and 800 or even T1, these are all open but can do sub-bass exceptionally well...
  12. kyokosakura
    Oh the ills of being poor. I wonder if long and Macquade has any of these for auditions.
  13. nicholars
    Yep but the HD600 cannot. Open dynamic headphones are not as good at sub bass as closed dynamic. HE500 LCD2 whcih are excellent at sub bass are not dynamic driver. I am not arguing with you any further because this is silly, I know for a fact I am right so it is pointless!

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