PLUSSOUND AUDIO - Introducing BLUETOOTH CUSTOM CABLES - Available for 2-PIN/CIEMs, MMCX, FitEar, Sennheiser, Audeze, and more

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    With UP-OCC wiring, bluetooth 4.2, and aptX set at default, you can expect good performance. If you have a Mac, you could use Bluetooth Explorer app to change the codec to a different one that suits you best!

    Wouldn't dismiss it right away. Although the codec would be nice, most users will benefit more from aptX as it is the more widely supported codec and will still sound great. Also, compared to others, we use bluetooth 4.2 for much better reliability than 4.0 and 4.1 and a larger battery so you can use for a longer period of time without charging!
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  2. jeffhawke
    aptxHD would work with any aptx device, not the other way around though
  3. Headphony
    Looks interesting. What kind of DAC and amp is used?
  4. gr8soundz
    I see these more as custom cables with a built-in bluetooth receiver/amp. The biggest limitation is you can only get it terminated for the specific headphone it'll be used with.

    However, spending $150+ for a bit of wireless ability but less than TOTL spec may be a hard sell.

    Fact is, some of the cans listed for available termination (including the HD8XX and Utopia) are very expensive and would've been purchased for their TOTL audio quality. Hampering them with what is now a mid-level codec limits their abilities. Not to mention no specs on power output are provided so who knows if this will have enough juice to be usable with those phones?

    My guess is they didn't want to delay release another 6 months to add aptx-HD or LDAC. However, in a few months many more Android phones with have (or be updated to) exactly those codecs.
  5. czy6412
    So sleeving is not available for X6 or X8?
  6. CalvinW
    Was interested then saw it was not aptX HD, I'm out
    Yes, they are backwards compatible with the classic, so the module will also work with those devices.

    This is bluetooth 4.2 using CSR chip.

    We offer wired cables for these headphones, but the option for bluetooth is now available if a user wants the wireless experience or wants to pair with device without having to deal with terminations and customizable to users need.

    Depending on source and application, driving 300ohm requires moderate to high volume level (60-75%) but may get too loud at 100%!

    LDAC is proprietary to one brand and aptX HD requires new hardware (can not be upgraded by software) to support, so most currently available devices will mainly benefit from aptX, AAC, and SBC, which are the more widely supported codecs.

    Yeah, it can be done. PM or email us your specs/requests and we will figure out ways to accomplish it!
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  8. lostman
    While LDAC may be proprietary it is coming to Android O. Not sure if AptX HD will. Sony is pushing LDAC quite aggressively.

    In any case these cables look interesting. I'll consider getting one.
  9. bidn
    I find it a brilliant practical idea, because:
    compared to Astell'n Kern's very poorly designed XB10 BT receiver:
    - it is always really annoying finding a way of attaching my XB10 to my headphones, the Pulseaudio BT cable removes this annoyance
    - the control buttons on the XB10 are so tiny and close to each other that they are hardly useable, the more were you are moving (the point for me of Bluetooth device is the freedom to move and do things while listening to music)
    But :
    How does the SQ of this cable-BT-receiver fare compared to that of the XB10?
    (I tend to be skeptical that its SQ would come close to that of the XB10)
  10. bidn
    I forgot two points:

    The third great thing with this device is that it also remove the annoyance of having a specific cable connecting the XB10 to your headphones, thus the hassle of trying to get rid of at least 1,2 m of unwanted cable and making sure it does 'nt get caught in things while you' re moving.

    Now re. the price tag, I understand it because they are offering custom-made cable terminations to a large variety of hps.
    So I can accept the price , and even more if necessary to get a high SQ ,
    If the SQ is not high enough, then TOTL hps will not found better than the best bluetooth hps.
    (I always buy the best bt hps, currently for me it is this Audio Technica : )
  11. svk7
  12. Ynot1
    With aptxhd aside I would imagine most cable form factor device are limited by the amp stage, and then by the dac stage. After all that has been fully maximized for performance would you even consider aptxhd upgrade. I would think audiotechnica's dac bypass would be beneficial in this type of application where real estate is premium. Furthermore my guess is the difference between all the dacs be it sabre, akm, ti, the sound characteristics can be licensed and distributed by the respective companies in the form of fir coefficients. This way the consumer wins and the companies still can profit from license royalties. But I maybe over simplifying a bit.
  13. BubbaJay
    Even though it doesn't have Apt-X HD I think I still might give it a shot, though I will wait to see some more reviews and impressions of it first.
  14. bidn
    Personally I wouldn't care about aptX HD,
    because I think it became outdated when Sony made LDAC open-source and had it included in the current Android 8.0 Oreo (and future versions of Android).
    So what will really matter for me is that forthcoming bluetooth headphones (not only Sony's ) have LDAC.
    (I yet have to buy a new smartphone with Android 8, I intend to buy the Galaxy Note 8, but it hasn't received yet the upgrade for Android 8, so I'm not in a hurry...).
  15. theGatMan
    Where did you see this item for $30? Apparently not Amazon.
    Last edited: Sep 28, 2017
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