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Pioneer XDP-300R | Twin DAC ES9018K2M | Balanced Out | Android | MQA | 2x MicroSD | WiFi | AptX

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by substi, Oct 1, 2016.
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  1. RowBearToe
    I'll be sure to check those out as well. Thanks!
  2. Derck
    Hello everyone! New here on the forum and am looking to buy a used xdp300r in japan. What should I look out for considering its used? Is there any way I can determine when it was manufactured? Thanks!
  3. BobJS
    I would think :
    1. That it is completely funtional!
    2. That the battery can hold a charge. Not sure how you can test this other than seeing how long battery stays full after charging.

    (Not sure about date of manufacture.
  4. RowBearToe
    Several users have had issues with the headphone and power jacks breaking loose internally. I would make sure those connections are sound and not loose or moving around at all.
  5. Derck
    Power jack as the micro usb port? The headphone jack made me stay away from the onkyo dpx1a since I have read pioneer has made changes to ensure the jacks are secured (or is it still an issue?). I am planning on buying the player from a store (e-earphone) so I can test everything except the battery.
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  6. zombicube
    My micro usb port has gradually deteriorated over several years. Right now, it only works with one specific usb cable... which is really weird, but it's better than no cables working. Assuming there is nothing better in my price range when this one finally stops accepting a charge, I will probably replace it with an identical player, but will somehow-to-be-determined attach a short 90-degree extension cable/adapter to the usb port and then only charge from it. This will look ugly and make the player a lot less pleasantly portable. Oh well.
  7. CoryGillmore
    It's still an issue. Honestly I would stay away from this DAP. Mine sounded fantastic, better than My Sony ZX300, but I was literally scared to use it for fear of breaking it. I did the epoxy mod to strengthen up the jacks and then sold it.
  8. Derck
    Well that's just a bummer. I can't really afford a new dap so I'm resorting to used units since I can have this dap for around 28000 yen only, minimal to no scratches. But hearing about the issues with the jacks and port breaking, I think I'll take your advice and pass.
  9. CoryGillmore
    There should be plenty of other choices in the used market in that price range. Keep in mind there are plenty of people who have use the Pioneer without issue, I was one of them, but I was in constant fear of breaking it.
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  10. AdamQK
    I've had mine for two years, and used it every day on the commute to and from work and for long coach and train journeys. This meant it was tucked in my inside jacket pocket or, in the heat of the summer, inside my bag. I have never had a problem or fear regarding the headphone jacks or ports, and consider it one of the most incredible purchases I've ever made, with enthralling sound and amazing capacity and ease of use.
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  11. Andrew Harper
    Yeah, more or less the same here. Been using mine daily for the last two years (very nearly). Two 400GB Micro SD cards, lots of FLAC and Hi-Res music. No issues at all I'm glad to say. Amazing sound, takes some work to get the EQ right (it's revealing nature I've found requires more work sometimes).

    My worry I suppose (but this is not unique to the Pioneer) is that eventually that battery will give up, but I use a low amp charger which should help over time. I still get about ten hours of listening a day.

    I don't stream though, always music via onboard storage, except for the odd podcast.

    However I will say that yes there are aspects of the player that do look delicate. Like the headphone jacks for example, but I'm careful and never had any problems. Listen every day via in-earphones and the 660S's.

    Having said that though I've seen £1000 laptops with very poor USB sockets that have been accidentally broken by the owners, etc. So it's not a problem unique to the Pioneer.

    I'm repeating myself as I said this in a previous post but I think Apple are probably one of the best at headphone sockets (when their products had them). Two lots of screws holding the socket into a solid piece of metal plus also the screen clamped down over the top to hold the socket in place. Most manufacturers simply solder the socket to the main board and maybe a few small metal tabs holding the socket in place and that's it. Even the iPod Classic had screws holding the headphone socket in place. Shame more manufacturers don't follow this example, I think Sony do though on their DAP's.

    Having said that though I would never use it at the gym for example, just too expensive and I would hate to drop the thing. Mind you a lot of us would be like that with a product this pricey, Sony, A&K, etc.

    If Sony ever made a DAP with twin micro SD cards I would be very interested for sure. The Fiio M11 is an interesting player as well but the reviews are bit frustrating as they always seem to concentrate on the features rather than the actual sound sometimes. haha.

    Shame Pioneer didn't decide to make a 350R for example with APTx HD, stronger headphone sockets, maybe USB-C for charging, a slightly bigger battery (maybe 20% more capacity would be enough). Then it would be almost perfect.
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  12. Derck
    I was actually in the market for some time when a friend recommended me this specific player. Told me its a great player that should last. There are also a couple of people here that have bought used pioneer's that (seem to) encounter zero problems. I think the biggest risk I'm taking is buying it used and not knowing its previous life. That's why I'm asking if there is a way I can determine the mfg date, knowing these have been around a couple of years. At least I can have an idea how long the player has been used.

    I think some users here may have already replaced the battery but Im not sure. Also wondering if pioneer will ever make a replacement, and when it will be released
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  13. Andrew Harper
    Yes I would imagine it's possible. The screen is simply stuck onto the frame (not bonded thankfully), so if you gently heated it you could remove it. However I would imagine that you could mark the edges of the screen easily if you did (guitar picks is the best tool usually). Would be useful to have a spare screen assembly if all goes horribly wrong but that's unlikely.

    I've repaired a few of the iPod touches and they have a similar arrangement. The screen is stuck onto the chassis using a black double sided tape. The problem with them is everything is so crammed into those players that trying to get them back together well is a major pain! haha.

    But yes after maybe some years of ownership I'll probably give it a shot, if the battery gets to that sort of condition.
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