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Pioneer XDP-300R | Twin DAC ES9018K2M | Balanced Out | Android | MQA | 2x MicroSD | WiFi | AptX

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by substi, Oct 1, 2016.
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    I think you may like sound of v30 more but technically it sounds worse than the pioneer. I understand that many people would like v30 sound more (even me at the beginning was liking this smooth warmer sound bit more) but after comparison i never had any doubts which is better in therms of clarity, soundstage etc. Pioneer has classy, very revealing reference sound while v30 has more forgiving, fun signature. All of the comparisons where made using native music apps. UAPP, neutron and power amp.
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  2. LightBlue77
    with cheap to medium priced headphones, there is a good chance v30 sounds similar or even more pleasant than xdp-300r. But with better headphones it's a different story. Not a day and night different but the refined sound of pioneer leaves no doubt compared to v30.
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    Couldnt agree more.
  4. Andrew Harper
    Just a quick question that I hope some of you may be able to give me some advice on.

    I enjoy listening to my 300R but sometimes I wish I had a bit more power for my bigger headphones.

    I see the Chord Mojo has recently had a £100 price drop here in the UK so I’m wondering if it would be a good match for when I’m at home and listening on the Sennheiser 660S?

    Would the Chord produce more power for the 660S’s? Or is there a good amp that would do the job instead?
  5. Necron99
    I own all 3 and can answer yes to your questions. You can also try the Xduoo XD-05 if cheaper and has the 6.5 jack, but you'd need to replace the chip with one of your choice to max it out.
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  6. Andrew Harper
    Thanks my friend for the feedback that's great.

    I did look at the Fiio Q5S as well, however my slight worry is that the review(s) I've read point to a great sound but very detailed almost clinical presentation, perhaps not very warm sounding (if that makes sense), and in fairness I listen to a lot of blues, classical, etc. and if something sounds very clinical it can get tiring to listen to.

    Admittedly the Pioneer can be like this too, although I've noticed it can be more to do with the quality of the original recordings as well.

    So the Chord sounded like a good match. Thanks again :)
  7. Asspirin
    So I uninstalled the Onkyo Music app from my 300R after their service went offline... and it took my purchased music with it. No chance for recovery at all. Onkyo Music homepage already offline, no contact form whatsoever. Be advised to back up your purchased music before uninstalling the app.
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  8. RowBearToe
    I recently purchased the V-Moda Crossfade M-100 headphones in order to take advantage of the balanced output of the 300R. The 300R's balanced output is a 2.5mm jack and the M-100s don't come with a 2.5mm cable so I will need to purchase one. Any recommendations on where to purchase this from? I don't feel comfortable enough with building it myself. Thanks!
  9. BobJS
    Are there even 4 conductors available coming out of the headphone jack? If not, it's not possible without doing surgery on the actual headphone.
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  10. RowBearToe
    Excuse my ignorance if I'm wrong here, but there are jacks on both the left and right headphone, so I think it would utilize both of those connections. Does that sound right?
  11. BobJS
    If that's true, then you're correct. I don't have the headphone ... when I googled it I only saw a cable coming out of one side and the available cables where all 3 conductor (3.5) jacks on both sides of the cable.
  12. RowBearToe
    They haven't come in yet, but when I spoke to V-Moda, that is what they told me. I asked to confirm and haven't heard back yet, but from what I've found it looks like they are 3.5mm jacks. Any recommendations on where to get a balanced cable that goes from a single 2.5mm plug to two 3.5mm plugs?
  13. BobJS
    I just did a brief search and only found relatively expensive ones (for me) like :


    You could try searching for something like: "2.5 mm balanced headphone cable to 3.5 mm"

    Edit: Well, I guess that's not very expensive for a cable.
    Last edited: Dec 6, 2019
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  14. CoryGillmore
    A balanced cable made for a Sony will work. They have dual 3.5mm connectors on the cups. Like the Z7M2 or ZR1. I think Focal is the same though I’m not sure so don’t buy based on my word alone.
  15. RowBearToe
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