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Pictures of Your Portable Rig (part XVI)

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by ringingears, Oct 26, 2012.
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  1. miceblue
    I just saw this thread:
    Not bad at all:
  2. CosmicHolyGhost
    Jaben hkg... Parterre has its big punchy sound for symphony type music while still reveals the detail and separate the instruments brilliantly... I want to keep two pairs if money allows
    I lend out my asg-2 to a frd this week but based on my experience, i cannot convincingly say the same comment.. I also been told that upgrading cable may improve. however,still contemplating whether to continue to invest or sell it so to move on to 1p2 or 846 which are more likely to become classics
  3. DigitalFreak

    I stopped reading the graph when I saw they ranked the KEF a 5 on value and gave the DT1350 a 4. I've owned the DT1350 and have heard the KEF. The DT1350 walks all over the KEF and is by far a better value. Just my opinion of coarse.
  4. miceblue
    I was surprised by the DT1350's low ranking as well. Did they fix the quality control issues with it? I recall hearing some people having channel imbalances and/or units that sounded differently.
  5. kimvictor
    Me too. I really have not noticed any qc issues with dt1350. I tried three pairs, and they all sounded the same...
  6. longbowbbs
    MH's big problems with the DT-1350 were the QC and how uncomfortable they were if you wear glasses while using them. He and I disagree on this point. (I am wearing them atm...[​IMG] )
  7. doublea71

    As a guide, I don't think it's up to snuff for head-fi - it's something I'd expect to read in a yahoo news feed since most of the headphones are mainstream products. I don't see the point of comparing headphones with and without noise canceling capabilities, either. I think it's more for people just getting into the hobby than anything.
  8. thatBeatsguy
  9. muzic4life
    In my opinion the score would be like this: (i have both Momentum & DT1350)
    The carrying case for Momentum i know is not that small, but i would say is pretty nice and compact as well. Getting 2.5 score is too small. I would say 3.5 - 4
    The construction of DT1350 i bet will last longer than Momentum. Is not as nice as Momentum, but DT1350 is the most robust supra aural HP i ever owned. U can feel it by just holding it. I would say 4-5 points.
    The bass on DT1350 only get 2 points?? That must be a wrong fitting. I think the bass of dt1350 would at least 3.5 (or 4 - unless the scorer is a bass head). Misreading it...its "4" that will do [​IMG]
    And for the imaging - is hard to say, i but i would give it 4, the DT1350 is very capable of scaling so much better with better amplification. So it will depend on our source gear actually.
  10. Zorotto
    this is my new toy.
    RSA F-35 and iMod mini(60G) FitEar MH334
    best small one
  11. muzic4life
    very NICE !!
    best small...and best sounding too...perfect..!
    How do you think your MH334 compared to TG334+000 cable? Any experience on that? 
    Thank you.
  12. muzic4life
    I would never get bored with this amp...!
    This graph looks like it is done by someone who doesnt know what they're talking about.
    Take the Sony MDR-1R for eg.[sorry, I'm a fanboy]
    He/she gives a comfort of 5 but gives the construction 3.5?
    It's because of the construction you get a good comfort!
  14. rudi0504
    My Ko Jo KM - 01 with headphone set up :

    Source : iPhone 4s
    Amp : Ko Jo KM - 01
    Headphone : Sennheiser HD 700 with after market from Japan
    Ultrasone Sig Pro with Oyaide after market cable
    Cable : diy USB to Lod Van Den Hul Tone Arm Cable

    SQ With this set up :
    My IMO

    Ultrasone Sig Pro has better SQ than Sennheiser HD 700

    Ko Jo KM - 01 is very good for all iems
    Like Um Miracle , Fit Ear MH 335 DW , Tralucent Audio 1+2
    all Headphone with low Impedance
    Like Ultrasone Sig Pro , Sig DJ , Grado HF2, Fostex TH 900

    With high impedance headphone is only good , I feel has not enough power to drive high impedance headphone like
    Sennheiser HD 700 , HD 800 and Ortho like LCD 2 , LCD 3


    Source : IPhone 4s
    Dac : Venture Craft Go Dap DD1 LE with op amp : Muse 02
    Amp : Ko Jo KM - 01
    Headphone : Sennheiser HD 700 with japan after marker Cable
    Ultrasone Sig Pro with Oyaide after market cable

    SQ :
    With additional external idevice Dac Go Dap DD 1 LE op amp Muse 02
    Improve the SQ significant

    With high impedance now HD 700 SQ is very good
    My Sig Pro is excellent now .

    Has better detail, separation , soundstage , bass detail and bass impact

  15. Greed
    I'm not sure what all the fuss is about. The comparison thread is meant for people that don't have the means or money to spend to listen to all the headphones in that particular category. Not to discredit anyone, but the MH has been a VETERAN member here on Head-Fi for a long time. Very nice guy and I typically trust his ears. Unless you have all those headphones in front of you - there's no reason to bash or call out the validity of his comparison. Who knows, maybe you might feel similarly if you had all of them to compare. 
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