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Pictures of Your Portable Rig (part XVI)

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by ringingears, Oct 26, 2012.
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  1. Wiisp
    [​IMG] 2013-08-2712.33.56.jpg
    I couldn't even show my player cause it's my phone.
    I'll get a Westone 4R soon..
  2. muzic4life
    so, how is it? SWEET right? [​IMG]
    Ko Rudi, could you please later compare with your pico/intruder...i'd like to know your opinion..for me, the KOJO is more transparent from all the bunch...looking forward to hear your opinion...enjoy [​IMG]
  3. rudi0504

    Thank you
    It is very sweet and intimate sound quality
    Never get fatigue for long listening time
  4. rudi0504
    My Ko Jo KM - 01 out the box pictures :







    My Ko Jo KM - 01 out the box set up

    Source : iPhone 4S
    Dac : Venture Craft Go Dap DD1 Limited Edition with op amp Muse 02
    Amp : Ko Jo KM - 01
    Iem : Tralucent Audio 1+2 with UBER cable
    Cable : Venture Craft lod to USB
    Tralucent Audio mini to mini
    Norse Audio adaptor balance female to mini

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  5. J.Pocalypse

    Funny. My wife's GS3 ran my uDAC with out issue. Sure, there may be a hit on the battery life but, it worked. My HTC One does too.
  6. rudi0504
    My Ko Jo KM - 01 + Ultrasone ED 8 Ruthenium set up

    Source : iPhone 4s
    Dac : Venture Craft Go Dap DD 1 LE with op amp Muse 02
    Amp : Ko Jo KM - 01
    Headphone : Ultrasone ED 8 Rithenium with whiplash twag Twcu v2 recable
    Cable : Tralucent Audio UBER mini to mini
    Venture Craft USB to Lod

  7. SkyBleu

    Looks awesome! And probably sounds awesome too:)

    I like the gold-accent you got going on there!
  8. Bluess
    I just joined head-fi and this is my little set. Since I'm still a student i can only afford this much :)
    Lg F160 + Fiio E6 + Creative Aurvana In-Ear2
  9. Mooses9
    that KOJO is sweet, too bad it doesnt have a internal battery.
  10. Berkovajazz
  11. SkyBleu

    How are you finding that X-Duoo?

    Haven't heard much about that DAP, so what would you say its comparable to?
  12. Berkovajazz
    2 Sky Bleu
    This is my small topic.
    He is very good, powerful and loud player. Batman-style design, very good build, matherials.
    Can drive even very high impedence headphones. X1 is more like amplifier that can play music files (lossless too).
    Very good 100-150$ pocket friend.
  13. rudi0504

    Yes with internal battery could be better

    Thank you SkyBleu
    Gold is always beautiful
    SQ wise with Ultrasone ed 8 Ruthenium awesome
  14. rudi0504
    My Ko Jo KM - 01 + Fostex TH 900

    Source : IPhone 4s
    Dac : Venture Craft Go Dap DD1 LE with op amp Muse 02
    Amp : Ko Jo KM - 01
    Headphone : Fostex TH 900
    Cable : Venture Craft Lod to USB
    Venture Craft mini to mini LE

  15. SkyBleu
    Doesn't too bad!

    Does it play formats such as flac and all? Or is it a wav player?
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