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Pictures of Your Portable Rig (part XVI)

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by ringingears, Oct 26, 2012.
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  1. M3NTAL
    Sweet setup! How do you like that combination?
  2. dynhm6
    I listen mostly to acoustic jazz and modern pop and prefer a flat (un-eq'd) response, which is exactly what this combination provides. I was a (classically trained) rock musician back in the 70s and early 80s and also spent many years working in the high-end [home] audio field, so I guess I'm a bit tainted. But with good quality, well recorded source material, the iPod 3G/UERM combination sounds alot like the hifi I have at home (i.e., neutral and open).
  3. gmahler2u
    Where do you order this baby?
  4. miceblue
    The local pimp store? [​IMG]
  5. Tus-Chan
    Just a reminder, when people repeatedly post the same raw multiple-picture post without edits, the thread gets very repetitive and hard to navigate. In the future, could you guys just post one picture from the post, put the pictures in a spoiler tag (the last button in the text editor before you get to the alignments), or do the following?
    That being said, it is a very beautiful amplifier. [​IMG]
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  6. Berkovajazz

    Very powerful and loud. It is amplifier (opa+buf) that can play lossless and mp3 files. 
    Character is neutral, but a little bassy and dark. Detailed, natural, melodical. I like it. Sometimes i can find it similar to HSA Studio -+ the same level device.
    Thank you! Yes design is super:)
  7. Jonathan Khong
    Hello again!
    http://www.jaben.com.hk/about.asp?id=55 Here is where it is located. Do you own a classic before? Try going back to Apple shop they might be able to sell you one cheaper to trade. I bought mines 5 years back and they still let me buy an outdated classic from 2009 for 400 dollars. However, I did buy it from the apple store, perhaps if you still have the receipt. Also mine was because the i pod's harddrive started to malfunction by itself. The classic is much better, since it is 160G you can potentially store more apple lossless files now and for in the future.
    Hope this Helps.
  8. muzic4life
    That's what they claimed, but still have not tested for my self. What surprised me, by only using 1 x aaa size battery, this thing sounds pretty good, and able to nicely drive my momentum, dt1350 and even my ath3000anv with a fuller sound.
    I heard the same impression from some people just like u said. And also, the mass kobo, as reported, they do have a slight hiss with the sensitive iems. I need to ask them to try again before they deliver to me. But one thing for sure, the clarity and sound detailing from mass kobo is excellent.
    I believe Jaben Store have their stock for Mass Kobo and Kojo Technology amps.
    Thanks. Yes it is, they are gorgeous. The price we paid i guess is not only for the SQ, but also for the build. Is like we paying for a boutique goods rather than just an amp.
  9. muzic4life
    i never thought this tiny tera can beat my ipod+hpp1 SQ with DT1350....(and it does sound better with tera !!)
  10. kimvictor
    New addition to my family(of iems). H-200 was away from me for past few days, and I just got these.
    Sony MDR-7550. I bought them for 140,000won, or about 125usd used. Pretty good deal? Right? It's less than half of it's retail price!
    Also, it's one of the only IEM that I own that matches with AK100(unamped) really well. Very satisfied about them. A full review on the coming soon.
  11. Mrvic
    hi does zip has obvious background noise?
  12. kimvictor
    Nope. They don't. They are on the quite side, even compared walkman. It's hard to notice background noise even with SE535 unless you turn up the volume.
  13. snapple10
  14. theUKMrT
    Anyone looking for a case for their portable rig should get to their nearest Muji store - the case pictured is now on sale (but not online it seems) for a truly ridiculous £2 GBP (that's about $3 USD !). Carabiner & strap included. Really well made. photo.jpg
  15. DemonFox

    Is that a camera case? Looks to fit perfectly! Can you tell us what the brand and model number is?


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