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Pictures of Your Portable Rig (part XVI)

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by ringingears, Oct 26, 2012.
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  1. muzic4life
    My new amp, KOJO Technology - solid brass.
    with my W4R
    with my shure 846 
    SQ wise is absolutely FANTASTIC !!
  2. andydavid
    Oh the sacrifices we make... pretty soon I'll have home components strapped to my back.  You know, "portable."
  3. Capri87

    This amp sure weighs a ton! :D
  4. SkyBleu

    Looks like a gold ingot!
  5. muzic4life
    Yes indeed. This thing is small enough by size but surprisingly heavy. The fist time i opened the box i was thinking the same...is like gold ingot. Hahaha...but talking about the build quality..this is the thing that i should take a good care of. I dont know about the inside components...but for the case it self...is a life time warranty grade.
  6. VisceriousZERO
    my only beef with the kojo is that its only pretty much good for IEMs... the power leaves much to be desired for full-size headphones
  7. lescanadiens
    How's the sound?
  8. rudi0504
    Congrats for your new MASS KOJO amp?
    When is your MASS KOBO coming?
    Please share your opinion about the SQ from these two MASS amps
    Thank you
  9. muzic4life
    Yes. I feel the same way too. This amp is very good driving iems. But i did try with my ath3000anv (60% volume is loud already)...and the sound is amazingly good. Very transparent and unbelivable detailed. Same thing to senn momentum. The sound is super clean. For hd800 and hd650...i can listen alright but yes..i need to have 80 to max volume to get that level and i dont think is meant to drive the 300ohm impedance. I will do some more testing using my hpp1 dac + kojo to drive hd650 and let see.
  10. muzic4life

    Tx bro. Yes. Its a Kojo Technology amp. My mass kobo will be coming soon. I will do comparison once i received it and let you know.
  11. Nicolas L

    It's fine, I was actually asking both questions, but with mediocre grammar since I was on my phone. I thought Jaben was an online store? Where are they located? Thanks bud. Was planning to either get my nano battery replaced or get a second hand classic.
  12. CosmicHolyGhost
    listening to tube amp in a tokyo cafe... a personal Jazz kissa.
    good life!
  13. dynhm6
  14. DMinor
    That's a beauty with that color. One AAA battery for 14 hours? That's not bad.
  15. Advert

    Mmm... KOJO probably is not from mass?

    I heard them both

    Kojo is better in my opinion (i like kojo soundsig very much)

    More natural, very good depth, warm

    Mass kobo is very analytic and detail
    A bit too narrow and more expensive than kojo

    Both is built veryvery well
    But very heavy also

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