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Pictures of Your Portable Rig (part XVI)

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by ringingears, Oct 26, 2012.
  1. zilch0md
    We have to admit, that picture proves he loves what's coming out of those headphones as much as any of us.
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  2. Waldschrat
    No cables, no hassle rig.
    It's too hot for over ears - summer rig ^^
  3. isask
    How does the sound compare when using the Fiio E18 with your S6 and without?  I have a Note 5 (same audio specs) with a pair of Fostex T20RP mk3 headphones and I'm eager to get myself an amp for a little more punch in my music but was unsure which to get. Came across the E18 and I'm about to go for it.
  4. Antihippy
    Mojo plus harmony.

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  5. JuanseAmador

    Welcome and sorry about your wallet :D
  6. isask
    Hahahaha noted man. I'm new to the forums, I've been a bit into audio but since I got these headphones I've been interested in investing in a good portable rig (using my Note 5 for the time being).
  7. Waldschrat
    With IEMs the sound is clearer, more dynamic with a bigger soundstage and I hear no noise anymore.
    With your Fostex phones I can only guess, soI had a quick look at the specs of the Fostex, and the impedance is not really high but they seem not really efficient. Considering the effect i experienced on my AKG Q701 (which really beg for power) I would say you can expect quite an improvement with amping. I never used the FiiO for amping only on my S6, so I can't tell how much of the noise I heard with my IEMs is perceivable on bigger cans when the native signal is used. So I can't tell if an amp alone would suffice. 
    And to be honest the S6 + FiiO combi is quite cumbersome, so usually I go for the BT variant.
    Hope that helped a bit.
  8. isask
    It did help, thanks a lot. I plan to use them through the USB DAC function, let the FiiO do everything from converting to amping. Man the AKG Q701 are beats. I've seen a couple of reviews and they look nice. I was wondering because my cans impendance is around 50 ohm and I've never owned headphones like these before, was unsure that my Note 5 could give them the boost they require. They don't compare to the AKG Q701 but I guess the FiiO will give me a new feeling when listening to them. Thanks again!
  9. isask

    ​I meant to say the AKG Q701 are beasts*, sorry for the typo.
  10. Mimouille
    Hisoundaudio Studio 6 and one of their new iems.
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  11. Redcarmoose
    Tron Legacy OST
    Touch 5th generation/Edifier H840
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  12. thepooh

    The 6 doesn't look as premium as the 5, I hope that the SQ prove that I'm wrong.
  13. DMinor
    Nice shot.  What camera/lens did you use?
  14. Redcarmoose


    Nikon 5100 and 18-55mm kit lens.

    Here is an Exif viewer so you can see the date and digital camera of any picture on the net, as long as they didn't manually remove it. There is a plug in for Firefox too.


  15. DMinor
    Thanks for the shot info. I have been lately looking to buy a Canon EF 16-35mm f/2.8L II USM Lens.

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