Pictures Of Your High End System (Please see the first pages for examples of what should be posted here)
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zx10guy, very nice systems. I am looking at finishing my basement and putting in a dedicated subpanel for the listening/theater room. Thanks for including pictures of that.
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Originally Posted by dave650 /img/forum/go_quote.gif
stupid question, we're all uploading photos via that URL thing, so I need photobucket?

Yes. I use Photobucket to store my photos and provide the URL to them. Although I have no experience with them, I have also heard that Imageshack can be used.

Download the photos to Photobucket then copy the respective URL. Click the "Insert Image" button when replying to a thread, and paste in the URL.
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Holy Effen Bovine Batman, I'm a slighter shade of green thanks
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Originally Posted by zx10guy /img/forum/go_quote.gif
My big system:

Impressive, and great looking system indeed!

...and welcome to Head-Fi!
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Mr. ZX10, that room is absolutely tremendous.

There is proper damping, and I'm sure the nonstandard shape reduces standing waves even further. The subpanel totally caps it.

My hat is off to you, sir, for what is undoubtedly one of the best-sounding systems in this thread, regardless of cost.

My only question is the subwoofer. Was it professionally placed, or did it just fit well there? You might find you get better room loading out of it if you experiment with other placement options.

Try literally setting it in your listening seat and playing pink noise through it, then walk around the room and find where it sounds the loudest. Right there is a good place to keep it.
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holy poop... me want B&W room....

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Thanks everyone for the compliments. The room and everything in it has been a long labor of love. From a couple of years just dreaming up the concept to actual implementation which took a few years more.

krmathis, thanks for the welcome.

Sherwood, the room and the equipment together definitely sound great. Obviously, you can tell I didn't want to make it a totally specific HT room. I've gotten in to it with some of the guys over at AVS Forum about this. Just because the room doesn't look like a theater doesn't make it any less worthy. My focus was definitely on the acoustic aspects. It's evident in the acoustic panels, to the hardwood floors, to the way the center speaker's mid and tweeter are at the same height as the left and right front speakers. I've been questioned about the use of hardwood. The people I consulted at Acoustical Solutions told me to go the hardwood route over my original plan which was to have berber carpeting. Glad I listened to them as I agree with my focus on music and such the room would have been too dead. If I were to do it again though, I would have ditched the HTM-1 and picked up another 804 speaker to have an exact match with the rest of th speakers.

As far as the sub placement, I placed them initially in those spots. I haven't had the chance to move them around too much to find the exact placement or dial in the parametric EQ. But I think the follow frequency response charts say I'm pretty darn close....



PLII Music:

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Originally Posted by AudioDwebe /img/forum/go_quote.gif
I've read some great things about the Nagra phono pre. How is it and how do you like it?

It is a very nice piece. Quite neutral (like a lot of Nagra stuff) with a hint of tube warmth. The only thing fidgety is the jumpers but i guess that is not too bad once you have set it.
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Originally Posted by jinp6301 /img/forum/go_quote.gif
so which system do you prefer?

The big one or the smaller one?

When I'm kicking back and relaxing, the smaller one. I tend to leave the smaller one powered up on standby. For my large system, I have to flick on all the various power switches for the components. Just lazy I guess.

But for serious listening, the big system hands down. Bass is more extended and tighter in the large system. The small system with the HGS12II sub is pretty good but has a lot of upper bass slam. But the extension down low isn't quite there. I plan on buying another SMS-1 for the small system to see if I can dial in the bass a bit better. The large system also has a better locked in center image with no smear. This is helped in a number of ways. One the B&W speakers in my large system has the FST midrange driver. The large system also has a center speaker which is used in conjunction with Trifield for 2 channel source reproduction. The large system also has extensive use of acoustical treatments. I find myself being able to really crank the system without having my ears ring and fatigue. The soundstage really locks in with the large system. The small system has the issue of that 32" Sony TV in between the speakers which cause further center image smear. I know this because there was a time I had the 32" TV taken out and had the 50" Pioneer plasma mounted there. The improvement in center imaging was pretty noticeable.
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Sorry for the poor quality


My digital's power filtering with a Shunyatta King cobra on the drive:




Note: The Magnat Omega 380 subwoofer doesn't apears on the pics
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A little passive placement might allow you to scale down the EQ, should you want to. Either way, the graph looks pretty good.

I'm surprised you don't have a steeper rolloff in the higher frequencies, though. Do you cross it over lower when you're listening, and run it wide open for testing?

I can't imagine those B&Ws need any help at even 70 Hz...

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