Pictures Of Your High End System (Please see the first pages for examples of what should be posted here)
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Headphoneus Supremus
Jan 26, 2004
I moved into a new place last fall, at that point system was this:


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This year I have sort of gone nuts buying new toys. So now my system consists of the following: Usher BE-20's, Chord CPA-5000 Preamp, Bel Canto Ref1000's, Exemplar 1.5tb Music Server, Exemplar D/A, VPI SSM with Superplatter and JMW-10.5i with Dynavector 17D3, Einstein Turntables Choice Phono Stage, Custom Balanced power conditioner, Symposium Isis Rack, Symposium Ultra-Platform amp stands. Wires are all the Best Siltech's. For scale the ushers are 9' 6" apart.

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Hi Yikes,

Very tasty - very nice kit you've got there
. . . someone's been on quite a shopping spree over the past year! Ahhhh, those lovely Ushers; I can imagine how nice they must sound via the Bel Cantos Ref 1Ks. Hell, even the carpets are high end (I'm a carpet buff myself)! And, my, my . . . that chair looks quite comfy too.

You're current system should assuage the dreaded upgraditus bug for some time to come

Here are links to some of my kit . . .

AudiogoN Forums: Pathoslogical& and
AudiogoN Forums: Second System Sanctuary& and

Haven't gotten around to posting my main living room 5.2 / 2.2 system yet but will be doing so soon.

Enjoy your kit.

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Garry, Thanks. Your office system looks nice, the Pathos equipment is nice. I like tubes, but in my new space my Jadis Defy 7 just doesn't have enough power. My current space is 70'x30' so I need big power to excite the room.

The rugs? The ones on the wall are really cheap. The Carastan on the floor was my Mothers. The wear marks are not as bad as the photos make them seem. It's a nice looking rug.
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Please forgive the poor photo quality - I just snapped these off.

J.A. Michelle Engineering Orbe SE with SME IV tonearm and Grado Platinum cartridge:

Don Garber Fi Yph phono stage, the Zana's power supply, my much-loved and much-used 25 ohm Beyerdynamic DT48s, a bit of a Corda Cross-I in the corner, and a nifty Motorola tube FM radio in the background:

Eddie Current Zana Deux:
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Yikes, I can tell that room has not had any spousal interference in the creation of it!




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Aaron, What's the Bedroom Turntable? I also thought that you had another Stat amp besides the Stax. Aren't you worried about dust with your Electrostatics?

Where are your Blue cables hiding?
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Originally Posted by immtbiker /img/forum/go_quote.gif


Hahaha, bedroom rig! There's no way my missus would allow a messy tower like that in the bedroom.

Head-fi beer? I'm sure there's a back-story to that one.

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