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Philadelphia area meet, Sunday Jan 31st (no football that weekend!)

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  1. leesure

    Starts at 11, tho I'll be there setting up all morning. There won't be tables on which to set up until about 10:30.
  2. kamikaziH2Omln
    Sorry for the delay, but list me as a tentative yes. I'll try to stop a short bit in the morning before ducking out.
    ZeosPantera likes this.
  3. slickooz
    Hey guy, I'm going try to make it. I would love to test the K10U. :) 
  4. ZeosPantera
    Wow. I got the info for this today, just now.. 22miles from where I am.
    Count me in and I may bring an aspiring headphone buddy.
    Have quite the assortment in the shop so I can bring... most of it.
  5. meltdown100
    Glad I saw this today also.  I'm only a couple of miles down the road and almost missed it.
    I will be attending if there is still room and will bring along my portable rig (Fiio X3 Gen1 with Fiio E12A) and a few headphones if anyone cares to try them out:  V-moda XS, Beyerdynamic T51p, modded Denon AH-D2000, Magnum V5 Custom.
  6. doctorjazz
    Can one try out a Custom?
  7. shuto77
    Oh, man, I want to go so bad... but I'm swamped with my accounting homework. Anyone want to pm me for accounting help so I can attend? lol.
    Anyway, is anyone bringing a Cavalli Liquid Carbon or a Spark prototype? 
    My setup is decent, but nothing crazy. I'd bring my Hifiman He-400i with Focus A pads, along with my Oppo HA-2. 
    I'd also bring my like-new Beyerdynamic T70s, hopefully trade or sell. Not sure if anyone would be interested in those. 
  8. olegausany
    Since I was unable to get a ride I unfortunately will not be able to attend cause using Amtrak instead will take over 4 hours one way cause I have to wait for over 30 min for 2 different trains

    Sent from my Nexus 6 using Tapatalk
  9. meltdown100
    Sorry, that was a bad choice of words.  
    These are not in-ears.  This is a 'custom-built' headphone with milled wooden cups, Magnum V5 drivers, and grado headband parts.  Looks very much like a Grado RS1 but the only part made by Grado is the headband and gimbal.
    I should mention that I have not been an MOT for quite a while now, I'm coming purely to hang out and check out gear like everyone else. :)
  10. mscott58

    Bringing my Liquid Carbon!
  11. shuto77
    Shoot! I need to get off of Headfi and bang out this accounting stuff. I want to hear what all the fuss is about :)
    I'll check in later. 
  12. doctorjazz
    Thought I'd bring the ZOTL, LC, and maybe my RSA-HR 2. Should I still bring it?
  13. saisunil Contributor
    Hi guys,
    I just found out about this meet. I hope it would be ok for me to come and bring some gear (I am totally ok if there is no table space left). 
    I have think about what I can bring 
    - Melco Server for John
    - I have bunch of Cans like HE1000 and a couple of Audeze and a T1 that I almost never use
  14. leesure
    Should be room for all.

    See you tomorrow!!

    The tables will be set up by 10:30.

    PARKING: there are limited spots in the studio lot, especially with the snow. There is a train station a block away with plenty of free weekend parking.
    kamikaziH2Omln likes this.
  15. leesure
    Oh...and remember extra power strips!!!!!
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