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Philadelphia area meet, Sunday Jan 31st (no football that weekend!)

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  1. doctorjazz

    Likewise, I'm certain!
    Hoping it will work out...
  2. Tulon
    I'd love to come if it's not too late!  Although all of my headphones are modded, so having never been to a meet before I'm not sure if it makes sense to bring non-stock items?
  3. nosch455
    I'm going to do my best to be there. This weekend is pretty crazy and I have a concert Sunday night (Muse, anyone?) but I'd absolutely love to stop by for a couple of hours!
  4. DoctaCosmos
    Got a hotel booked near king of Prussia mall. Will get there Saturday afternoon and then head straight to overture audio in Delaware about an hour away to hear the codex with a few cans. Then my two friendsand i will head to king of Prussia mall for something to do that night. I really dont want to be hung over like i was at the new york meet two years ago so no drinking for us. If anyone wants to join us for dinner Saturday night then pm me.
  5. DoctaCosmos
    . Modded phones are always welcome. I have a pair of modded he400's but no cable or I would bring them . I'm still going to bring my setup just so I can try some different cans out of it and see how it holds up (schiit Asgard, peachtree audio dac*it).my friends will have my old Philips sph9500 and hd598s. I've got a pretty decent Bluetooth IEM if anyone would like to hear it but don'thhave a lot of extra tips. It is the RBH EP-SB .
  6. shuto77
    I'm thinking about stopping by. Is there a charge to get in? I've never been to one of these meets before.
  7. B-Dawk20

    Hahaha, no there isn't.
  8. olegausany
    Definitely want to attend but want to avoid using public transportation if possible so is anyone coming from NYC can give me a ride?
    Will bring Modded HD800, also available for sale, and Modded Ether

    Sent from my Nexus 6 using Tapatalk
  9. mscott58
    Just got a package from Brannan at Noble for this weekends Philly meet. So the demo lineup will be:

    Noble 4
    Noble 6
    Noble Savant
    Noble K10AU


    And also here's a shot of the beautiful blue-themed Noble Savant Wizard edition that is to be part of the raffle. They're stunning.


    See everyone Sunday!
    DoctaCosmos likes this.
  10. leesure
    Boxes, boxes and more boxes are arriving for the meet!

    DoctaCosmos likes this.
  11. leesure

    Those look AWESOME!
  12. windowman
    It's been a long while, but I had a good time at the last meeting here, so I am in. My gear is rather limited: HD580s and an IBasso DX50. What I can bring that's unique are original, acoustic, live hi-res recordings of Jazz & Classical music from nearby PA musicians.
  13. sregor
    I'm about 50/50 on popping in and saying hello. Prism Brewing is right down the street too [​IMG]
    Offer still stands on bringing the Beta 22 with my HE-500 and HD650, if someone has a source they would like to hook it up to!
  14. Frank I
    I got a bunch of boxes too
  15. doctorjazz
    So, what time should one arrive (when will it start)? I won't be able to stay until the end, and guess I need some space to set up if I bring stuff (planning to).

    (Prism Brewing, his? :) )
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