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Philadelphia area meet, Sunday Jan 31st (no football that weekend!)

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  1. leesure
    Ok...I'm getting off to a late start organizing this, but let's make it happen and make it epic!

    What: Philly area meet (less than two hours from NYC and Baltimore and 3 hours from DC)

    When: Sunday, January 31st from 11-5-ish. This is the week between the Conf. Championships and the Super Bowl.

    Where: The Photo Loft...my 2700 sq ft studio at 403 East Walnut St, North Wales, PA 19454


    Who: All y'all...of course! I'll be updating the members and vendors who are attending as I go.

    Here's a link to the last meet I held here: http://www.head-fi.org/g/a/817321/philadelphia-are-meet-10-26-leesure-extravaganza/

    Please indicate that you're attending and what you plan to bring in the comments so we can plan accordingly with tables, chairs, food and beverage!

    Attending: (To be updated as I get RSVP's)

    leesure - Schiit Yggdrasil or VPI Prime > Woo WA22 > ETHER/LCD-X/HE-6's
    Frank I - Cavalli Portable prototype, HE1000, Ether C, Dharma
    B-dawk20 - Schiit Lyr 2, Maverick Audio D1, Audeze LCD-2 Rev.2 w/ Fazor, AKG Q701, Sennheiser HD650
    jp11801 - Yggy Dac, MJ2 amp, Singlepower Toaster MPX3 and Audio Technica AD2000x, Audeze LCD X and Audio Technica W3000.
    mscott58 - Geek Pulse X Infinity and LPS4, Burson Conductor, Cavalli Liquid Carbon, Chord Mojo, ALO CDM, ALO Rx, Geek Out V2+ Infinity, AK100, LCD-3F, Final Audio Sonorous VI
    Metals571 - K240DF, K240 Sextett LP, Beyer DT231, A2000X
    Prock & Girlfriend

    Vendors: (To be updated as I get responses)

    Astell & Kern: sending samples and may attend
    Audioquest: Sending Jitterbugs and a Dragonfly for people to try and then to be raffled.
    HiFiMan: not sure what they'll be doing, but something!
    Woo Audio: Attending and setting up cool stuff
    LH Labs: Sending something in for raffle.
    VPI Industries Mat will be there with analog goodies to try!
    Linear Tube Audio - attending and bringing gear to try out!
    ENIGMAcoustics - Sending a loaner pair of Dharma's for everyone to try out.
    ZMF Headphones - ZMF gear and some amps etc.
    Noble - Sending a representative with samples of their whole line to try AND a sweet set of $800 IEM's for the raffle!!
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  2. leesure
    For those who have asked how this while thing works...

    People who are setting up gear, get there a little early if you can...space if first come first choose, so the best spots go quickly.

    BRING EXTRA POWER STRIPS AND EXTENTION CORDS. You can never have too many and someone will forget one and be in need of borrowing.

    Don't sprawl out all over the tabe...keep it tight...lots of people need to set up.

    Bring a source! iPod, computer, CD Player, turntable, whatever.

    Label your gear! Lots of people may have the same cans or amps.

    It's nice to make up a paper listing exactly what you're showing so others don't have to ask and you'll have more freedom to wander.

    While I've never been to a meet where something was stolen, I'd rather not have my meet be the first. So be aware of your setup or ask the person next to you to keep an eye on it when you go listening or to the bathroom.

    Did I mention to bring extra power strips?

    Those of you who are coming to listen...

    We're thrilled to have you! The head-Fi community is exceptionally welcoming and willing to share. We love showing off our gear and the sound we have achieved.

    We do ask that you be courteous:

    -NEVER unplug headphones with the volume up or the source playing.

    -many of the top headphones are open back...that means we all hear your conversations while we're listening. Remember to use your 'inside voices'

    -Take a shower that morning and wash your ears...you're going to be trying on other people's headphones and others will be wearing yours...it's just commen sense and courtesy.

    -bring your favorite music on your portable audio player...but please ASK the owner of the rig to which you would like to jack in to help you make the connection rather than just unplugging their current source without asking.

    Then just have fun and enjoy the company and the sound!!
  3. Frank I
    I will be attending and hope to see everyone there.  
  4. bfreedma
    I'll be attending.  Looking forward to it.
  5. kazsud
    Count me in!!
  6. irregardlessly
    Hi everyone, I've been a lurker for a while but finally registered for this.  I can't give a 100% for sure answer yet but I'm really hoping to attend this.  Only recently got into this stuff and very much looking forward to learning and trying out some new gear.  I lived in Lansdale for a couple of years so I know this area pretty well.  I'll post again when I'm confirmed.  Thank you for hosting -- I'm excited!
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  7. Packgrog
    Score! I haven't been to a meet in years. Definitely time to rectify that. Count me in!
  8. sregor
    If there is an interest, I can drop off my Rockhopper Beta 22 (3 Channel with Sigma 22 PSU) for loan if someone wants to set up with it. I probably won't be able to attend the whole event but can drop off the "legendary" amp for all to enjoy.
    Let me know, Lee!
  9. sniperwill0
    Unfortunately, I won't be able to make it this time. Thanks for the invite though! 
  10. B-Dawk20
    I'm about 90% I will go! This is my equipment.
    Schiit Lyr 2
    Maverick Audio D1
    Audeze LCD-2 Rev.2 w/ Fazor
    AKG Q701
    Sennheiser HD650
    It'll be good to see you again Lee!
  11. keanex Contributor
    I usually work Sundays, but I might be able to swing this...Will let you know as the date gets closer.
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  12. nabwong
    So I really want to go but my wife says Thou shall not pass. So chances are slim. Anyway, if anyone is coming from philly and is interested in loaning some gear, let me know.

    Hifiman He-400 with sorb mod and brainwavz velour pads
    Yamaha Mt220 with sorb mod and brainwavz hybrid pads
    Audio Technica w10vtg with sorb mod
    Grado HF-1 with hd414 pads
    Grado HF-2 with brainwavz pleather pads
    Senheiser HD414

    Sony UDA-1
  13. Amphibica
    I'm hoping to come.
    I will bring my set up:

    Consonance Reference 2.2 CD player
    Woo Audio WA6-SE
    Audeze LCD2 with Q-cables
    ALSO! A power strip!
    With permission, I will bring for silent AUCTION an Antique Sound LAB MG-Head DT OTL Mark 2 headphone amp with separate power-supply. Bidders can write their name and bid on a sheet of paper. At 5pm the highest bidder takes it home.
  14. Frank I
    I will be bringing the 
    Cavalli Portable prototype
    Ether C
    and anything else you guys want me to bring within reason
  15. B-Dawk20
    I'd really love to hear the Nighthawk if you can. I've heard interesting things about it.
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