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Philadelphia area meet, Sunday Jan 31st (no football that weekend!)

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  1. Mullet
    Getting my act together now, packing up the gear... so I'm definitely in!
    Anyone by chance have an extra rca splitter or A/B box? I'd prefer to have one source and be able to switch via a box, etc. Otherwise, switching between my two amps (Cavalli EHHA Rev A. and The Wire) will have to be done via my computer, which is always a hassle.
    See everyone tomorrow! I'll be wearing a grey tee with Danny Glover imprinted on it - "Phish Tour - I'm too old for this ****"
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  2. Packgrog
    Wait... VPI is going to be there!?! Oh crap, should I bring records?
  3. ZeosPantera
    I have a sescom A/B RCA you can borrow. It cost more than a few of my headphones!
    Just look for the idiot in the bright yellow HD600's http://i.imgur.com/B9y8ZV5.jpg
  4. Mullet
    Crazy... it's just an RCA A/B box.
    Hot Damn! Those headphones are intense!
  5. ZeosPantera
    Yes, the sought after Tascam TH02's and Superlux 668's!
    Is 17 headphones too many? I don't think it is. Also 3 amp dac combo's and my Darkvoice.
  6. irregardlessly
    Hey guys, sadly I will not be able to make this.  Babysitting fell through.  Have a great time and hope to make the next one my first Head-Fi meetup.
  7. DoctaCosmos
    Going to have to stop at the dollar store and get a strip and cord. Left mine at home on accident
  8. ZeosPantera
    Oh, a question for the host. Will there be chairs too or just tables? I feel like 6 hours of standing is never a good way to spend an evening and I have a folding chair I can bring.
  9. slickooz
    Oh btw I'm bringing DX90+SR-71B, Se846 with Ted's custom cable. Can't want to hear some of your gear. :) 
  10. Tulon

    Great - hope to see everyone there!
  11. doctorjazz
    "On the road again..."
  12. mscott58

  13. KimbaWLion
    I should be there at some point, things cleared up! With what everybody is bringing I may just bring my HD600s and LCD 2.1s but we'll see hope to see everybody soon...
  14. mscott58
    Philly meet is going strong!

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  15. B-Dawk20
    Sorry guys, we couldn't make it up. If anyone is going to the DC meet, we'll see you there.
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